Coffee Machine Water Filter

We all heard about faucet water filters (Wingsol faucet water filter for example), and not so much about the coffee machine water filter. I’m going to explain when, and how to use a coffee machine water filter. Before I start writing, a coffee machine water filter can be used in both, filter coffee makers and […]

WINGSOL Faucet Water Filter Review

I was bored and started looking for a faucet water filter to investigate. I found this Wingsol faucet water filter interesting enough to write a review. Not just interesting, rather say a quite good faucet water filter system. Let me give you this WINGSOL faucet water filter review, and a few words you may find […]

Pur vs Brita Faucet Water Filter

Recently I wrote about a water filter pitcher to choose, and how does a Pur water filter work? Now it is time to write a short Pur vs Brita Faucet Filter comparison. After all, these are the two most common brands in the U.S. The first thing we should all be aware of, using a […]

Why do you see black debris in your water?

If you wonder, why do you see black debris in your water, let me try to explain? Actually, there are a few common causes and reasons your water isn’t crystal clear as you might expect. Sometimes you can see that water quality isn’t 100% as it should be. Why is that, and how to deal […]

Best Water Filter Pitcher To Choose

If you have a problem with drinking water in your house or if water is contaminated, try to use a water pitcher. A water pitcher is good in case the water has sediments. Sometimes a water pitcher helps you to remove other contaminations from the drinking water. I’ll try to introduce some basics regarding water […]