Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus: Choose a better one!

I find these two coffee machines as a good option for either home or small office use. Check this Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus comparison, and review of each. Hope you’ll find this post interesting, and helpful in deciding on which one you’ll buy. So, let’s get started: if you’re trying to find a small coffee machine that can fit seamlessly into your kitchen decor, or even in a small office, the Keurig K-Mini or the K-Mini plus are good options.

Both coffee makers look the same, but still, there are some differences between Keurig Mini and Mini Plus. Some improved features made Keurig Plus slightly better than Keurig Mini.

I’ve decided to give you a closer look at both and made a comparison altogether with a short review for each coffee machine.

Keurig K-Mini vs Keurig K-Mini Plus compared and reviewed
Keurig K-Mini vs Keurig K-Mini Plus

There are actually more than just a few differences between these machines. However, only a few main differences are actually important when you want to make a final decision.

Both coffee machines have a single cup reservoir in the upper rear.

The Mini will brew all of the water in the reservoir, no matter how much water is actually used. The K-Mini Plus offers a “Strong” button, a feature to make the brewing process slow down so that the coffee tastes better. This is a feature that real coffee lovers appreciate.

Why I found Keurig Mini Plus is a better choice?

Keurig K-Mini Plus difference between mini and mini plus
K-Mini Plus features
  • Keurig Mini Plus delivers a much more potent brew than Keurig Mini. It will provide a better taste which is excellent especially if you’re a strong coffee lover.
  • Keurig Mini Plus has a removable reservoir, where Keurig Mini has a fixed reservoir. What does it mean is that the parts of Keurig Mini Plus are detachable, thus it is easy to wash.
  • Mini Plus comes with nine pod storage, while Keurig Mini has no pod storage. As a result, you can put multiple coffee pods at a time in Keurig Mini Plus, but you can’t put any extra pods in Keurig Mini.

If you pay attention and read all that has been written above, you already know that Keurig Mini Plus is the better coffee machine in general. However, Keurig Mini is not a loser, and it has its own audience. Choosing a better coffee maker depends on what you prefer.

Keurig K-Mini features

Before continuing it is good to see features and more details about Keurig K-Mini. Let’s take a look, and find out what this coffee machine has to offer.

Keurig K-mini features and review
K-Mini features
  • K-Mini is less than 5 inches wide, which makes it perfect for small spaces.
  • Brew any cup size between 6-12oz with Keurig K-Cup pods.
  • Just add fresh water for each brew and your coffee is made in minutes.
  • Suitable for easy transport and tidy countertops.
  • Removable drip tray accommodates travel mugs up to 7.0 inches tall and holds a full accidental brew for easy cleanup.
  • The auto-off feature turns off your coffee maker 90 seconds after your last brew, saving energy.

Think about Keurig Mini as a small Coffee maker machine that suits perfectly in your home or office. You’ll have four color choices while buying it. This coffee machine can only brew 6 and 12 oz cup sizes, which isn’t so bad. Keep in mind the price and the fact that it is called “Mini”. No matter the name, this coffee machine provides you with a programmed shutdown feature that saves energy and makes it eco-friendly. This model looks so simple and it actually is a simple machine. All you have to do is put a coffee pod on it and press a button. In a minute or two, your coffee is ready.

What’s the main difference between Keurig K-Mini and K-Mini Plus?

First of all, you’ll get a different price for these two coffee-making machines. The K-Mini Plus is more expensive but it also brings you some extra features you may like. In my personal opinion, K-Mini Plus is worth the extra money you’ll spend on it. On the other hand, if you really don’t care so much, you should go for a more affordable model: K-Mini.

Both are quality made and suitable for either home or small office use. Keurig K-Mini Plus has a removable reservoir, a feature that some may find a big advantage of. Keurig Mini features a fixed reservoir.

Another notable difference is that K-Mini Plus comes with nine pod storage, while Keurig Mini has no pod storage at all.

Let me compare these coffee makers in size and shape. As you can see on the compared images, both models are almost identical. It is hard to distinguish K-Mini Plus and Keurig K-Mini.

On the top of the image, you’ll see Keurig K-Mini Plus, with a Power button, and Strong button aside. Like I wrote before, the Strong button delivers better-taste coffee. The brewing process is slow down, which makes the coffee aroma rich.

K-Mini Plus vs K-Mini size comparison
K-Mini Plus vs K-Mini

Looking at these two models, besides the price, a key difference is that K-Mini Plus offers a “Strong” button. It will slow the flow of water through the k-cup giving you a more complete flavor extraction. By using this feature your coffee brews slightly slower. You’ll wait about 20 seconds more than usual, and you’ll notice the flavor of your coffee is more complex and complete.

A small coffee machine with a good brew quality

For their size, both of these have good brew quality. To be honest, you can’t expect something to blow your mind in that price range. For extra brew quality, you’ll have to look for something more powerful.

Both Keurig Mini and Keurig Mini Plus provide the exact same brew quality. I just can’t give one model ahead compare to another. The slight lead goes to K-Mini Plus because you can control the brew strength by using a Strong button. If you are a strong coffee lover and don’t like light brewed coffees, you can always change the brew strength.

K-mini brew quality
Keurig K-Mini

Don’t get the wrong impression, Keurig Mini does provide the same brew quality as other Keurig models. Most people love it, while few coffeeholic people could find the coffee made with Keurig Mini a little watery.

Only if you find yourself in that coffeeholic category, I’ll recommend you to go for the Plus version.

Removable tank

Keurig K-Mini Plus removable tank
K-Mini Plus removable tank

Both coffee machines are designed to refill after every brew. However, Keurig K-Mini Plus has a removable tank that makes it easy.

In contrast, the basic K-Mini features a non-removable reservoir meaning you have to bring water to the machine to fill it up. That also means it’s very hard to clean out the reservoir of any debris.

Pod storage K-Mini vs K-Mini Plus

KEURIG K-Mini Plus pod storage
K-Mini Plus pod storage

KEURIG K-Mini Plus has pod storage ready for 9 K-cup pieces to store.

For those with busy lives, considering the pod storage feature is a must.

Keurig K-Mini Plus provides pod storage for 9 K-cups, and Keurig Mini has none. This could be a problem if you don’t want to look around to find your first in the morning cup of coffee.

However, this shouldn’t be a dealbreaker, especially for those who know where to look.

Quick Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus review

Till now you could decide on a better coffee machine, and you probably have. I’m going to write a few lines on both, to make a conclusion and quick Keurig Mini vs Mini Plus review.

No matter what model you’ve chosen, both brewers can serve in the same sizes. However, K-Mini Plus is also capable of serving in 12 oz cups and a 7-inch travel mug.

If talking about maintenance, Keurig Mini Plus has detachable components, and it is pretty easier to clean. You can easily detach the water tank and drip tray and wash them separately.

Depending on your needs, both of the coffee machines are good enough to provide you the quality and enjoyment. Keurig K-Mini can still make great coffee if you are a light coffee lover. However, to get all the aroma and coffee taste, you should go for K-Mini Plus.

Comparing Keurig Mini and Keurig Mini Plus, I can say that Keurig Mini Plus is a better coffee maker machine in general. It is the upgraded version of the Keurig Mini, which means that it brings some new features that Mini doesn’t have. Keurig K-Mini Plus provides all the typical brewing sizes, plus 10 and 12 oz. If you want, you can remove the drip tray, to make enough space for using any 7-inch travel mug. A great feature is brewing strength control, which will allow you to make the coffee either strong or light.

The great thing about these is that you can make tea instead of coffee. By using a tea K-cup you can enjoy your chosen flavor. Not only that, you can make tea without using a tea K-cup. Just run hot water from the unit to fill up the teacup prepared.

All universal K-Cup pods are compatible with either K-mini or K-Mini Plus.

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