Review: Genius Keyboard & Mouse Setup

I’m a laptop guy, and my home setup involves Lenovo T430 with a Wireless keyboard and mouse. No matter how often I use laptops, I can’t make myself work using the original keyboard and touchpad.

I need to have separate and moving-free keys to work. That is why I choose to have an independent keyboard as a piece of hardware. On the other hand, the touchpad doesn’t fit either. It is much more convenient to work on a real handheld mouse instead.

Currently, I’m using Genius setup, and I’m quite satisfied with it. That is why I’m going to write this Genius keyboard and mouse review. The exact keyboard model is Smart KM-8200/K and Mouse NX-7020.

Genius keyboard and mouse review
Genius Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

What I like the most is battery durability. Keyboard uses a 1x AAA LR03 1.5V battery, and for the mouse you’ll need a 1x AA LR6 1.5V battery. They both shall work for months without interruptions. The next good thing is an affordable price. This set comes for cheap.

Keyboard and Mouse setup review
Keyboard and Mouse setup

A cheap Genius keyboard and mouse won’t let you down. Both of these are good and durable pieces of hardware. For sure, you’ll notice that the finish is not high quality made, however that is something you shouldn’t worry about. If you’re looking for something eye-catching, with nice details and high-end technology, try looking in a different price range.

Genius Keyboard Smart KM-8200/K

OK, to be honest, this keyboard looks just like how much it costs. Still, it is a fully working piece of hardware and I didn’t have any issues using it. You won’t find a backlight or any other fancy features here. For that amount, you shouldn’t actually.

It is however still a good and for me preferable option for typewriting. The fact it is a Wireless keyboard is something I like a lot. I can easily move it around without feeling any discomfort. That way I work much easier than just using the original laptop keyboard.

One big thing I dislike is the fact that the keyboard doesn’t have an ON/OFF switch. When you’re not using the keyboard standby mode keeps battery juice. It is good, but I would like to have an actual physical switch to turn ON/OFF device like this.

Genius Mouse NX-7020

Genius Wireless Mouse is a mid-sized classic 2-button + wheel mouse. It feels good in the hand and it is easy to move around. When not in use, a wireless receiver can be stored inside the mouse, on the bottom side. Unlike the keyboard, this mouse has a physical switch to turn it ON or OFF. An interesting fact is that the keyboard shall work even if you turn OFF the mouse switch.

I don’t know why there is no switch on the keyboard, and only one thing comes to my mind: maybe it is because a booting PC requires keyboard presence. In case this is the only keyboard attached to the PC or laptop, it should be working from the point CMOS is scanning all the hardware.

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