SkyLink Atoms garage door opener: Which one in 2022?

It is hard to find a good SkyLink Atoms review, which is why we decided to make one. In this post, you’ll find some good product descriptions, and a list of SkyLink models you can buy in the U.S. These garage door openers are relatively cheap, to be more precise, they’re cheaper than the competition, and many people looking for adequate SkyLink model to install. Skylink atoms pro garage door opener could be a good deal if you know what to look for and where.

In this post, we are going to compare a few SkyLine models, and then compare them with competing models from other brands like Chamberlain and Genie. Keep reading this Skylink Atoms garage door opener review and learn some interesting facts about them.

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SkyLink manufactures many devices for home security and smart technologies related to that. The Atoms is a series of garage door openers that the company has to offer. Still, they are not familiar with the U.S. market, but as time goes on, many people are interested in their openers and other devices they produce. The thing that puts them on the map actually is the affordable price. SkyLink Atoms garage door opener prices are significantly lower than competing brands in the U.S. have. Why is that?

SkyLink Atoms
SkyLink Atoms

We find these products interesting enough to make a review for each. Let’s see what you can buy from SkyLink, and install it into your garage?

First of all, SkyLink Atoms garage door openers are significantly cheaper than Genie or Chamberlain for example. The question is, do they worth the money? Sometimes buying cheap costs you more.

SkyLink garage door openers we are going to review are: ATR-1622CK, ATR-1622BK, ATR-1622BKW, ATR-1722W, ATR-1723BK, and ATR-1723BKW. To be more precise, here comes a comparison for each. Furthermore, we’re going to compare these with competing models other brands have to offer.

Looking for a SkyLink Atoms 3/4 garage door opener? Try with this… It has a powerful DC motor that provides extremely quiet operations compared to traditional garage door openers. It comes with AC motors which comes ideal for homes with living space above the garage. SkyLink ATR-1722C could be the garage door opener you’re looking for. It has a 3/4 HPF and an extremely quiet DC motor. All mentioned coming with a reasonable price. Where is the catch?

Skylink 0.5 hp Atoms Chain Drive Garage Door Opener
Skylink 0.5 hp Atoms Chain Drive Garage Door Opener

Safety sensors, modern remote, and durable but still quiet chain drive mechanism you’ll get with this SkyLine model. Let’s take a look and find out what does 0.5HP Atoms has to offer?

This SkyLine has a powerful DC motor that provides extremely quiet operations compared to traditional garage door Openers with AC motors. It is a durable chain drive with reliable performance. SkyLine Atoms ATR-1611C comes with a 12W LED built-in providing a long-lasting illumination. It also has a soft start and stops that gradually accelerates to full speed and slows down before stopping to reduce vibration and maximize the life of mechanical parts. A garage door is compatible with Backup Battery Model BA-100 that is sold separately. It fits a 7-feet rail for easy assembly on 7-feet-tall garage doors. You can also consider buying an extension kit (XR-008 & XR-010) that is available for 8 feet and 10 feet garage doors.

SkyLink Atoms ATR-1622CK Garage door opener has a 1/2HPF motor that works extremely quiet altogether with a chain drive. This model delivers a Wireless Keypad for convenient usage.

Many homeowners simply love this garage door opener because it is small, sleek, and has a quiet design. For a reasonable price, you’ll get a garage door opener that does what it is intended to do. We can say that the motor is really small, and still delivers 1/2 hp. It is very quiet, a bit slower than you used it but that shouldn’t bother you considering the price.

Skylink Atoms AT-1622BK has a powerful 1/2 HPF DC motor and it is another good SkyLink garage door opener that operates quietly without disturbing noise. It has a built-in 12W LED for long-lasting illumination with lower power consumption.

With the steel-reinforced belt drive system and 7-ft sectional rail, it fits perfectly installed in garages near the living space. Just like the previous model, Atoms ATR-1622BK comes with a soft-start and soft-stop function to reduce wear and tear on the motor and mechanical parts. It is battery backup enabled, but you need to purchase a backup system separately. A built-in LED light keeps the garage door opener functional in case of a power outage.

What we think, it is important to note that the homeowner can use an in-car garage door remote to control this garage door opener.

While making Atoms ATR-1622BKW review we can tell it is really a great item. This garage door opener is well built and really quiet and easy to install. We find this opener worth buying, especially for those people who don’t want so many features they really don’t use.

  • Powerful DC motor provides extremely quiet operations compared to traditional openers with AC motors
  • Integrable with Orbit Smarthome control. Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT compatible
  • Built-in 12W LED for long-lasting illumination
  • SkyLink Atoms ATR-1622BKW has an extremely quiet belt drive that delivers reliable performance
  • Soft Start and Stop gradually accelerate to full speed and slow down before stopping to reduce vibration and maximize the life of mechanical parts
Additional Accessories
Additional Accessories

What you’ll get when purchasing SkyLink Atoms ATR-1722W and what are additional items available for this garage door opener? Take a look at this shortlist, and compare SkyLink with other openers out there.

  • Powerful 3/4HPF DC motor provides extremely quiet operations
  • Integrable with Orbit Smarthome control. Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT compatible.
  • ATR-1722W comes with a built-in 12W LED for long-lasting illumination.
  • Durable chain drive delivers reliable performance.
  • 2 Remote Controls and Deluxe Wall Console with Timer to Close feature

For the last SkyLink Atoms review, we have the ATR-1723BKW model. Want to know how good it is, or bad maybe? Le’s see.

SkyLinks’ ATR-1723BKW has a great combination of reliable, strong motor and drive mechanisms. This is a belt-driven garage door opener, which is why it fits in the garage’s nearby living space. It operates silently, without disturbing noise. Using control switches is simple, functional, and practical. There aren’t unnecessary functions that could confuse you. SkyLink Atoms ATR-1723BKW installation is easy takes all the good parts of other ideas and is integrated into one great unit.

ATR-1723BKW is a smart unit enabled to connect with a smartphone app. Using the smart app is easy, and provides a more convenient way for entrance and home safety.

Atoms garage door opener remote programming

Keychain transmitter is easy to program. It enables the optional Passcode Protection on the Keychain Remote and enters a passcode before using it just like your Smartphone, to prevent break-in to your homes if your remote is lost or stolen. The password can be 2-8 digits long from a combination of buttons 1, 2, and 3. This Passcode feature saves you from accidental opening/closing your garage door.