All about the garage light fixtures

Looking for convenient garage light fixtures, and wondering which one to choose? We are going to talk about garage door light fixtures, and garage lights in general. We hope you’ll find answers to your questions, and make a wise decision.

Whether you’re upgrading an existing garage light or installing fresh new garage lights, this is the place where you can find an appropriate light fixture. Keep reading and find out what’s on the market today. Before you make a final decision, these few things you should consider: style, size, brightness, power source, and installation method.

garage light fixtures
Garage light fixtures

Can lights are very popular these days and many people searching for how to – install a can light in the garage. Take a look if you’re one of those men. On the other hand, if you already have recessed lights installed, and you need to replace them, follow this replace recessed lights tutorial.

How to improve garage lighting

You need proper lighting for your garage, especially if you use it for car parking, storage area, or workshop. However, many garages only have a few lamps and are poorly lit. Not only that it will be difficult to navigate inside your garage, but it may also cause eye strain. There’s a possibility of risk and injuries if your indoor areas are not properly illuminated. Here are things you should do to improve the lighting of your garage:

How many lumens per square foot?

Accurately measure the illumination requirements: For a normal garage, you need to ensure to have 50 lumens for each square foot. For workshop areas, the ideal illumination is 300 lumens for each square foot. For accent lighting, you should have 75 lumens for square feet, 300 lumens for task lighting, and 50 lumens for ambient lighting. It should be easy to calculate the illumination requirements for the garage, depending on the floor area and functions. When you’re looking for LED garage light fixtures or garage light fixtures of any kind, make sure to get the appropriate lumen value.

Bulb type and wattage

Choose the right bulbs: Make sure that you choose the right bulbs that have the right wattage. After determining the illumination requirements of your garage, you need to calculate how many bulbs you should use and the amount of wattage. As an example, if you choose a 300 lumens bulb and your garage requires 2,700 lumens of illumination, you need 9 bulbs. However, make sure that power requirements can be kept low. In case you’ll go for a regular shape bulb, read this light bulb a19 vs a21 post to find out the differences. For outdoor garage light fixtures, you must consider waterproof rating as well.

Motion sensor Yes or No?

Use motion sensors: You can connect the garage lighting with motion sensors, which will lower the consumption of electricity. You can save money if lights can be turned off automatically. When there’s a movement, the light will be turned on. Choose the right type of motion sensor, which is fully compatible with the bulbs you are planning to use. A motion sensor is a welcome feature, especially for exterior garage light fixtures. If you planning to install garage door light fixtures, consider using a motion sensor.

Natural light

Use natural light: It is always best to maximize the use of natural light. If you have time and budget for garage remodeling, you should consider installing a skylight or larger windows. Natural light should also improve the brightness and warmth of indoor space.

How to improve light in a garage?

Improve artificial lighting: Homeowners shouldn’t just stop at using overhead lighting. There are different types of artificial lighting, such as accent, task, and ambient. They should work well in making your garage properly illuminated. Ambient lighting can be used as soft overhead light to properly illuminate walls and floors. With task lighting, it should be easier to do focused tasks in the storage and work areas of the garage. This should help to increase visibility, during organizational tasks and detail-oriented projects. Accent lighting is somewhere between task and ambient lighting. It works well to shine on focal points of your indoor area. If you want to showcase your car, it is a good idea to put accent lighting above it.

Garage light Fixtures to choose

Choose the right fixtures: You need to choose the right fixtures, depending on the function. With ambient lighting fixtures, you can use garage door openers that include built-in lights. They would be very useful at night when there’s a lack of illumination. You can use task lighting fixtures for shop lights or trouble lights. You can also use adjustable strips that you can hang by a chain from the ceiling. With accent lighting fixtures, you can use pendants that mount to walls and extend from the sconces and ceiling. This should ensure easier entry during nighttime.

Few words to end

Many homeowners decide to use their garage as a homemade GYM. If this is the case, make sure to have appropriate lighting in your garage/GYM. A garage is the one place in your house that has ample space and can be used for setting up a gym. Set up your own gym in your garage, and there will be no excuses to exercise on daily basis. The idea of having a home gym in the garage is to follow a routine and to reduce costs by not paying a membership fee.

We hope you know how to choose garage fixtures, and what to expect of each design. For garage ceiling fixtures, we advise you to call an electrician for installing them. Choosing the best-LED light fixtures for the garage is up to you, with good advice if needed. Garage ceiling lights mostly are the best lighting option for garage space. However, sometimes you’ll need to find other light mounts.

How to replace a garage light fixture?

Depending on light fixture type and design, replacing garage lighting vary. However, this shouldn’t be complicated as it seems on first look. For example, read the step-by-step tutorial on how to replace the recessed garage light bulb.

How to install garage light fixtures?

Installing garage light fixture example shown on this URL. Keep in mind, this applies to recessed lights.