JURA Z6 Espresso Machine Review

One great coffee machine, that many Americans love is Jura Z6. It is a powerful super-automatic coffee machine for small offices and homes. Jura Z6 has 21 fully programmable drink options, which is why so many people love it, and which is why I’m going to write Jura Z6 review. By using this Jura Z6 […]

CR123A Lithium Battery Review

I’m going to write a CR123A battery review, and compare this CR123A with a CR2 battery model. Keep reading and find out what is it used for and what to expect from these batteries. In this post I’ll write about the Tenergy brand specifically, comparing it with other models from this same brand. These batteries […]

WINGSOL Faucet Water Filter Review

I was bored and started looking for a faucet water filter to investigate. I found this Wingsol faucet water filter interesting enough to write a review. Not just interesting, rather say a quite good faucet water filter system. Let me give you this WINGSOL faucet water filter review, and a few words you may find […]

Pur vs Brita Faucet Water Filter

Recently I wrote about a water filter pitcher to choose, and how does a Pur water filter work? Now it is time to write a short Pur vs Brita Faucet Filter comparison. After all, these are the two most common brands in the U.S. The first thing we should all be aware of, using a […]

Ethernet Switch Netgear GS108 vs GS308

I’m going to compare Netgear switch GS108 vs GS308 and make a short review. In the modern world, it is impossible not using ethernet equipment, no matter in what form. We are using a network infrastructure in so many forms, sometimes not aware of it. To make our lives easier and comfortable enough it is […]