Top 5 models: Delonghi ECAM Coffee Machine Review

In this post, I’m going to write a Delonghi ECAM review of 5 models I find worth writing about. These coffee machines are a great option to enjoy the coffee in your home or office. Keep reading and find some interesting facts about ECAM 22.110b / 23.120 / 23.466 / 23.460w / 45.760 / coffee machines from Delonghi.

Delonghi Eletta ECAM coffee machine review
Delonghi Eletta ECAM

DeLonghi makes a variety of coffee machines, and the most famous are Eletta, Magnifica, Cappuccino, and Dinamica. Few more product lines are available, but that is a story for some other time. On this occasion, I’m going to write about De’Longhi Eletta, De’Longhi Magnifica, De’Longhi Cappuccino, and De’Longhi Dinamica exclusively. Therefore, here comes my own review for TOP 5 Delonghi coffee machines. I’ll write a review of each. In addition, I’m going to compare them to each other, where it is possible.

DeLonghi Eletta ECAM 45760

Delonghi Eletta ECAM 45.760 is one of the best household coffee makers in general. I like it, and I’m sure you would enjoy coffee or cappuccino prepared on this machine. Therefore, I’m more than just happy to introduce ECAM 45.760 coffee machine.

Delonghi Eletta ECAM 45.760 coffee machine review
Delonghi Eletta ECAM 45.760

DeLonghi ECAM45760W Eletta

DeLonghi ECAM 45.760W Eletta coffee maker comes equipped with a 47-ounce reservoir.

It has a front-loading water tank, for convenient use. Therefore, you won’t have to twist the machine to get to the back when it’s time to refill it. Furthermore, the coffee machine has a filter so you won’t have to descale your machine often.

From the whole Eletta line, I find the ECAM 45.760 most elegant one. In other words, ECAM 45.760 comes with metal body parts. In addition, this coffee maker has two cappuccinos – automatic and manual one.

A modern machine like this one has pre-programmed milk recipes. Not to forget, it has active heating for the cups.

DeLonghi Magnifica ECAM 22110

This particular model lacks some premium features if compared to ECAM 45760. Otherwise, in its category, this coffee machine competes with all others.

DeLonghi Magnifica 22.110b has an Integrated Coffee Grinder, and it is compact to fit any size kitchen desk. Other features available are Thermoblock, Removable Tank, Water Filter, and Milk Frother.

Furthermore, 22110b is easy to operate. The coffee machine has direct selection buttons and practical rotary control. In other words, you can use rotary control to adjust the coffee strength and quantity.

Before I end this DeLonghi Magnifica ECAM 22.110 b review, few things I want to note.

22.110.b review: Adjustable 13-stage conical grinder, and fully automatic coffee machine with a special frothing nozzle. This is the shortest and best way to conclude DeLonghi ECAM 22110 b review.

DeLonghi ECAM 23120

DeLonghi model 23.120.b is hard to find in the U.S. However, I’m going to write a short Delonghi ECAM 23120 review.

It is a compact bean-to-cup machine with dimensions small enough to fit in your home or office. It makes coffee as you like, and 23.120.b is equipped with a manually adjustable cappuccino device. In other words, you can prepare a cappuccino or hot milk, effortlessly.

Delonghi ECAM 23.120 b has a new Control panel, that allows you to prepare coffee easily, with just one press of a button. Furthermore, with a simple rotation of the knob, you can increase or decrease the coffee aroma intensity. With the pressure of simple buttons, you can choose between short or long coffee. Its Cappuccino System device froth gives you only the best aroma, texture, and creamy froth for the best cappuccino you can wish for.

Cappuccino ECAM 23466

Cappuccino ECAM 23.466

For cappuccino lovers, I think 23.466 is the one. Unfortunately, DeLonghi ECAM 23.466 is hard to find in the States. However, think about buying an appropriate DeLonghi model that is available.

DeLonghi Cappuccino ECAM 23.466 has a plain text digital display, with intuitive controls. Furthermore, it has a removable drip tray. What I like the most, it is designed in a way you can use it completely from the front. It fits perfectly in any kitchen or small office. The compact design reveals a removable brewing unit and a special cappuccino frother nozzle. A frother nozzle has a vario-regulator for cappuccino, latte macchiato, or hot milk.

DeLonghi 23.460w is another one from the Cappuccino family

Grinding technology and easy cleaning are the two features this coffee machine has. There are a few more things, which is why I want you to read this DeLonghi 23.460w review.

DeLonghi 23.460w review
DeLonghi 23.460w

The integrated grinding technology this model has makes sure you always grind the beans fresh. The grinding level can be adjusted according to taste. Therefore, the conical steel grinders are calibrated for 100% accuracy.

DeLonghi 23460w has easy cleaning technology, meaning that you won’t worry about optimal hygiene. To accomplish optimal hygiene, just use the Easy Cleaning technology. In another word, the carafe comes with an integrated clean function. After beverage preparation, all parts in contact with milk are automatically washed with hot water and steam. Furthermore, 23.460w comes with a Temperature control. This coffee machine has an advanced Thermoblock system that guarantees the precise control of the brewing temperature for optimal coffee extraction.