Genie 3042: worth buying?

Are you looking for a garage door opener for your garage? In this article, I will tell you about the Genie SilentMax 1000 model 3042. Out of so many brands and types of garage openers, Genie garage door openers continue to stand out, and the Genie model 3042 is one of them. Here is the information you need to know about it.

genie 3042
Genie 3042

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Features of Genie 3042 garage door opener

Several features make Genie 3042 a garage door opener to look out for. It comes with a number of safety, smart-built in, and handy qualities that will undoubtedly be an asset to your garage and home.

I will break some of them down for you here:

  • Safe-T-Beam non-contact reversing system. This feature projects an infrared beam across the garage door which scans for any obstructions in the way while the door is closing. In case any object is detected, it automatically causes the door to reverse back to the open position and this reversing motion can only be canceled by applying pressure continuously on only the wall console.
  • Automatic Two bulb lighting system. The lighting system brings added safety and ease to your garage door operation by lighting up every time the garage door is engaged and automatically switching off after 4 minutes of no activity. It is also possible to manually turn on or off these lights from the wall console.
  • Wall console. The Wired Console feature is only available for particular Genie models including Genie 3042. With this feature, you are able to operate your garage door from inside the garage using just a button. As a bonus, it comes with Sure-Lock security which ensures that even during an extended power blackout, you can rest assured that your Genie model 3042 garage door opener will still operate smoothly because it works with the battery backup.
  • HomeLink & Car2U feature. HomeLink and Car2U technology provide the ease of being able to control your garage door from your vehicle using just one button. It also completely eliminates the need for a garage remote control in the car and as a plus, Genie 3042 does not require a compatibility bridge for this feature to work.
  • Integrated Aladdin Wi-Fi connect. This technology makes it possible to monitor your garage door even when it is operated manually and to also control it right from an app on your smartphone anywhere you are. The app allows you to add several accounts for other people that you would like to give garage door access to and for as long as you’d like by using virtual keys. This certainly adds convenience to your experience using the Genie model 3042 garage door opener.
  • Intellicode Security technology. This feature greatly improves your safety by preventing unauthorized entry into your garage by any person who would have otherwise been able to hack into your garage door system by obtaining your access code. It does this by generating a new original code combination for your garage door every time it is operated, thereby making it impossible to gain unapproved access into the garage.
  • GenieSense Monitoring & Diagnostic Technology. This monitors the garage door for any consequential changes and immediately gives you an alert and halts the garage door’s operation in case of any such findings. This feature is great because it protects your garage door from further damage that could have otherwise been worse had it not been detected immediately.

Specifications of Genie Model 3042

Genie model 3042 SilentMax 1000 garage door opener is impressive because it comes with the following specifications:

  • 3/4 HPc 140V Power Plus Motor
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Belt drive
  • Opening speed up to 7.5 in/sec
  • Pre-programmed remotes


Some suggested accessories that work well with Genie 3042 garage door opener include, the garage door opener Genie LED Light Bulb, Surge protector, and Extension Kit.

The LED bulb is durable enough to run up to 25,000 hours and strong enough to last through 5G of shaking force. Genie’s Surge Protector guards against any damage that could be caused by unexpected energy surges by blocking the circulation of excess power to the garage door opener. Finally, the Belt Drive Extension kit makes it possible for the Genie model 3042 garage door opener to fully open garage doors as high as 8 feet which it would have otherwise not been able to do since by itself it can only open up to 7 feet maximum.


According to the Genie 3042 manual, the warranty offer for Genie model 3042 includes a Lifetime warranty for the motor or the Gearbox, 15 years for the Belt Drive, 5 years for the core unit parts, 1 year for the Genie 3042 parts that are not part of the core unit, and 1 year for the accessories.

Under this warranty, the seller is only obliged to repair or replace a product or part that they have found to be faulty within the relevant warranty period. Also, the instructions given in your Genie model 3042 owner’s manual should have been followed diligently to qualify.

Pros & Cons of Genie model 3042 garage door opener

garage door opener genie 3042
-Genie 3042’s quiet operation provides relief from all the noise that other garage door openers make during the operation of the garage door.
-Design. Genie model 3042’s thin body design allows more headroom in the garage which is great if you would like to park a bigger vehicle or for a better aesthetically looking garage.
-Warranty. The Lifetime warranty for the motor and 15 years warranty for the Belt drive is quite good and gives the reassurance you need as a homeowner.
-Maintenance. Monthly and yearly maintenance is important for this Genie garage door opener model 3042.

Conclusion. Should you buy Genie 3042?

There’s a lot to love about Genie garage door opener model 3042. Just like a lot of Genie garage door opener models, the value that it can provide for you as a homeowner is undebatable. You can tell from the specifications, features, design, and even warranty that the Genie 1000 garage door opener 3042 is made to enhance your safety, and add simplicity to the operation of your garage door. It is definitely one I recommend you to buy for your home.