Wall Mount Vs Ceiling Mount – Garage Door Opener

Shopping for a new garage door opener isn’t as easy as it may sound at first. For garage geeks it will be like a walk in the park, however, the average homeowner will need a helping hand traversing the tons of choices that are out there.

wall mount vs ceiling mount garage door opener
Wall mounted – Ceiling mounted

Stick with me and you will soon know the answer to the wall mount vs ceiling mount debate and discover exactly where you should be putting your money.

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Wall Mount Garage Door Openers

A wall mount, also known as a side mount garage door opener, is typically mounted on both side of the garage door. This style is common in garages with high or irregularly shaped ceilings.
This opener operates with the help of a torsion bar.

wall mount
Wall mounted

Are wall mount garage door openers good?

I think we can all agree straight off the bat that any garage door opener that saves you having to manually open and close your garage door every time you need access is a winner. But, let’s take a closer look at wall mount garage door openers and their many merits. Wall mount garage door openers are a brilliant choice for lots of homeowners when deliberating over the difference between wall mount and ceiling mount thanks to their space saving abilities, security features and numerous other attributes.

Unlike their overhead opposition, wall mount garage door openers are fastened on either side of the door as opposed to above it, and connect directly to the torsion bar on the door itself leaving them more accessible for maintenance; while keeping your inner interior designer happy with a neater finish and overall appearance.

Check out this video from Chamberlain:

With maintenance in mind, I bet you are wondering just how much maintenance is required, and how long wall mount garage door openers last? You will be happy to hear that maintenance is minimal, and provided you keep on top of it, you can look forward to 10-15 years of entrance elation.

Are wall mount garage door openers quieter?

If we imagine that most ceiling mount garage door openers operate with a belt or a chain to pull the door along a track, I am sure you can also imagine the vibrations that are produced as a result of this. With limited mechanical moving parts at play, the vibrations emitted by the wall mount garage door opener are almost non-existent.

It is no surprise to find that this is considered to be one of the major benefits of choosing wall mount garage door openers over ceiling mount garage door openers; especially if your garage is connected directly to your living space.

How do you install a wall mount garage door opener?

Sure, you could pay someone to fit your entrance accessory; but why would you when it is so easy to install wall mount garage door openers?

While all of the major wall mount garage door opener manufacturers out there will supply you with a set of instructions upon purchase, it doesn’t hurt to know just what you are up against. First, you need to decide whether to install it on the left or right-hand side of your door (this will often be the side closest to an electric output).

Now, with just a small selection of standard household tools, you will simply need to line up and attach the opener to the wall, hook up all of the various safety features, connecting parts and controllers before wiring up to the power. It’s as easy as that!

Ceiling Mount Garage Door Openers

A ceiling-mount, also known as a overhead garage door, is the most common type. Ceiling mount garage doors work with the help of system with motor which is mounted on the ceiling. Through the use of either a belt or chain type of garage openers, the door is lifted with the help of the rail track.

ceiling mount
Ceiling mounted

How do you mount a garage door opener to the ceiling?

Once you have confirmed your ceiling has the strength to support your new piece of kit, you are free to assemble all of the components that make up the garage door opener; the steps to complete this will vary slightly depending on whether you have a chain or belt driven garage door opener.

With all of the pieces in place, you will then need to fix the opener to the ceiling ensuring you leave enough headroom to safely move around underneath without colliding with the carriage. Your garage door opener will come supplied with a metal mount that must be securely fixed to the joists in your ceiling, and the garage door opener can then be lifted and bolted to the mount.

Check out this video from Bob Vila:

All that is left to do is attach it to the door, ensure all safety features are in place, plug in the power and take your new toy for a spin.

What is the advantage of choosing a wall mount garage door opener over a ceiling mount?

Stop staring at your basket and wondering who to back in the wall mount vs ceiling mount argument, as the answer will largely depend on your individual requirements and needs. Ask around and you will find that the majority of wall mount garage door opener fans have chosen their side based purely on the wall mount’s unique ability to help you reserve as much space in your garage for the things that really matter. After all, is that not what your garage is there for?

Ceiling mount garage door openers rely on a track/rail that is secured overhead to your garage ceiling to pull the door back into the garage every time it opens. While very effective and a firm favourite for many, this design is just no good for those with sloped ceilings, limited depths, or funky fittings. With a wall mount garage door opener in place, all of the ascending action takes place on either side of the door and benefits from being securely attached directly to the torsion bar on the door removing the requirement for any unnecessary and unsightly rails; result!

Security is understandably a concern for the majority of garage owners, especially those with a garage door opener attached due to the belief that they are easier to burgle. With tech wizards and witches roaming the land, you may be concerned that they can easily ‘hack’ their way into your personal space and gain access to all of your belongings. Are wall mount garage door openers secure? Yes, so you can rid yourself of any worries thanks to their effective ability to use rolling codes to unlock and operate your door; leaving it near impossible to break in.