CR2 Battery Rechargeable Secondary Batteries

So many people are looking for CR2 batteries, asking themself if they are rechargeable or not. Now I’m going to write on that topic. Let’s see if the CR2 battery is rechargeable or not? What is a CR2 Battery? First I’m going to explain what is CR2 battery, and where it has been used? The […]

Light bulb A19 vs A21 review and compare

Let’s talk about light bulbs, and the differences between A19, and A21 bulbs. Bulb type A19 differs from A21 bulbs. Let’s see what’s the difference between them, and what does A19 and A21 designation stands for. Read the topic: light bulb A19 vs A21. What does light bulb a19 vs a21 designation mean, how to […]