How Does the Pur Water Filter Work?

Pur water filter brand is well known in the U.S. and I can say people I know simply love them. Some don’t really, but those are people who not using water filters at all. Let me go further on this topic, and write in detail how does a Pur water filter light works, and what those LEDs are telling you.

I know people who use these water filters in their homes and they are happy in the majority. If you want to stop contaminants from the tap water go into your body, a Pur water filter should do the trick.

Against contaminated water

We all drink water constantly on daily basis. It is vital for our survival, and water quality plays a major role in our health. Sometimes, however, water isn’t 100% suitable for drinking and we need to make it as less harmful as it can be. There are contaminants in the water that with a proper filter could be stopped from entering our bodies. To ensure water quality as much as possible, you can install a Pur water filter on your pipe. That is one of the most usable residential water filters in the States. Among the bunch of other brands and models, I found this particular brand ideal for this task.

NOTE: Don’t let me be a missunderstud. I don’t say that other brands aren’t good. In this topic, I prefer Pur water filter, and that’s all. Later on, I may write some other water filter reviews.

This Pur filter has an LED light indicator, which is why I find it interesting. I want to explain each light color you can see when using this filter. You should watch out for the LED color light because it determines whether the water is safe to drink or it is not.

Let me explain Pur water filter light meaning, and how does Pur water filter light work? If the LED light indicator is green, it means that the filter is working well. When it turns yellow, you need to get ready and replace the filter. When the light turns red, it’s time to get the filter replaced as soon as possible.

pur water filter light
Pur water filter

Pur water filter indicator light meaning

By installing a Pur water filter in your home, you’re protected from all the contaminants, dirt, and debris from your water supply. This filter is designed to purify the water, delivering clean water from the pipes in your home. However, the filter has a lifespan, and it needs to be replaced on regular basis. LEDs are telling you when it is time to replace the Pur filter.

You can’t just rely on a time scale, because the filter lifespan depends on the usage and how contaminated water is. Pur recommends replacing the water filter every three months for efficiency. However, you can’t follow recommendations blindly, especially if you’re aware of the level of contamination of water you’re using.

Fortunately, Pur has designed a special water pipe filter with LEDs to indicate when it is time to replace a filter. You don’t need to count how many days a current filter has been used. With this new Pur water filter, it is easy to tell when it is time to replace the old filter with a new one. A light indicator informs you when you need to make a replacement.

The LED light changes color based on the condition of the filter. Let’s find out what each color indicates.

Before continuing, I’ll recommend this Pur filter for those consuming well water.

Pur Water Filter Green light

PUR green LED indicator

A green light indicates that the water filter is working and the drinking water is free from contaminants.

When you see that the LED indicator is green, it means that your water filter is functioning properly. You have nothing to worry about, except drinking water regularly. The water passing through your filter is clean and safe for drinking.

Also, the light should turn green after you replace your old filter. Sometimes, you will see the green light blinking, but that’s nothing for you to worry about. The manufacturer says that the green light of your filter should flash six times when you start to use it. Do note that the green light could also blink at other times besides the initial stages of use. Therefore, you don’t need to worry much.

Pur Water Filter Yellow light

PUR faucet filter yellow light indicator

A yellow light indicates that the carbon water filter is losing its effectiveness and you should change it soon.

After using a filter for some time, the LED light indicator will eventually start blinking yellow. The yellow light comes on after the water filter has had a good run. Usually, it starts blinking yellow after filtering more than 100 gallons of water. This amount may fluctuate based on the contaminants in your water.

When you see the LED light turn yellow, you should know that the water filter has almost reached the end of its lifespan. That is a clear indication that you should consider replacing it. Be prepared with a spare filter. Do note that this serves as a notification because it cannot jump from green to red instantly. When the yellow light starts to flash, replace your filter in a reasonable time.

Pur Water Filter Red light

PUR light indicates red light

This is a sign that you should replace the water filter now. Red light indicates that filter has accumulated enough contaminants and it isn’t safe to use anymore. Replace it with a new one immediately.

When a red light appears it means that you shouldn’t drink that water at all. If you see the LED light on your filter purification system flashes red, you shouldn’t use it. Make a replacement immediately. The indicator will turn red after your Pur water filter has purified more than 100 gallons of water.

I suggest you not drink water when LED indicates you do not. If you ignore this, you will consume contaminated water, which could affect your health. The only way to continue using your water filter is after making a replacement, and the light turns green again.

How do you reset the Pur water filter? 

Pur has designed their water filter to let you reset the light. Once the light turns red, you should remove the current filter and replace it with a new one. After replacing it, you should press the reset button for about five seconds. Afterward, the indicator should turn green.

However, sometimes you may experience slight issues. The light may refuse to get reset, but that shouldn’t be a big problem. Probably there’s some dirt clogging the filter screen. As a result, the system assumes that your filter can no longer perform its tasks.

If that happens, you should first rinse the entire filter housing to remove any stuck debris. Next, you should let it dry and then assemble the entire system. When that’s done, hold the reset button for five seconds. The light will turn green. If the issue doesn’t get resolved after that, you should check the bottom part inside the Pur filter’s housing. That’s the place where the sensor stays, and sometimes, it simply sticks. That causes the light to get stuck also. You can fix this issue easily by using available tools or just a butter knife from your kitchen.

How to reset Pur water filter light?

Pur filter lights are designed to work without any interaction. However, sometimes a reset switch can be stuck and you can make it work again. In case Pur won’t reset, you can take the filter out, and find the button inside the chamber on the side wards where the water exits. It’s ½ inch long and requires an easy push to pop out and reset lights.

Final word

The light changes between three colors, including green, yellow, and red. The filter indicates green light when the water filtration is working efficiently. It means that the water is well purified and safe for drinking. The yellow light indicates that the filter needs to be replaced soon. Lastly, the red light is telling you to stop using that filter and make an immediate replacement.

This is an impressive feature because it lets you know how functional your filter is and whether you can drink the water or not.

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