SHS-3321: Samsung digital door lock review

Samsung digital door lock review and how-to explanation for easy install and make things work great. I’m going to write an SHS-3321 Samsung digital door lock review. Keep reading to find out all the facts about this door lock. Before continuing on reading this review, if you want you can read more about Smart door locks following the link.

Samsung SHS-3321 smart doorlock review
Samsung Smart Doorlock

Personally, I find this lock great with plenty of smart features I like. This is a good-looking smart lock with awesome functionality. One of the best features that a smart lock should have, and this one has, is the automatic locking functionality.

Samsung SHS-3321 door lock review

This lock has good built quality, the hardware feels solid and it is a pick prof. It could be a bit tricky for someone to install it, but if you continue on reading, you’ll find out how to install Samsung digital door lock. With a bit of patience, installing the lock shouldn’t be a problem.

For the first time buying this lock, you could feel uncomfortable and scared relying on a keypad, but after a few times, you’ll see that the lock is completely safe and secure. Definitely, using a smart door lock is worth trying, and I believe you won’t regret it.

When I write about this particular Samsung SHS-3321 door lock, I can say it is a very attractive lock, with some nice and helpful features. This door lock comes with a touch screen and the RFID keys that work great. This unit doesn’t have a keyhole, which could be a problem for some people. To be completely honest, I do prefer smart locks with a keyhole feature.

Samsung smart push pull digital door lock – how to install, program, and open this door lock?

How to install Samsung digital door lock

how to install Samsung digital door lock
Install Samsung digital door lock

SHS-3321 door lock operates easily and is pretty much intuitive. You’ll find all instructions in the user manual. How to open Samsung digital door lock, step by step has been explained inside the user manual.

How to program Samsung digital door lock? Just like I’ve written before, to program this lock just follow the steps described in the user manual.

The question that needs to be answered is: How to install a Samsung SHS-3321 door lock? Answer this question you’ll find in a video I have found on YouTube. Watch the complete video because you’ll find out how to install Samsung digital door lock, how to Set Up a door lock, and how to program the lock.

Samsung SHS-3321 Smart Door Lock Installation & Set-Up Guide

Once installed and properly set up, the lock functions well, and without any annoying disruptions.

NOTE: If you connect and set up a magnetic sensor to the main logic board, open the lock manually using the turn switch after it automatically locks itself. Then proceed to open the door (breaking the magnetic contact), the lock will make an alarm sound. The alarm needs to be disabled by entering a user code or by using an RFID tag.

In case you forget your key, use the unlock pin as a backup.

How to operate this lock?

Samsung digital security lock comes with a magnet that you stick to the door frame. When the door closes, the lock gets a signal and automatically locks the door.

From the outside, the owner needs to type the right combination after which the door unlocks. In case you’re using RFID just slightly move your card near the sensor inside the lock. Samsung electronic lock is good and I can recommend it if you want to have your home smarter and more secure. In case you just need to have a keyhole then you should look for a smart door lock with that feature.