Chamberlain Wall Mount Garage Door Opener 2022

Let’s explain what is a wall mount garage door opener, or you can also call it side mount. In this post, we are going to explain this term on a Chamberlain model RJO20. This is quite a popular garage door opener, especially for those owners lacking garage space. By using a wall-mount (side mount) garage door opener you can save ceiling space, and be able to use it for something else.

In the context of mounting garage door openers, we know two main types: Overhead and the Wall-mount.

A side-mounted garage door opener
Wall-mount garage door opener

The overhead garage door opener is mounted on a rail track and the opener is parallel to the ceiling. The garage door itself may be lifted via a belt, chain, or screw-drive mechanism. If the motor breaks or the power is out, you can pull a lever to disconnect the garage door and then lift the door by hand. The motor is typically mounted to the ceiling and ends up sitting close to the top of the garage door once it is fully retracted.

A side mount (wall-mounted) opener is installed on either side of the garage door. It may be mounted on the left or the right wall of the garage, depending on the garage door model. This type of garage door opener doesn’t use rail tracks. Instead, it is connected to the torsion bar of the garage door. The benefit of this approach is that it can be used in garages that don’t have much overhead space or otherwise don’t have space to store the garage door parallel to the ceiling. For example, wall-mounted garage door openers are ideal for vertical lift doors used in narrow garages. When garage space optimization matters a lot, then you should go with a side-mounted garage door opener.

Chamberlain side mount opener

One of the best Chamberlains side-mount garage openers is model RJO20. We are talking about a direct drive wall-mounted space-saving garage door opener. RJO20 is a small unit, ready to be mounted on either side of the garage door, which frees up overhead space.

This side garage door opener comes with smart technologies such as the Internet Gateway system along with MyQ App.

You can use the MyQ app, paired with your smartphone to open or close the door from anywhere.

Security features available: automatic garage door lock, lock with the deadbolts, and manual lock for complete security.

Besides the RJO20, another Chamberlains garage door opener RJO70 delivers the same practicality and even more features inside. Compared to each other, both units RJO20 and RJO70 are very similar. Writing about a side-mount design, they are practically the same. RJO70 is a new model and it comes with some extra features.

Both units RJO20 and RJO70 are direct-drive wall-mount garage door openers. They don’t use a rail system, and there is nothing to lubricate.