Best 7 Wall Mount Garage Door Openers 2023

So, you have made the decision to buy a brand new garage door opener for your home. After deliberating through the dozens of different types of garage door openers, you have stumbled upon the wonderful world of the wall mount garage door opener.


This article is an extension of my previous post about top wall mounted openers, where I talk about MY favourites. But if you would rather like the opinion of the majority, continue reading!

With so many options available on the wall mount market, you are wondering whether this popular type of garage door opener is the right way to go for you and your family. 

If you are curious as to whether wall mount garage door openers are good, the answer is a resounding yes!

With the ever valuable ability to save you space on the ceiling of your garage for additional storage, roof racks or even decorations and light fittings; wall mount garage door openers are revered by renovators and residents globally. 

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Best Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

Regardless of whether you were converted by their space saving capabilities, raving reviews, or aesthetic appeal; you know that you have made a great choice and are excited to take that next step.

Here is a quick view. We will later in the article describe why you should take any of the below product in details.

Genie 6072H-O
Genie 6072H-O Residential

One element of the Genie 6072H-O that reviewers seem to rave over is its simple installation process... Read more...

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LiftMaster 8500

Two words that repeatedly come up when talking to fans of the LiftMaster 8500?... Read more...

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Genie B6172H
Genie B6172H Smart

Users are obsessed with the levels of safety Genie has to offer. Thanks to the app... Read more...

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LiftMaster 8500w Elite
LiftMaster 8500W Elite Series

What don’t they say should be the question here, as raving reviews are really not hard to find for the 8500W... Read more...

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chamberlain RJO20
Chamberlain RJO20 Smart

Ease of install seems to be a big plus to loyal Chamberlain cu... Read more...

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LiftMaster MH 5011U
LiftMaster MH 5011U

When the residential wall mount garage door openers just won’t cut the mustard, but... Read more...

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BeamUp Workhorse BU100
BeamUp Workhorse BU100

While it seems you will not need any help – as the installation process has been deemed... Read more...

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It is now time to get down to the nitty gritty and finally make that all important decision as to which wall mount garage door opener is the one for you. If you are new to this section of home improvement, the tons of choices available on the market can be daunting, but it really doesn’t need to be difficult at all.

To make things a little easier for you, we have compiled a list of 7 of the very best wall mount garage door openers available today with products from the top players at the table, right the way through to some new and exciting innovative options.

Together, we will explore the benefits and features of each to allow you to gain an understanding of the of wall mount garage door openers, the highest reviewed products available on the market and also hopefully help you to make that final decision as to which one to purchase to perfect your property.

So, without any further ado, it is time to dive right into it! The garage door openers we have on show are as follows:

Genie 6072H-O Residential Wall Mounted Garage Door Opener

Let’s kick things off by answering all of your garage door opening wishes with one of the biggest names on the market: Genie. The Genie 6072H-O is a residential wall mounted garage door opener designed to complete the task at hand in an efficient and effective way. Made specifically to reduce the space taken up by your garage door opener to leave you with more room for your vehicles and other possessions, the Genie 6072H-O is super easy to both install and operate thanks to the detailed instructions and user friendly set up on offer. 

Sleek and simple in both style and design, this greatly adored garage door opener will suit the layout of just about any garage, without the need for those additional rails that reduce the room available to you. Boasting an invaluable Bluetooth LED light to keep you illuminated and an automatic door lock to keep you secure when it slips your mind, you already know safety was at the centre of Genie’s plans when they rolled out the 6072H-O.


  • The Genie 6072H-O boasts a super space saving design. Not only does it follow the blueprint of all of the best wall mount garage door openers out there, but it is also one of the smallest and most compact units available on the market.
  • Genie have fitted the 6072H-0 with their patent pending Safe-T-Pulse System. This impressive function means that this garage door opener is able to monitor the internal tension of the door cables thanks to an electronic pulse that works while the door is in motion to stop any accidents or injuries before they even have the chance to occur.
  • Please do not underestimate the automatic door lock fitted to the Genie 6072H-O. This amazing safety feature works to ensure that your garage is always protected, even when you accidentally forget to lock it yourself as it will deadbolt the door every single time it closes; leaving your valuables vouched for. 
  • Fear not if your door is a little on the larger side, this wall mount garage door opener – despite its size – is able to lift doors of up to 14’ tall and measuring in at up to 850lbs in weight giving you the wiggle room to upgrade not only your door opener, but also the door itself.


  • The Genie 6072H-O is not compatible with WiFi which some users have reported limits the overall experience as they are unable to link the opening action to their phone or other smart device.

What do users say:

One element of the Genie 6072H-O that reviewers seem to rave over is its simple installation process which is not something to be ignored by any means. While a lot of people would opt to have an installation expert attach their garage door opener to the wall and door; this product comes with detailed instructions and clearly marked steps and components to make the inauguration of this opener an easy and even enjoyable process. Whether you are a fan of DIY, or a nervous novice, the 6072H-O will ensure a smooth and simple start to life with your new garage door opener.

LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Package

Let’s turn our attention to this value package from another one of the heavy hitters in the garage door opener scene. LiftMaster is one of the very first names on the lips of any garage door opener installer thanks to their coveted history of quality and strength across the wall mount and overhead garage door opener market. If this is a name you have not heard of before, it is one you will not easily forget after you see for yourself what the 8500 has to offer you.

You may also be interested to read my previous review talking about chamberlain rjo20 vs liftmaster 8500 garage door openers.

The 8500 would be considered by some the entry level wall mount garage door opener that LiftMaster has to offer. However, with so many features and fans everywhere, it is hard to consider this product anything but extraordinary. Designed to reduce any noise emitted and dampen vibrations from leaking into your home, the 8500 also boasts an automatic battery backup that will lead it to benefit your life in so many ways.  


  • The LiftMaster 8500 is compatible with Amazon Key technology; allowing you to securely and safely receive deliveries into your garage whilst away from the home, or otherwise occupied.
  • Do you live in an area that is affected by storms or other extreme weather? With a battery backup supplied as standard, the LiftMaster 8500 will ensure that you are able to gain access to your garage even when the power is out, or make a speedy getaway if ever needed. 
  • Forget using a controller for your garage. With the 8500’s built in WiFi, you can use your smartphone or other device as your very own key and control your door remotely in many ways. 
  • Are you forgetful? If your answer is yes, you can relish in the understanding that the 8500 wall mount garage door opener has an automatic door lock that deadbolts the door every time it closes.


  • While extremely unlikely to ever be needed thanks to the supreme quality LiftMaster has to offer, some users have reported a long wait time for technical support when things have gone wrong. 

What do users say:

Two words that repeatedly come up when talking to fans of the LiftMaster 8500? Smooth and quiet. Hundreds of users everywhere revel in the peace and quiet they receive from this great garage door opener. With no noticeable vibration, families all over are fond of the fact they can cuddle up and get cozy at any time of the day without the concern that the garage opening will bring the foundations crashing down around them.

Genie B6172H Wall Mount Smart Garage Door Opener

Are you ready for your second wish from Genie? There is no need to rub the bottle with this one, as this grand design is available for you to purchase whenever you feel ready. 

Considered to be the next step up from the 6072H-O that we looked into in detail earlier, the B6172H is proud to present all of the same attributes and then some. For those users looking for that extra touch, additional accessories and a greater user experience; the B6172H may be the opener you are looking for. With features galore such as the wireless wall console, remote garage lock and of course that brilliant Bluetooth LED light that the 6072H-O boasts, the B6172H also comes with battery back up and even WiFi compatibility to further enhance the entrance experience.


  • Just as strong as its younger brother, this wall mount garage door opener can comfortably carry doors weighing as much as 850lbs and as tall as 14’, greatly broadening your options when it comes to delving into treating yourself to a new door.
  • Battery Back Up comes into play with this awesome addition to the Genie range. Regardless of whether a hurricane haunts your home, or a rogue electrician cuts all of the power, you will still be able to operate your garage door as if nothing happened.
  • WiFi capability opens up a whole new world with Genie’s integrated Aladdin Connect. This smart garage system connects up to your WiFi to enable you to operate your opening with your smartphone – it is even compatible with Alexa for hands free high jinks.
  • Quick and quiet, the Genie B6172H gets to work at lightning fast speeds, whilst completely emitting any thunderous noises to keep you and your neighbours happy at every hour of the day. 


  • The vast majority of users have no trouble installing the Genie B6172H wall mount garage door opener, however, some users with next to no DIY knowledge or experience would have preferred instructions that are slightly easier to follow.

What do users say:

Users are obsessed with the levels of safety Genie has to offer. Thanks to the app that is enabled by the WiFi compatibility, this garage door opener provides updates to the chosen device when the door has been open for too long. Also supplied with an Intellicode remote that makes hacking impossible and the Safe-T-Pulse slack cable detection system; Genie really cares for its customers and their personal safety, along with the safety and security of their possessions. 

LiftMaster 8500W Elite Series Jackshaft Garage Door Operator

Are you the kind of person that needs the best of the best? When the standard option just won’t cut it, it is time to bring in the big guns and treat yourself to the Elite.

Back in the realm of the LiftMaster, the Elite Series 8500W is much like the standard 8500 with the added benefit of all of those extra bells and whistles. Powerful and precise, the Elite Series 8500W is ready to tackle even the most rugged of all residential door opening requirements whilst being wrapped in a compact, user friendly package. With a 6 foot power cord to ensure you get connected, Security+ 2.0™ rolling code technology to keep hackers at bay and an enclosed gear casing for longevity; this garage door opener will not let you down where it really matters.

Check out the difference between Liftmaster 8500 vs 8500w.

All of the quality of the 8500 with that extra elite experience. 


  • Thanks to the powerful p3 motors that run the LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W, noise is no longer a concern. Almost quiet enough to hear a pin drop, the 8500W operates with next to no vibrations and no noise.
  • Do you just love technology and all of the latest gadgets? The 8500W is compatible with myQ to allow you to remotely control your garage door opener with your phone or other linked smart device through your home WiFi.
  • Safety sensors are included as standard and work tirelessly to ensure that your garage door will stop in its tracks – if it had any – when coming into contact with either you, your family, or your vehicle. 
  • Do you struggle to see your way at night? Well, there is no need to juggle with your phone torch any longer as the Elite Series 8500W has a built in remote LED light that will illuminate your path as you enter and exit your garage. 


  • Some smartphone/WiFi integration does require an additional subscription service to gain access to all of the features on offer. However, as standard, the Elite Series 8500W will allow you to complete basic functions without signing up to any optional extras. 

What do users say:

What don’t they say should be the question here, as raving reviews are really not hard to find for the 8500W. Elite is definitely a word that can be proudly used to describe the 8500W as not only is it up to the task of carrying even the heaviest of doors, but it is also renowned for its remote access thanks to the invaluable WiFi compatibility that leaves adults in adoration as they play around with their sparkly new toy.

Chamberlain RJO20 – Smart Garage Door Opener

We have seen what the two major headline brands in the garage door opener department have to offer. However, this would be no true list of the best wall mount garage door openers without making sure that we take a look at what Chamberlain can bring to the table – well, the wall. A name that is known by many, Chamberlain are no strangers in this field, and with glowing feedback wherever you look, this smart garage door opener just had to make the cut.

Chamberlain garage door openers would be a perfect choice as the brand is one of the top favourite wall mounted garage door opener of customers. I wrote a review about 2 best: Chamberlain RJO70 vs RJO20.

Bursting with benefits, the RJO20 is built to last. Some garage door openers are designed to survive, others are designed to thrive and this opener offering from Chamberlain is one of them. With features such as: an automatic garage door lock, remote light, safety sensors and premium remotes it is hard to find anything not to love here.


  • Do you hear that? Me neither! The Chamberlain RJO20 smart garage door opener is eerily inaudible. With vibrations kept to the bare minimum thanks to a unique wall mounting system, noise simply does not travel from the unit. You won’t even disturb the dog.
  • Installation can be a pain at the best of times. However, Chamberlain have their customers at the core of everything that they do and have worked hard to provide a detailed, flawless set of instructions that can turn even the most intimidated installer into an indestructible force of fixing.
  • Never again will you forget to lock the garage door. Every time the Chamberlain RJO20 closes your garage, it will automatically deadbolt the door to ensure that security is maintained, even when it is not at the forefront of your mind.
  • Safety sensors are included with each purchase. Extremely easy to install and set up, the sensors will automatically stop the door as soon as it is close to coming into contact with just about anything. Whether you want to protect your children or your cherished chariot, this safety feature is worth its weight in gold and then some.


  • Some users have reported having a little difficulty programming the app, however, with a little extra time invested these issues appear to be easily resolved and will not reappear once setup has been completed.

What do users say:

Ease of install seems to be a big plus to loyal Chamberlain customers all over. With so many users expressing their thanks for the simple to follow instructions and faultless construction, it seems the mounting process itself is even enjoyable for those that would usually prefer to leave any form of fixing up to a professional. Even those users that had issues initially programming the app are super happy with the wireless wonder once up and running.

LiftMaster MH 5011U

It seems like all websites that review garage door openers only seem to cater to the residential real estate out there. But what happens if you have a more commercial style of door fitted to your garage? Does this mean you are left out of the wall mount club? Of course not.

LiftMaster have made sure that you are carefully catered for with the MH 5011U. Designed to be used on the smaller rolling doors and industrial sectional doors with vertical lift, this powerful entrance accessory is ready to take you to new heights. Compatible with both rolling doors and panel doors and driven by a super strong chain, this wall mount garage door opener will give you that easy to use residential feeling with all of the required ruggedness of the commercial world.


  • Operating with a chain drive and not a belt drive like the majority of wall mount garage door openers, the MH 5011U is very strong and will have no trouble completing medium duty commercial tasks.
  • The chain hoist is effective, and boasts an added safety feature thanks to its electric interlock that allows for manual use in an emergency to further protect the door, opener and operator from accident or injury.
  • Chain driven garage door openers do require maintenance. However, this side of the coin becomes a whole lot easier thanks to LiftMaster’s maintenance alert system that notifies users when any routine maintenance is required to ensure that you never forget.
  • If you have multiple members of staff or even your family coming and going at all hours, the MH 5011U will allow you to program up to 20 remote controls to make sure that everyone has the access that they need.


  • While users have been able to fit to either side of their door, the unit is designed to be either left hand or right handed and should be fixed to the correct side of the door which can create limitations for some buyers.

What do users say:

When the residential wall mount garage door openers just won’t cut the mustard, but the really expensive commercial openers are far too much money for your unit; this unique chain driven wall mount garage door opener seems to fit the bill perfectly. Reviews prove that this opener fits a gap in the market that desperately needed filling.

BeamUp Workhorse BU100

Can we really call this a ‘Best Of’ list without throwing in at least one wildcard? Of course not! If you like the idea of being able to control your garage door from the wall, yet still have all of the room in the world for a rail on your ceiling, the beamUP Workhorse could be a surprise first choice to fit all of your requirements. A unique mix of overhead and wall mount, it really is the best of both worlds.


  • The beamUP Workhorse will not leave you stuck out in the dark of night. With an integrated and sustainable LED security light, your way will be washed over with a wave of light every single time that you enter or exit your garage.
  • Supplied as standard with a wall mounted button for convenient access, this garage door opener has some of the handy benefits of the wall mount machines that we have listed and explored above.
  • Maintenance is a myth with the beamUP Workhorse. Designed to last, the chain drive is both built to tackle the heavier tasks, all the while requiring no maintenance at all to keep it running smoothly.
  • Do you like app integration? If the answer is yes, you will be an instant fan of this cool garage door opener as it is supplied with instant access to an app that allows you to control your door remotely along with plenty of other fun features – the best part is it is entirely free to use and does not require any subscription service to use.


  • While we can conclude that the beamUP Workhorse deserves a special spot on our list of best wall mount garage door openers, it ultimately does not fit the wall mount mould fully as it does require the installation of a rail on your ceiling. If you require all of the benefits of a wall mount garage door opener, and none of the so called drawbacks of the ceiling mount; this opener may not be the one for you.

What do users say:

While it seems you will not need any help – as the installation process has been deemed both easy and enjoyable – users will be rushing to write home about the customer service that beamUP have to offer if it is ever needed. It is no secret that even the best products in the world can fail from time to time, so it is comforting to have the confidence in a reliant and reachable customer service team during your time of requirement that are always on hand to help out. 


And there we have it! With the drawing board well and truly packed with potentials, it is finally the time to take that next big step and have a plunge into your pocket to secure yourself that new and exciting piece of kit. With all of the options we have looked into absolutely jam packed with features galore, security settings and the reviews to back them all up; you are now more than well equipped to weigh up your options and go into this next stage of your DIY destiny with your head held high, and your garage door held even higher. Regardless of whether you want to get beamed up, have the Genie grant all of your wishes, chill with Chamberlain or reach new and exciting heights with LiftMaster, you can be assured that you will be taken care of and look forward to many, many years of quality, assurance, and buyer satisfaction.

Wall Mount Garage Door Opener FAQ

What is a wall mount garage door opener?

Wall mount garage door openers do exactly what they say on the tin. Securely attached to either side of the garage door, they fix directly onto the torsion bar on the door to open the garage.

What are the benefits of a wall mount garage door opener?

Overhead garage door openers require a rail to be fitted to your ceiling, significantly reducing the space available. Wall mount garage door openers are secured to the wall on either side of the door and are able to operate the door without the need for a rail and pulley system.

Are wall mount garage door openers reliable?

Yes. Wall mount garage door openers are a relatively new addition to the market compared to overhead openers; however, they are tough, durable and designed to last just as long as their counterpart thanks to rapidly developing technology.

Do wall mount garage doors require maintenance?

Wall mount garage door openers do require some maintenance to keep them operating with peak performance, although the amount of maintenance depends on the brand and model purchased. However, the maintenance required in general is significantly lower than ceiling mounted garage door openers and thanks to their more accessible location in your home, they are easier to maintain. 

Are wall mount garage door openers easy to install?

They are. Ceiling mount garage door openers can be difficult for some to install due to the requirement for a rail to be secured to the ceiling. Wall mount garage door openers, on the other hand, are much more accessible and are often installed with no issues and no professional help. 

Are wall mount garage door openers also known by any other names?

Yes. Wall mount garage door openers are also called side mount garage door openers or jackshaft garage door openers.