Why do you need a Hose Reel Wall Mount?

Have you ever opened the back door of your house only to find your regular hosepipe crumpled in a heap over the decking or worse, the lawn? 

wall mount hose reel
Wall mount hose reel

It doesn’t matter if it was the kids or the dog, the result is the same. An annoying start to the day in the garden. What’s worse is that you might even trip over it. People love to garden as a form of meditation or a major part of their lifestyle. However, if you do not own a good easily winding up hose reel, the activity might not be much fun.

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Since the development of the wall-mounted hose reel, things have been made easier for people who love to embark on gardening journeys helping you keep things tidy, just the way you like them. Not just that either, like me, have you ever put off the watering because you couldn’t be bothered to get the hose out? This is going to be old news, as with a wall-mounted hose reel, it will become your favourite task, trust me.

Interestingly, its usage is not just limited to gardening. While it can be a mandatory tool for gardening, it is as helpful in cleaning tasks as well. Moreover, with the wall-mounted hose reels, you can overcome the biggest challenge and the most frustrating part of unraveling the hose pipe.

What is a wall-mounted hose reel?

A wall-mounted garden hose reel is a type of reel that is typically installed/fixed on a wall. It is designed with mounting brackets that allow you to install them on a wall of your choice around your property.

While skipping the challenge of unraveling the hose pipe should be the reason enough, there are plenty more reasons why you should totally spend your money on a wall-mounted hose reel.

A wide range of mounting position options

The first and most noticeable benefit of owning a wall-mounted hose real is that it offers multiple mounting positions. You can install it wherever it suits you depending on the types of activities you will carry out. This means that there is no limit to where you can have it. Most people mount these hose reels in their garage or a wall near the garden. However, keep in mind the proximity of the garden hose to a water source when you are determining where to have it installed.

Ease of use

The next benefit in line is the absolute ease to use a wall-mounted hose reel. Typically, most wall-mounted hose reels are multidirectional. In simple words, a multidirectional hose reel can be pulled into multiple directions where you see fit without the trouble of having it twisted or tangled.

They are space-saving

The primary benefit of a wall-mounted hose reel is the storage space you can save by installing it on the wall without it having to take your floor space. This is because the reel stays in one place unless you decide to move it and have it installed elsewhere. This is not the case with portable hose reels, which you have to drag back into the garage or house after use.

You will be amazed to learn that wall-mounted hose reels are usually made from solid materials that can withstand harsh weather elements. This means that you do not have to worry about your hose reel being spoilt from spending 100% of its time outside. For this reason, wall-mounted hose reels are popular in areas where there is limited space, like homes.

They offer easy access

In addition to being space-saving, wall-mounted hose reels also offer easy access to the hose. Since they are enduringly mounted on the wall, it means that you do not have to lag the hose and hose reel around every time you need to use them. Additionally, by storing the hose reel perfectly and allowing you to use an easy-to-use cranking technique, they also allow easy access to the hose. Also, most wall-mounted hose reels feature a locking pin. The role of this component is to ensure that the hose is angled perfectly to the application.

Ease of installation

Above all benefits, the charm of wall-mounted hose reels is that they are super easy to install. However, it is worth mentioning that the installation method may differ from one brand to the next. Regardless, they are still straightforward to install. No special tools are needed for the installation process. A screw should be sufficient. The hose reels generally come with mounting brackets. The process is also relatively easy in that you do not require any assistance from a professional. You can do it as a DIY project and feel the crisp of half of the accomplishment of gardening or cleaning already.

What is the best wall-mounted hose reel?

Having talked about the reasons why you need a wall-mounted hose reel, we have taken up the mantle to guide you on which one to choose. You will find so many comparable or similar products in the market. It is best to learn about the features each brand or model is offering along with the price to see if it is fit for your needs.

Here are some detailed reviews of the four best wall-mounted hose reels we found for you. This will make it easier for you to choose. Here’s a look at it:

Top 4 wall mount hose reel

Upon thorough research and personal experiences, our top picks are the following wall-mounted hose reels. Each option has its unique characteristic varying from a modern look to cost effectiveness and efficiency.

Best modern wall mount hose reel
(Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel)

This hose is exactly what you are looking for if you have an average-sized house with one water access point. You can say goodbye to the nightmare of dealing with hose pipes no matter how serviceable they might appear as this wall-mounted hose reel will eliminate the effort of pulling it all out and around the yard, etc. It is easy to manage and ideally decreases the time of reeling in and out. If you love your garden, you must have stumbled upon many gardening tools that did not serve the purpose you bought them for. This retractable garden hose reel is the answer to your need for a well-reviewed hose reel across other auto reel iterations.

All you have to do is find the right spot to install your retractable wall-mounted hose reel. It has a hinged setup with some large bolts included to easily mount on the side of your house or a post. The small diameter of the hose might concern you but it has all of the settings that any other nozzle would have. The water pressure is controlled by a sliding bar/valve easily controllable by the thumb and has a good deal of power, pressure, and distance. The smaller size only works in its favor as it makes the hose much more manageable to pull and navigate around the yard and between more delicate landscaping if you have that. The reeling in is seamless and you will not have a kink or issue with it getting caught on anything. You will want to make sure the valve is open to make sure all the water is out before reeling back in, but this should be done with any hose.

Here is an overview of its features:

  • Durable – Giraffe hose reel is pre-installed with a 130ft hybrid hose, which can lock at any length as you desired, and covers every corner of your garden.
  • Stable auto rewind system – Give the hose a gentle tug, and the hose reel will retract automatically back in. The unique retractable & guidance system can roll up the hose neatly without the trouble of kinking.
  • High-grid garden hose – All weather flexible and abrasion-resistant hybrid hose ensures the hose reel is leak-resistant and long-lasting. The 130ft 1/2-in. hose passed the 200 PSI pressure test and the 600PSI bursting pressure test.
  • Easy installation – Assemble the hose reel on the wall with just the 180-degree rotation bracket and some screws. With the quick-release system, you can also easily lift the handle to remove the reel for storage. Suggest the installation Post should be larger than 4X4.

 If you love your garden as much as we do and want to ease up a bit on pulling the hose all around, this wall-mounted hose reel does exactly what it claims to do.

If there were any criticism, it would be that the included instructions were very basic, for instance, you will not see any guidance about the removal of the screws/pin for easier mounting or dismounting. Still, this does not change the fact that this feels like a solid value and investment. 

Best normal wall mount hose reel (Giraffe Stainless Steel Garden Hose Reel)

If you are looking for a sturdy stainless steel beauty for your garden, Giraffe Stainless Steel Garden Hose Reel might be the best option out there. What sets this wall-mounted hose reel from others is its gold standard stainless steel material. The attached hose also comes with a stainless steel fastener. You will undoubtedly find this product to be nice and of commercial quality. The robust quality of this high-end hose reel is ready to add ease to your life.

However, again, if you are an extremely handy person, you might need to look up the instructions to assemble it, as the directions in the instruction manual of Giraffe Stainless Steel Garden Hose Reel are non-existent. There is a scrawl of unreadable gibberish that gives no clue how the loose pieces attach. Thanks to the internet, you can find tons of tutorials on how to assemble and install it.

Here is an overview of its features:

  • Easy winding – Make garden hose storage simple and clean! The easily assembled crank handle and the hose guide help you manually wind the hose evenly around the reel with less mess.
  • Large capacity – The hose holder comes with a 5 ft leader hose, which can store up to 150ft of 5/8 inches garden hose or 200ft of 1/2 inches garden hose. But NOT with the 3/4-inch hose.
  • Sturdy and durable – industrial-grade stainless steel material makes a sturdy body with a significant design touch. More durable than aluminum material, the brass connectors are rust-proof and leak-free.
  • Wall and floor mount – The heavy metal style can be matched with a variety of styles such as concrete/wooden walls, installed on the wall or floor as needed, and it can easily cover your watering job.

Best decorative wall mount hose reel (Liberty GARDEN 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel)

If you want to add a vintage look to your garden, this decorative wall-mounted hose reel might just be the right choice for you. The Liberty GARDEN 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel is a well-built product ready to take your gardening fun up a few notches. 

The reel is quite sturdy and is made of high-quality material. It can replace those cheap sun cast models as not only does it look good, but work well too. It is easy to install but the mounting hardware is not included so you might have to make multiple trips to the hardware shop. Otherwise, it is a strong and sturdy attractive piece of the wall-mounted hose reel.

Winding is a piece of cake if you have the hose close by. You can wind the 100′ on less than a minute if there are no knots or kinks and keep a little pressure on the hose so that it winds properly avoiding the guide to stick as will be hard to turn.

Here is an overview of its features:

  • Holds 125-feet of 5/8-inch garden hose (hose not included)
  • Constructed of non-rust, cast aluminum and feature brass and aluminum plumbing fixtures with a durable powder coat finish that is weather resistant
  • Easily pull your hose out for use, then rewind for storage, Comes fully assembled
  • Features a shelf ideal for frequently used garden tools and nozzles, 5-feet of leader hose
  • Mounting hardware not included

Best budget wall mount hose reel (Sageme Hose Hanger)

Are you into gardening activities and love to spend on savvy garden equipment? If you cannot afford to spend on another useless garden tool, this Sageme hose Hanger might be a good call for you. It is an extremely affordable option out of all wall-mounted hose reels. 

Apart from being budget-friendly, it is easy to install. It looks great on your yard as it gives an overall organized look. Trust me, you will not find anything like this good at any of the big stores. Its simple design fits into small spaces like a hook. Do not doubt its small size as it can hold a hose pipe up to 100 ft.

All in all, the Sageme Hose Hanger is a sturdy and heavy-duty wall-mounted hose reel that will go easy on your pocket. No more dealing with ineffective expensive auto-winders!

Here is an overview of its features:

  • Built to Last – Secure, and sturdy design. High-quality heavy-duty iron with anti-slip rubber coating provides added visibility, safety, and grip.
  • Easy to Use – Sageme Mounted Hose Bracket installs quickly and easily. Comes with necessary mounting hardware (screws and anchors). The garden hose wall holder can help the hose stay in good condition, with no distortion, no knotting, and no need to reorganize and use it immediately.
  • Keep it organized – Space Saving, Perfectly holds the hose nicely and prevents twisting, tangling, or kinking multiple patterns.
  • Wide Application – Fit to any size hose, both 25ft 50ft 75ft 100ft, and so on.
  • Package Included – Water Hose holder x 1, Screw x 2, Drywall anchors x 2. 
  • Product Size:7.5 x 4.9 x 5 inch(L*W*H)


Wall-mounted hose reels also offer numerous benefits similar to other types of hose reels. Our top reviews wall-mounted hose reels allow minimal effort when using a garden hose, style, strength, and affordability.