Outdoor Light Fixture Above Garage Door

The garage is an integral part of your home. It is typically a visible part of your home. There are numerous advantages to installing a light fixture above your garage door, including improving curb appeal, dissuading criminals from breaking in, driveway and the nearby area becoming more visible, and overall, enhancing the security of your … Read more

Insulating garage door – How to?

Can you insulate garage doors? Specially prepared insulation kit for garage doors. If we talk about insulating garage walls and ceilings, we shouldn’t overlook the garage door. If you want to get the job done, a garage door needs to be insulated as well. Otherwise, you won’t get an insulation efficient as expected. Why you … Read more

Installing Recessed lights in the garage

If you want to install can lights or fluorescent in a garage, first make sure that a nearby power source is present. Otherwise, my advice is to call an experienced electrician. If the power source is available nearby I believe you can easily install recessed lights by yourself. How to change old lights with new … Read more