Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033: Worth Buying?

Are you interested in building a home gym? Then you must be on the lookout for a workout beast that offers a multitude of exercise options at your disposal. Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033 might just be the answer to all your heavy questions (pun intended)!

Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033
Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033

SM-4033 combines the awesomeness of a Smith Machine and a power rack. It allows you to perform a variety of exercises with great convenience. In fact, with the Power Rack, you completely save the trip to the gym – solid construction, durable, and good price-performance ratio.

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You will indeed be pleased to purchase this beauty with endless exercise possibilities. It is best suited for people who cannot afford multiple types of equipment as it is a great all-in-one alternative to expensive gym equipment with its smooth working and versatility.

Marcy will never price gouge, no matter what! Upon research, we found out that it is by far the best deal out of similar products, even many priced significantly higher. 

The excellent quality, strong mechanism, and smooth working will make you say goodbye to gym membership and break a leg at home!

In this review, you will find a thorough analysis of the specifications of the Marcy Smith SM-4033 and the variety of features it offers. We will also bring to light its pros and cons so that by the end of this review, you are fully aware of whether this machine is the one for you or not.

Price of the SM-4033: worth buying?

When you go out shopping, the first thing to consider is the price vs. feature ratio of the object you want to put into your shopping cart. Am I right?

You need to make sure that Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033 is offering you an effortless trip to the gym at the right price that you can afford.

At an affordable price of around $1000-$1800 (seller variation), it does pretty much everything a gym does at home. One might say it is a cage system; however, it is capable of performing different types of exercises – a considerably affordable package.

This is a very sturdy piece of equipment that delivers big for less than $2000!

Specifications of Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033

  • Brand name: Marcy
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Model Name: SM-4033
  • Material: Steel
  • Suggested Users: Unisex-adult
  • Accessories: Plate Posts, Lat Bar, Dip Bars, Shiver Bar, Tricep Rope, Ankle Strap, 2 Single Handles, Foot Plate, Landmine
  • Maximum weight on the bench including user: 600 lbs
  • Maximum Weight on Weight Bar: 300 lbs
  • Cage Assembled Dimensions: 83.5”L x 67.8”W x 86.2”H
  • Stand-alone Bench Assembled Dimensions: 63”L x 26.4”W x 53.9”H

Key Features:

  • Dual pulley system with 15 adjustable positions
  • Compatible with Olympic bar and weight plates
  • 5 Adjustable land mine positions
  • 14” Gauge thick solid steel powder coated for protection and a high-quality finish
  • Transport wheels are attached for the easy movability of the bench

Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033 parts

SM-4033 Smith Machine

You can utilize the Olympic weight bar attached to the smith track, for Smith Machine squats, presses, and more.

Adjustable Dual Pulleys

The dual pulleys allow for cable crossovers and more strength training exercises. Pulleys can be adjusted to target different muscles and exercises.

Pull-Up Bar

The top of the SM-4033 has a multi-grip pull-up bar for pull-ups, chin-ups, and kipping pull-ups. Change your grip to target different muscles. The bar is knurled at key points for better grip.

Butterfly Press Arms

Target your chest muscles with the padded butterfly press arms. Simply add weight plates to the pulley trolley and you’re set to start working out!

Bench Presses

The adjustable bench allows you to do presses at varying degrees on the smith machine. Or, use the adjustable bar catches to do the presses without the smith machine bar.


Not only is the backbench adjustable but it has got a ton of great add-ons and attachments like the adjustable or detachable preacher, curl pad, a curl bar, a triceps rope, and a landmine attachment. 

What exercises can be done with the SM-4033 Smith Machine?

The highlight of this review is the versatility of SM-4033 as it lets the user enjoy several exercise routines. The Smith Machine portion of the SM-4033 allows you to safely squat and bench press without the need for a spotter. The pulley system works with the arm presses, seated rowing cable, and cable crossovers to deliver an intense workout once thought to only be available at the gym.

Pros & Cons

In comparison to other machines like VQ ActionCare Resistance Chair, Wielder Ultimate Body Works Bench, the BowFlex Blaze, Marcy SM-4033 tops the list, as it is simply an incredible machine. In fact, it is so popular with home fitness fans that it is frequently on backorder so if you decide you want one, you may have to wait a bit for the company to make yours and send it out. It is well worth the wait.

This machine does not skimp or cut corners where safety features are concerned. It sports top-quality professional-grade heavy-duty construction that can handle just about anything you can throw at it whatever your fitness goals are from regular casual workouts designed to help facilitate weight loss and tone your muscles to hardcore fitness training. The Marcy SM-4033 can get you there. It is a commendable piece of engineering and you will be proud to have it in your home.

The biggest pros of Marcy Smith SM-4033 are:

  • It is a rock-solid comprehensive
  • Professional grade
  • All in one home gym system
  • It allows you to perform a vast number of exercises that give you a world-class total body workout
  • It brings the look and feels of the gym into your home
  • It is loaded with safety features and other design flourishes
  • It can support up to 300 pounds of user weight making it useful to the vast majority of the market

The cons may include:

  • The taller users may struggle to make full use of the range of motion the machine offers due to the cage design
  • The assembly process is challenging. Do not rush the installation.
  • The weight stack is sold separately so you will need to budget for that
  • It is a big piece of equipment so you will need a large dedicated space to put it.

Limitation or not, this is in our view the best gym equipment for home use you can buy today. It is simply superb. The bottom line though is that you need to be the right user for this machine and it will turn out to be the best gym equipment you will ever have. It is something you can actually afford and that you will enjoy as well. One thing we feel certain about is that Marcy Smith SM-4033 will put your fitness goals, whatever they may be within your reach.