Ethernet Switch Netgear GS108 vs GS308

I’m going to compare Netgear switch GS108 vs GS308 and make a short review. In the modern world, it is impossible not using ethernet equipment, no matter in what form. We are using a network infrastructure in so many forms, sometimes not aware of it. To make our lives easier and comfortable enough it is important to use quality network products, an ethernet switch in this particular case.

In case you’re watching online video content (video streaming), playing online games, or even transfer files from time to time, then you can imagine how important is to have excellent network infrastructure. One of the key elements in a home or office network is an Ethernet Switch.

In this post, I’ll try to give my Netgear GS108 vs GS308 review, to compare these two models and make a conclusion on what model you could choose. I’ll compare their features, ease of use, speed, and appearance. After giving you all the specifications, you can choose on your own a better Ethernet switch Netgear.

Ethernet Switch Netgear GS108 vs GS308
GS108 vs GS308

They are almost identical, 8-port Ethernet switch with a wall-mount kit prepared in the box. However, there are few differences between GS108 and GS308.

Things in common: Netgear GS108 vs GS308

Let me write a few lines, to tell you what these switches have in common.

Transfer speed: Both models have 8 x Ethernet ports with a Gigabit speed. I have to compliment both switches delivering transfer speed up to 1Gbps with a bandwidth of 16 gigabits.

An Ethernet Switch by its definition is an unmanaged network device. That means that you don’t have to do any settings on those. Just unpack the device, power it on, and plug network cables. Netgear GS108 and the Netgear GS308 are plug-and-play meaning that there is no need to install any software to make them work.

These units are perfect for home use, small offices, and gaming rooms if you own one. The Netgear GS108 and the Netgear GS308 are both suitable for video streaming and transferring data over the network.

A small ethernet switch comes in a sturdy metal housing. Yes, Netgear GS108 and the Netgear GS308 have metal housing designed to last. Passive cooling means that there is no fan rotation at high speeds. You won’t be disrupted by noise while enjoying watching movies or listening to music.

Power LED indicator tells you when this device is powered, and there are additional LEDs for each port as well. The Netgear GS108 and the Netgear GS308 keep you informed of link speeds and link activity.

If you’re using ethernets a lot, these two could save you money. Both units, the Netgear GS108 and the Netgear GS308 are optimized for lower power consumption. They are compliant with IEEE802.3az energy-efficient ethernets.

Compact and lightweight design is something I like the most. These models are very similar, and good thing is that they are both wall-mount ready. In the original packaging, you’ll get a wall-mount kit, no matter if you buy Netgear GS108 or Netgear GS308.

Netgear GS108 and GS308 Differences

These two units are quite similar, but still, they do look a bit different. This difference shouldn’t have an impact on your decision, so let’s talk about technical specifications.

Netgear GS108 vs Netgear GS308

Product dimensions:

  • Netgear GS108 measures 8.54 x 6.5 x 4.29 inches and weighs 1.55 pounds.
  • Netgear GS308 measures 8.86 x 7.48 x 2.32 inches and weighs 1 pound.

Product warranty:

  • Netgear GS108 has a limited lifetime warranty as well as lifetime tech support.
  • Netgear GS308 has a 2-year limited warranty.

One thing that gives an advantage to GS108 is traffic prioritization technology. Traffic prioritization technology gives a priority to certain data traffic through the ports. This comes helpful when you stream video, play games, or listening music. You won’t be disrupted when enjoying, no matter if someone else transfers data at a time.

Netgear GS108 Ethernet switch delivers this option, which means it can prioritize network traffic automatically.

Netgear GS308 doesn’t have this feature (Automatic traffic prioritization).

Pros and Cons

I’ll give you a short Netgear GS108 vs Netgear GS308 comparison, writing the pros and cons for both units. Both Ethernet switches are good, but with slight differences. The pros and cons below should give you a clue on which way you should go.

Netgear GS108

GS108 pros and cons
Netgear GS108


  • The metal case and blue color make it look cool
  • It’s such a simple solution to instantly increase the number of ports you have
  • Noticeable difference in internet speeds


  • The lifetime warranty is not always honored

Netgear GS308

Ethernet switch GS308 pros and cons
Netgear GS308


  • The setup is incredibly straightforward
  • Very low latency compared with other brands
  • Good value for money for the speed it delivers


  • The overall quality of the product needs improving
  • Doesn’t have a traffic prioritization

Few words to end

I hope you have a favorite already. In the end, I can summarize all written before. Let me do that.

I really like that ports and LEDs are placed on the front of the Netgear GS108 and the Netgear GS308. That way they are easily accessible and visible all the time.

I just love the ease of use for both units. To make them run, both, Netgear GS108 and the Netgear GS308 need to be powered and your network cable needs to be plugged in. It is helpful to see LED indicators, and that you know when everything is working properly. In my own opinion, an 8 port switch is more than just enough for home and for small businesses as well.

The Netgear GS108 and GS308 are so similar it is hard for me to choose one absolute winner. Picking one, in this case, I’ll go with a GS108. I give it an advantage for traffic prioritization. Maybe you won’t notice this technology at first, but it helps you enjoy every day watching movies or playing games you like.

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