Garage Door Opener LED Bulb

If you ever had a situation the garage door won’t operate, and you have no clue what the problem is, try checking the LEDs. For those who don’t know, LED light bulbs can be a problem, causing garage door remote interference. That is why there are specially designed LED bulbs for garage door openers. In this post, I’ll write about those LEDs and make a short review of the most common LEDs in the U.S. market.

Consider buying these LEDs if you want to use them in a garage, and you have a garage door opener. No matter what brand or model you have, if you’re using a remote control, you need to look for specially designed LEDs.

By using these LEDs you’ll minimize Interference, making a remote control operate normally. These are designed for use in garage door openers, and in a garage near the garage door opener. Make sure to use specially designed LEDs to reduce interference with your remote. Mostly they’re universally compatible with almost all openers.

LED light bulb for garage door opener

Maybe the most known LED for garage door openers is the CHLED1 light bulb from Chamberlain. It is sold especially for garage door openers, with a note it is (Engineered to minimize interference with garage door opener). CHLED1 is tested for use in a garage, and openers. The LED bulb is sturdy and it will not break or death when door openers work (shaking). Garage door opener bulbs are extra durable and safe. They’re impact-resistant and durable for a long-time run in a shaking environment.

LED bulb type for garage door openers

This LED is easy to install. Actually, LED uses the standard E26/E27 medium screw-in base, and A19 shape and body size. Before you go any further, read about A19 & A21 bulb types. With its standard dimensions, the LED bulb perfectly fits in all door opener with standard light sockets. A19 shape makes this bulb suitable for light fixtures in a garage and the whole home.

Clear and bright light for any garage. Choose the light color you want and lumen output. To make daylight inside the garage I suggest going for a 6000K. With LED lighting you’ll save energy meaning that electricity bills won’t hit hard on your budget. For example, if you replace just one 80W bulb, you can save up to 85% energy consumption.

LED interference with a remote control

If you’re using a garage door opener, with a LED light bulb, don’t get surprised if it suddenly stops working. This especially applies to those owners that are replaced LED bulbs recently. What happens? It is a known fact that LED light bulbs can produce electromagnetic fields that could interfere with garage door opener electronics. However, we still can see LEDs installed inside the openers. How is that possible?

LEDs inside the garage door openers are specially designed not to interfere with remote control electronics. They look just like regular LED bulbs, with key differences inside the bulb case. Chamberlain has its own CHLED1 bulb that fits any other opener as well. Furthermore, if you are looking to buy LEDs for garage door openers, you can find other brands with specially designed models for the purpose.

Let’s get back to the topic, and explain LED interference. Why does this problem occur? It’s because a door opener works with its remote control on radio frequencies. Just like any electronic device, a light bulb can produce electromagnetic fields with the potential of interfering with those wireless devices. The opener itself isn’t damaged, but it can’t operate via remote controls.

TorchStar LED designed for garage door openers

Especially designed LED for garage door openers
LED bulb

TorchStar makes LEDs especially made for openers, with less interference and better performance while use in garages. This LED is designed to minimize RF interference, it is vibration and shock-resistant.

Designed to fit an E26 base socket, for use in garage door openers. This A19 LED bulb complies with FCC standards and minimizes RF interference with most mainstream garage door openers. No flickering, no humming, eliminating compatibility and operation issues with garage door opener.

Depending on your choice, you can have a true 100W halogen equivalent LED bulb with 1500lm out. It provides sufficient brightness to the entire garage, with up to 85% less energy consumption.

This particular bulb can work under the temperature range from -4°F to 104°F. In the meantime, the impact-resistant material greatly increases the use security. Check for this LED, or find a model that fits better to you.

Why do LED Lights cause radio interference?

You have to be aware that LEDs in your home can affect the wireless signal, causing radio interference. LED lights are not the main source of the problem. Actually, what makes the whole LED interference problem is the device that powers the LED. The power supply of the LED is often called an LED Driver.

LED light noise filter

LED light noise filter reduces interference
LED light noise filter

If you have problems with interference, not related to garage door openers, take a look at the LED light noise filter. These are specially designed electronics devices that reduce interference while the LED bulbs are used.

Take a close look and choose an appropriate device. Make sure that you install it properly, and if you are unfamiliar with electronics, I suggest hiring an electrician.

What have we learned till now? The garage door opener LED bulb is designed to minimize radio frequency interference. These LEDs are made to replace standard bulbs A21 or A19, with an E26 base screw.