Nautilus R618 vs Schwinn 270

Nautilus R618 and Schwinn 270 bikes are two recumbent bikes that we are going to compare and review. Both are excellent, which is why we are going to try to help you decide which one to choose. If you want to stay fit all the time, you should consider one of these. Both machines are good, and they share almost the same features, but there are some differences worth mentioning. Before continuing, if you like to work at home, take a look at the GYM category where we have reviewed home workout machines.

So, what about Nautilus R618 and Schwinn 270? Let’s take a look at both, to see what you’ll get or not if you decide to buy one of these. Continue on reading Nautilus R618 vs Schwinn 270 bikes for home workouts.

Nautilus R618 vs Schwinn 270 compare and review
Nautilus R618 vs Schwinn 270

Differences and Similarities between Nautilus R618 and Schwinn 270

What about the Noise Level? Nautilus R618 and Schwinn 270 bikes run smoothly and quietly. You won’t hear the squeaks of the parts of these bikes. These are so quiet that you can watch TV while riding on the bike. And you don’t need to increase the volume of your TV. Both bikes are almost silent when in use, so you can also use them at midnight.

Customizable program settings: They offer 29 customizable built-in workout programs so that you can choose the exercise from a variety of options. Nautilus R618 and Schwinn 270 have 25 resistant levels. The resistance levels can change from effortless to difficult easily on them.

User Profile: When it comes to the user profile, Nautilus and Schwinn let you create up to 4 user profiles. That gives you an option for the whole family to use a bike. Additionally, these machines will track workout data for each user. Therefore, you can track the distance, speed, how many calories you burn to everything in between.

Maximum Weight: Nautilus R618 has the maximum weight capacity compared to the Schwinn 270. This bike can load up to 325 lbs, whereas the Schwinn max load capacity is 300 lbs. Both of them are perfect for heavy people. Since Nautilus has slightly more load capacity, it will be safer for you. However, people who are 4ft 11 inches or more than 6ft will easily fit on these bikes.

Warranty: While purchasing an exercise bike, you should consider the warranty. The Nautilus R618 offers 15 years warranty on frame, labor for 1 year while other parts & electronics are warranted for 3 years. Besides, the Schwinn 270 offers 10 years warranty on its frame, 90-days on labor, parts have 2 years while electronics are 1 year. These periods will cover any manufacturer defects.

Final words

Nautilus R618 is a comfortable, sturdy bike with a high-quality design. It is perfect for intense workouts and serious cyclists. However, if you still do not make up your mind, we highly recommend Nautilus R618 for you. If you are impressed with the Schwinn 270 features, go for it. It isn’t a bad choice at all. Schwinn 270 is also built with quality features a bike should have.