Schwinn 130 vs 170 – Upright Exercise Bike Comparison And Review

Schwinn upright exercise bikes are one of the most known bikes on there. I won’t talk about other brands here, because this post is supposed to make a good comparison between Schwinn 130 and Schwinn 170 and review each model. Take some time and read this Schwinn 130 vs 170 comparisons. I hope this review will make your decision easier.

If you’re familiar with exercise equipment in any way, then you probably know that Schwinn is one of the most known brands in this category. I could say that Schwinn is a leader in low-cost, high-quality exercise bikes, and that would probably be true. However, I have some previously written reviews (Nautilus R618 for example), and I can’t say that other bikes are not good as these two models are.

The Schwinn 130 and 170 are popular models, and that is why this review comes so good. Before you go with either, it is good to know the differences and similarities between Schwinn 130 and 170. These both are highly rated, and they are for sure great exercise bikes for the home. Both models have magnetic resistance and have a 300 lb. maximum user weight limit.

Schwinn 130 & 170 upright exercise bike comparison
SCHWINN 130 vs 170

If talking about the differences, I would stand out that Schwinn 170 has a heavier flywheel. It also has more resistance levels and oversized pedals. While the Schwinn 130 has only 1 piece crank system, the Schwinn model 1790 has a 3-piece crank system.

The Schwinn 170 has a forward-backward movable seat. Also, comparing it with Schwinn 130, model 170 has equipped with more workout programs, and it has a backlit LCD.

One more big advantage s that Schwinn 170 has Bluetooth connectivity and Heart Telemetry.

Schwinn 130 vs 170

The bikes are similar, but to be honest, Schwinn 170 has a few advantages I really like. Schwinn 170 comes with a backlit LCD display, that makes it easier to operate and track exercise. One more notable advantage is the workout program number. Schwinn 170 has 16 more workout programs, 29 workout programs in total.

The Schwinn 170 bike has 9 more resistance levels compared to 130. This means that 170 has 25 resistance levels in total.

Schwinn 130 Display

Goal Track capability enables you to set individual exercise goals
DualTrack LCD screen displays offer increased visibility for goal tracking
20 levels of resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options
Padded contoured seat with a post for easy seat exchange with any clamp and rail bicycle seat

Upright exercise bike Schwinn 130 display
Schwinn 130 display

Schwinn 170 Backlit Display

The Bluetooth connectivity enables you to set and monitor progress with popular app-based tracking tools
A fully-loaded console with blue backlit LCD screens display is easy to read
Schwinn 170 delivers a telemetric heart rate that enables you to track heart rate
Padded contoured seat with a post for easy seat exchange with any clamp and rail bicycle seat
25 levels of resistance for a wide range of workout intensity options
Oversized pedals with toe straps for multiple users

Schwinn 170 upright exercise bike display with backlit
Schwinn 170 backlit display

The Goal Track option makes it easy to set individual exercise goals. Furthermore, the DualTrack LCD screen displays all parameters the user needs while working out.

These are great, with many levels of resistance, providing a wide range of workout intensity options making your exercise complete and real thing each time you do a workout.

I find it important to say: the difference is that you can customize your user profile. While Schwinn 130 allows 2 profile inputs, 170 allows 4 profiles. Bluetooth connectivity, an APP for your tablet or smartphone, Workout Fan & Speakers, and Wireless heart telemetry are only available on the Schwinn 170 Bike.

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Schwinn 170 Could Be Better Than 130 After All

To bring to an end this comparison and review, I can say that Schwinn 170 is a winner in this category of upright exercise bikes. This model offers a wide array of improvements compared to the Schwinn 130. Schwinn 170 includes features that 130 doesn’t. It has more resistance levels, programs, user profiles, and a display with a backlit screen.

Schwinn 170 upright bike is a better choice for a small price difference. Compared to Schwinn 130, this upright bike delivers Bluetooth connectivity that enables App usage while you’re working your daily workouts.

Furthermore, the 170 model has a superior 3 piece crank system, unlike the Schwinn 130 which comes equipped with one piece crank system. This gives you a better clearance when riding. Schwinn 170 also has a superior seat with additional padding. The seat on the Schwinn 170 can move horizontally as well as vertically. I can say that the Schwinn 170 is far superior in features as well as some structural additions. It offers the best value for the money. However, both models are highly rated and affordable.

Schwinn a10 vs 130

Comparing Schwinn 130 vs Schwinn a10 isn’t something worth trying right now. As I can see, the Schwinn a10 is a bit older model, it is hard to be found and 130 has taken its place. Schwinn a10 sure was a good choice in its days, but now I can say go for Schwinn 130, or even better Schwinn 170. Schwinn a10 exercise bike is an old model, replaced by its successor 130, and later on with a Schwinn 170.

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