Second Screen for Laptop: Take Productivity on a Higher level while working from home

To be completely honest, I didn’t know about these (stand-alone) portable monitor devices till now. However, I do need something like this and I’ll write a post on that topic. Read about using a second screen on your laptop.

Using a second screen is not something new. While Linux distros are well familiar with multi-desktop technology through the last decade, Microsoft delivers this option built-in with a Windows 10 operating system.

Whoever works on a PC on a larger scale may understand the need for an extra monitor or even two monitors working together with the main PC display.

When choosing a portable monitor, make sure that is it lightweight and of appropriate size. This will make the device more portable and easier to carry when you go out of your office. In the hustle of our daily lives, it is preferred to have an easily portable monitor to support or work. Also, keep in mind to have a portable monitor supported by the OS you’re using. Mostly you’ll look for a portable monitor compatible with a Microsoft Windows 10 system.

monitor set up
You think it is too much?

If you are using your PC or laptop just for surfing and playing games occasionally this setup isn’t something to wish for. On the other hand, more experienced users, freelancers, and programmers always looking for extra productivity tools and some gadgets to help them with effortless PC/laptop usage. This Portable Monitor for a laptop is something that helps in many ways. Keep reading my Portable Monitor Review, and find out what to expect and make a final decision if you need one of these.

When to use a portable monitor?

A portable monitor can be helpful, a great addition to either a mobile work solution or a lean desktop setup. Using a portable monitor is a great option if you need to extend a laptop screen or scale up a mobile device. With the right features, portable monitors can do both boost productivity and improve the entertainment experience. These devices offer much more convenient size options than traditional computer systems. They are designed with an accent of mobility and easy carrying.

Review: Portable Monitor Available on Amazon

second laptop monitor setup
Portable monitor

I have look closely to pick two models for which I think they worth buying. Hope you’ll find this review interesting and helpful before actually buying a portable monitor for your laptop.

This portable laptop monitor has a great design. It comes in a sliding form factor which is why it fits perfectly on a laptop wherever you go. Instead of using standard stand-alone LCD monitors, this portable device perfectly suits most modern laptops between 13″ and 17″ size.

Whether you’re using a Windows, Mac, or Chrome laptop, these portable monitors are a great extension for multitasking.

Just watch one in action and see how easily you can bring your business on a higher level.

Dual Screen Setup On The Go

The Unbox Therapy is my favorite review crew and just by accident, they have also make a review on this Mobile Pixels Duex Pro model. I won’t repeat what they have said. Instead, let us see how good or bad is to use a mobile screen extension on the laptop.

Mobile Pixels Duex Pro

second laptop monitor
Mobile Pixels Duex Pro

This model has 12.5″ screen with a FHD 1080p 19201080px resolution. The design delivers an anti-glare monitor with adjustable backlight brightness.

Mobile Pixels Duex Pro is compatible with USB Type-C, Type-A, and you can use this portable laptop monitor no matter if you’re Windows, Mac, or Chromebook user.

Weight only 1.6 pounds and 0.48 inch thick I find it suitable for a work laptop. However, I don’t think you want this extra weight and oversized laptop if you really don’t need this kind of upgrade.

Check it on Amazon if you’re interested in buying this monitor. This is an affiliate link, for a product I haven’t tried yet. However, I find it cool and will try one of these for sure. Personally, I need something like this, to get rid of my current desktop monitor setup.

Mobile Pixels Duex Pro could be an extra gadget in your business life, to give you extra productivity, and helping with all the hard work you do on daily basis. Keep in mind all that weight, which means it needs to be properly installed on the backside of your laptop. This model is designed to sit against the tabletop. Although it is 12.5″ in size (actual screen surface size), it doesn’t fit perfectly on a 13″ laptop. Most likely 15″ or 17″ laptop owners should look for buying this exact model.

Teamgee Portable Monitor for Laptop

monitor setup
Teamgee Portable Monitor

If you searching for something even better, two portable laptop monitors instead of one, take a look at this setup. You’ll get a whole screen capacity on your working desk. One I find interesting is the Teamgee Portable monitor. Let us see what you’ll get if choose to buy this one.

11.6″ in diameter (each one) with a FHD 1080p 1920x1080px resolution. This one also comes with an anti-glare design.

It weighs nearly 3 pounds (2.97 pounds exactly) and it is 1.38inch thick. As you can see by yourself, this one is heavier and more robust than the previous model. However, instead of one, this model has two extra 11.6″ monitors to use (one on each side). Not only you look cool while you work, but this setup also delivers extra productivity. I think that programmers, website designers, and video editors have a real need for something like this.

For more details and prices, check this portable monitor on Amazon. This is an affiliate link, and I may earn a few bucks if you decide to buy something.

If you own a business laptop and have a steady income, I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t buy something to help your productivity?

Comparison and conclusion

These gadgets I find interesting and useful in many ways. In my personal opinion, I don’t think everyone should buy one of these. I find them useful for business purposes, where you can do even more multitasking. Think about what you do, and how hard sometimes can be when you change tabs and windows on one screen. Using more than just one screen comes in handy and even necessary when you’re dealing with competitive tasks.

System administrators dealing with multiple virtual machines do often use more than one screen on their desktop setup. These extension monitors are useful for out-office work. If you’re traveling or just working from home, a portable monitor for a laptop is something you really need.

Teamgee has a graphic A/C cable connector on the bottom which I find more appropriate. If you take a closer look, Mobile Pixels Duex Pro cable connector is placed in the middle. For some people that could be annoying. While the Mobile Pixels Duex Pro is much lighter, I prefer Teamgee. When you think about it if you decide to use the portable monitor on your laptop anyway, why not go with a full 3-screen setup?

That’s all for now. This is my first review and I hope you find something interesting. I’ll keep writing, and I hope you’ll like my reviews.

A portable monitor will give you that extra screen without requiring a much bigger desk. They are small and mobile, designed in a way to provide maximum portability while you’re using a laptop. Compared to typical computer monitors, a portable monitor has a smaller footprint, fewer cables, and requires less space. Once you connect a portable monitor to your laptop, the display will be extended by default. You’ll be able to simply drag and drop applications and windows between two screens. Depending on the brand and drivers, you may find that screens are mirrored by Windows automatically.