LiftMaster: 8500 vs 8500W features and differences

We are going to compare two LiftMaster garage door openers, both residential Jackshaft & Wall-Mount for top performance and security. Let’s explain what are the differences between 8500 and 8500W. Read this comparison, and discover the features these models deliver.

We are going to compare the 2 openers to help you select the best option for yourself. Check out for LiftMaster 8500 vs. LiftMaster 8500W.

8500w vs 8500
8500w vs 8500

They both are jackshaft wall-mount garage door openers, which means they are space-saving and the most secure option to choose. They do cost more than other model designs but sometimes that is worth the money you’ll spend.

What exactly does a jackshaft wall-mount design stands for? Well, it removes the need for the garage door opener rail. The garage door opener installs directly on the garage door, on either side you are comfortable with. That way you’ll have clear headspace, available for something else. Like we wrote before, the jackshaft wall-mount opener mounts directly on the header wall beside the garage door. The opener (8500 and 8500W) attaches directly to the spring bar on the outside of the end bearings. When the opener is activated, the motor rotates and turns the spring bar, which in turn opens and closes the garage door. This design doesn’t use a lot of moving parts, and there is not so much to wear out or break.

Both models are for residential use, without so many differences between them. The biggest difference is that the LiftMaster 8500W is a new model, delivering some new features, and more power. For detailed comparison take a look at the sheet above.

The LiftMaster 8500 was the most common model from this company for many years. Now, with a new model coming, things are changing and LiftMaster 8500W taking its place on the US market.

LiftMaster 8500 features review

LiftMaster 8500 Wall Mount Garage Door Opener Package

The 8500 is the most common model for residential garage doors made by LiftMaster. It uses a quiet DC motor with a rating to lift a door up to 650 pounds with sizes up to 14 feet tall by 18 feet wide. The 8500 is MyQ enabled, which means that the 8500 is capable of smart options if you buy an internet gateway that is sold separately.

LiftMaster 8500W features review

LiftMaster Elite Series 8500W Jackshaft Garage Door Operator

The 8500W is the current model LiftMaster has released. The LiftMaster 8500W uses a quiet DC motor, just like the previous one, with a power rating difference. This new DC motor can lift garage doors up to 850 pounds and up to 14 feet tall.

8500 and 8500W differences

Both openers are good, with some slight differences. The first one, LiftMaster 8500 is a good quality opener with upgrades available. It requires additional parts at additional costs. The second one, LiftMaster 8500W is rated for heavier doors and has all of the modern features built-in with no additional out-of-pocket expenses. It cost a bit more, just the amount you would probably spend don’t the features the 8500 is missing.