Keurig Coffee Maker Reusable K-Cups Review

If you own a Keurig coffee maker, no matter if it is Keurig K-Mini or Keurig K-Mini Plus, these reusable K-Cups could be a money-saving. The same thing applies to Keurig K-Mini Slim owners. So, it is time to write on this topic. Let me explain how to use reusable K-Cups, and what brand and model you should go for. I’m going to write a Keurig reusable K-Cups review for a few most used models you can get.

If you’re a coffee-lover and using your coffee maker a lot throughout the whole day, maybe you are interested in a K-Cup pod organizer.

K-Cup pod organizer
K-Cup pod organizer

This is an Amazon Basic K-Cup pod organizer. You’ll get a 3-part drawer with a 36 K-Cup capacity in total. This item measure is 13.5×12.9×2.5 inches (LxWxH), and that is enough for the Keurig coffee maker to stand on.

Enough said, let’s go back on topic and write a few words on reusable K-Cups. Why use K-Cups in the first place? Where to store K-Cups, and how to choose a good reusable K-Cup for Keuring?

Using original K-Cup in a coffee maker

K-cups are convenient, easy to use, and disposable. All those good things are exactly that – good, till we start talking about the price, and maybe waste we crate while disposing of a large number of plastic K-Cups. Sure, original K-Cups are the best, designed especially for the particular coffee makers and with numerous details in the production process.

Don’t get me wrong. The original Keurig K-Cups are great and I don’t want to say something discouraging you to continue on purchasing those. This reusable K-Cup review is for those who want to find alternatives for some reason.

Luckily, Keurig has his own reusable K-Cups. I’ll give you a link for those too.

Using reusable K-Cup in a coffee maker

Reusable K-Cups are mostly made of varying percentages of plastic and stainless steel. There could be slight design variations that could appeal to your personal brewing style. Let’s see what to look for in these eco-friendly products, and how to save money by using them.

Reusable K-cups are created with that goal in mind. They save money, and they are actually eco-friendly products. However, reusable K-Cups have pros and cons. The world isn’t perfect after all.

Before anything else, I need to emphasize that making a coffee with a reusable K-Cup engages more than using disposable K-Cup. When you want to drink coffee, you have to prepare K-Cup by yourself and make a coffee. After you are done making the coffee, it is a good idea to clean and wash K-Cup.

Some people don’t mind additional effort. Actually, most people enjoy preparing coffee even by using a coffee maker. There is a charm in whole that process that makes coffee taste even better.

So if you’re considering this solution simply because it’s cheaper or better for the environment, maybe you should think about these additional steps required for making a good coffee. I think the reusable K-Cups are worth using, and making a coffee is something we should all enjoy.

Reusable K-Cups for Keurig coffee maker

Reusable K-Cups review
Enjoy the coffee

Now, it’s time to see what are the best reusable K-Cups on the market. I choose a few, altogether with a Keurig universal My K-Cup mentioned before.

Keurig’s My K-Cup works with all their coffee makers. That is a big advantage, especially for those loyal to the brand. My K-Cup comes with a filter basket that has a removable BPA-free shell as well as a lockable lid to keep unwanted messes at bay.

iPartsPlusMore Reusable K-Cups review

These reusable cups are made with BPA-free purple-colored plastic and feature a gold-plated filter that will bring out the oils in your coffee.

These K-Cups are compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 models and are easy to clean in the dishwasher.

Many use these, telling good about the product. iPartsPlusMore K-Cups are easy to use and money-save products.

KORSMALL Universal Reusable Coffee Filter

KORSMALL reusable K-Cup is compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 models.

It has a clog-proof design that happens to be the most expensive option on this list. These reusable k cups are made of food-grade stainless steel.

These universal K-Cups are a bit more expensive but go for it if you want all the brand promising.

SIMPLECUPS Disposable Filters

These disposable filters for reusable K-Cups make cleanup even easier. What you need to do is throw them after use.

However, they do create some paper waste that you otherwise wouldn’t have. Just like all the filters listed here, SIMPLECUPS works with Keurig 1.0 and Keurig 2.0 models, offering cleaner brew as loose grounds are less likely to escape.

Try these, because so many customers are happy by using disposable paper filters.