What’re the differences: Flex Tape Vs Gorilla Tape Review

While we are working at home, fixing something, and making adjustments, we need tape to seal up something from time to time. It could be furniture, a piece of hardware, or just a hose in our garden. The most common adhesive tapes we use are either Flex tape or Gorilla tape. In this post, we are going to explain the difference between these two and try to give you a hint when you should use one over the other one. Read more on this topic, and find out what is the difference between Flex Tape and Gorilla Tape?

Both these tapes are designed to be water-resistant. So, if you wonder if a Flex Tape is water-resistant, the answer is Yes. A Gorilla Tape is also water-resistant. Still, there are some differences worth mentioning. Gorilla tape or flex tape, what to choose?

The Flex tape and Gorilla tape are both designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. They are commonly used, and almost every household has some type of adhesive tape. You can use them for a temporary repair, fixing broken items, or repairing leaking hoses.

While they are designed to perform in a similar matter, there are some slight differences. Sometimes it is better to use Flex tape, while on the other hand Gorilla tape can do a better job. By reading this Flex Tape vs Gorilla Tape review, you can find out what are the strengths and weaknesses of these two. Let’s find out what adhesive tape is better: Flex seal tape vs Gorilla tape.

Flex Tape Review

Flex tape review

A Flex Tape is designed to stick on wet surfaces and to hold its grip underwater. It is flexible enough to take the shape of the surface it sticks on. A Flex Tape is rubberized ensuring a tight seal keeping air and water away.

This tape comes with a three-layer adhesive for maximum strength. You can apply a Flex Tape no matter if there is a need for a bond, patch, repair, or make a grip on something.

Gorilla Tape Review

Gorilla Tape review
Gorilla Tape

A Gorilla Tape has a strong and highly sticky adhesive that allows you to apply it to all types of leaks and cracks. Just like the previous tape, Gorilla Tape is water-resistant which makes this tape a perfect choice for outdoor repairs.

This tape has double-layer material plus double-layer adhesive. This combination provides a variety of appliances and a strong grip.