Chamberlain Side Mount Garage Door Opener

Let’s explain what is a side mount garage door opener. In this post, we are going to explain this term on a Chamberlain model RJO20. This is quite a popular garage door opener, especially for those owners lacking garage space. By using a wall-mount (side mount) garage door opener you can save ceiling space, and […]

CO-Z Slide Gate Opener Review

The CO-Z brand gate opener is an automatic sliding gate opener. It has been ranked among the top five gate openers for under two hundred dollars. This sturdy stainless-steel gate opener can be installed to open gates that weigh up to 1400 pounds and re-up to 40 feet long. CO-Z delivers enough power to sustain […]

Coffee Machine Water Filter

We all heard about faucet water filters (Wingsol faucet water filter for example), and not so much about the coffee machine water filter. I’m going to explain when, and how to use a coffee machine water filter. Before I start writing, a coffee machine water filter can be used in both, filter coffee makers and […]

Table Top Protector For All Occasions

Wood table top protector comes handy and it keeps furniture protected and scratch-resistant. In this post, I’ll write about wood table top protectors, vinyl desk covers, and full desk cover in general. Let’s see how to protect the table, and maybe other furniture you’re using. What types do we have? You’ll find a wood tabletop […]

Outdoor Light Fixture Above Garage Door

The garage is an integral part of your home. It is typically a visible part of your home. There are numerous advantages to installing a light fixture above your garage door, including improving curb appeal, dissuading criminals from breaking in, driveway and the nearby area becoming more visible, and overall, enhancing the security of your […]

Roll Up Garage Door Opener

Roll-up garage door openers are installed on roll up garage doors. There is a big chance that these doors are made of horizontal sheets of steel, but other materials are used also. Roll up garage doors don’t run on a horizontal track system. When a roll up door is opened, the steel sheets coil up […]

How to use Jura milk container?

Jura milk container is a must-have option for many coffee lovers. I’m going to write about glass milk containers and a few words about Jura’s cool control milk containers. We are using a milk container to easily store cold milk, having it near the coffee machine for quick and easy beverage preparation. What’s the difference […]

Renaissance Bathrooms And Appliances

Looking for something different? Don’t want modern-looking furniture, and you actually like a renaissance look. I’m going to suggest a few ideas for renaissance bathrooms & appliances. Hope you’ll like them and find something to enjoy your bath. Take some time and look at these renaissance designs that will make your bathroom look cool and […]