What Are the Best LG Front-Load Washers of 2021?

According to the 2021 Consumer Reports Buying Guide, seven of the top ten front-load washing machines were LG. That makes LG the top-rated manufacturer of washing machines. But what are the best LG front-load washers of 2021? And why did they make this list relative to other LG washers and washing machines by other companies?

We are comparing WM8100HVA vs WM9000HVA, and WM3700HWA vs WM3500CW. All four are LG Washing machines, so let’s start this review.

Why LG Washing Machines Dominate Consumer Reports’ Lists

LG front load washer

LG is a Korean company. They are known for their world-class products. They don’t just produce sleek designs. They make high-quality appliances, whether it is a smartphone or a washing machine. The only reason why they don’t have more market share is that consumers tend to stick with the brands they know, even if they have poorer quality products.

LG gets points from groups like Consumer Reports because they have energy-efficient and water-efficient models. You aren’t sacrificing performance for environmentally friendly appliances. We recommend front-loader washing machines because they tend to be better at stain removal while using less water and energy than top-loaders. The front-loader only has to spin the drum containing some water instead of filling the entire wash basin before agitating it.

We can’t just say “buy an LG washer”. After all, they vary in capacity, features, and size. You can choose one with certain features or pick it based on the control board layout. LG stands out in this regard due to the sheer number of features they offer, and many of their models let you customize wash cycles, too.

LG WM3700HWA Review


This LG washer is one of the most water-efficient and energy-efficient on the market. That’s probably why it was first on the 2021 Consumer Reports list of recommended washing machines. And due to its stellar performance, you won’t have to run the laundry twice in order to get it clean. One of its standout features is the Allergiene cycle. That’s designed to get pet dander out of your clothes. This is a must-have for pet owners.

This LG front washer comes with an add garments button. This button will pause the cycle while you add clothes without interrupting it. In contrast, other washers may stop if you open the lid to throw more clothes in.

The washer has a doorstop. This door stop props the door open after the cycle finishes. Why is this important?

This helps to dry out the door gasket. That, in turn, prevents mold and mildew from growing in and around the door gasket. That minimizes the odds of the clothes dryer developing a nasty smell or even transferring that to your newly cleaned clothes. You still need to address any water leaks and clogged drains, but the design prevents the most common cause of clothes washers from smelling like a nasty gym bag. A fair comparison of WM3700HWA vs WM3500CW follows.

One minor complaint about this model is that the control panel is not backlit. Use it in a well-lit laundry room, not a dark basement or garage. The only other issue found in lab tests is its rough handling of clothes. It may rip things up if they’re particularly delicate. Don’t use this to wash lace, for example.

LG Front Load Washer WM3700HWA video review.

LG WM9000HVA Review


This LG washer made our list because it has several cleaning cycles you are hard-pressed to find anywhere else. It has a steam cycle, allowing you to steam clean clothes at home, though they may need to be in a special bag in order to do so.

It has a sanitizing wash. That’s useful whether you want to protect your baby’s health or are cleaning up after an adult who is chronically ill.

Furthermore, it has a 5.2 cubic foot capacity. Plus it is compatible with the LG TwinWash system. That lets you do two washes at once. And this makes this unit a good choice for large families or institutional washrooms. Compare WM8100HVA vs WM9000HVA to see a difference.

It has a 34-minute turbo wash that can save you time and works well for laundry rooms that need to cycle through a lot of clothes. But it isn’t very loud.

Take your time and watch this WM9000HVA LG washer review. It comes more convenient when watching video reviews than just reading about the product.

This LG WM9000 is a massive front load washer, with 14 washing programs that you can use.

LG WM3500CW Review


This is a 4.5 cubic foot washer. It gets points for customization. You can customize everything from the length of each stage of the wash cycle to the spin rate. You can also tell it to adjust the wash cycle itself based on how soiled the clothes are.

It has excellent stain removal capability. That’s one reason why it came in second on the Consumer Reports list.

Every LG washer on our list is energy efficient. This one goes one step farther with its Cold Wash feature. Set it to wash the clothes in cold tap water and you’ll save on electricity.

On the flip side, the Fresh Care feature will tumble clean clothes you accidentally leave in the washer. This prevents them from getting stale or even moldy. This unit is unusual for working with Google Assistant. Give Google voice command and turn on or off the clothes washer. This is a feature for those who are into smart home technology, but it is a practical feature for those with limited hand strength or poor vision. And it is one of the more affordable models.

It costs roughly half as much as the WM8100HVA model. Compare WM3500CW vs WM9000HVA and see how much it is worth.

This LG WM3500CW Front Load Washer has a 27″ width, and it is ENERGY STAR Certified. LG WM3500CW has 5.2c.ft. capacity and it spins on 1300 RPM speed. With this model, you’ll get a stackable washer with 10 wash cycles, 3 temperature settings, water heater technology, and Wifi enabled device.

Take a look at this short video – a quick WM3500CW Review if you’re interested.

LG WM8100HVA Review


This LG washer gets points for looking cool. It has a graphite steel finish. It has clean lines with curved edges so it won’t hurt if you bump into it. It has a larger than average 5.2 cubic foot capacity drum. It has faster than average cycles, so you can get permanent press and heavy-duty loads done as quickly as possible on a regular basis.

It has some of the premium cycles, too, like steam cleaning and a sanitization cycle. It has a decent warranty, as well. Fortunately, it is a very reliable model.

This is in part due to the fact that it has relatively little vibration for a washing machine. By comparing WM8100HVA vs WM9000HVA you can choose which model fits your needs.

The downside of this particular LG washer is the price tag. It is one of the most expensive LG clothes washers. That is also why it came in third on the 2021 Consumer Reports list instead of first.

This is a great WM8100HVA video review if you’re interested in buying this front load washer.

If you don’t care how much to spend on buying a new clothe washing machine, the LG WM8100HVA could be a great choice for you. It is one of the best on the U.S. market today and we can’t find the real reason why not to buy it. This LG washer looks modern, its cycles finish quickly with clean, relatively dry laundry, and the most important – WM8100HVA boasts extra features like sanitizing and steam cleaning. The washing capacity is huge, measuring a 5.2-cubic-foot capacity drum that can handle the laundry needs of a large family.

Like we wrote before, the only real downside of this washing machine is its price. If you don’t care much wor it, there is no real reason not to buy one.