More About LiftMaster 8365w-267 Garage Door Opener  

Picking a garage door opener can be overwhelming because there are so many different varieties, brands and types on the market. One of the reasons LiftMaster is a great brand is because of their great customer support and reliability. In this article, I want to talk about why the LiftMaster garage door opener 8365w-267 can be one of the best options for your home.

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What are the strength of the LiftMaster 8365w-267?

liftmaster 8365w 267 garage door opener
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  • Chain Drive System. Liftmaster 8365w 267 is one of the best chain drive garage door openers. The chain drive mechanism is an excellent choice for smooth operation, steady performance and industrial strength. Chain drives are also relatively efficient and durable.
  • AC motor power of 1/2 HP. The Liftmaster 8365w model runs at the strength of 1/2HP which enables it to easily lift doors between 7 and 10 feet. This means it is strong enough to lift garage doors at home. It also consumes less power and is able to save up to 75% of power when in standby mode.
  • Built in Wi-Fi. This feature allows for smart phone control with the MyQ smartphone app wherever you are. This means that you are able to control and monitor the garage without having to be home and can also control it from wherever you are in the house.
  • MyQ app. The application enables users to receive real-time insights about the garage door. Alerts are received in case any issues arise and you are able to connect to professional services if needed. Users are also able to get notifications when the garage door opens, closes, or is left open and able to control the garage door and MyQ lights from wherever and whenever.
  • Safety beams. This feature in the LiftMaster garage door opener ensures that the garage door does not close if there is something blocking the way. It does this by using a sensor which projects a light beam across the garage door. The door is automatically reversed if anything interrupts the beam. This helps to protect people and belongings and alleviates some of the fear of children, loved ones or possessions being harmed by the automatic garage door.

Specifications of Liftmaster 8365w-267

  • AC/DC: AC
  • Drive Type: Chain
  • Security+ 2.0. The LiftMaster garage door opener is able to safeguard garage access by sending a new code with every click so every time the garage door is opened, the code is changed.
  • PosiLock. This electronically protects against forced openings so that no one can gain access through garage door without permission.
  • Smartphone control
  • MyQ Diagnostics

Liftmaste has a manual for all of his garage openers. Feel free to check the Liftmaster 8365w 267 manual for more info.

LiftMaster 8365w-267 Design

The LiftMaster 8365w-267 has a strong chain drive garage door opener with a heavy-duty motor. This makes it able to move around the chain easily and smoothly.

This LiftMaster garage door opener is also easy to install once you read the manual. In case you are not familiar with how the chain drive mechanism works, you can call an expert to get the assistance you need.

Another great design feature of this model is that it is portable and weighs less than some models. This may ease some of the difficulty that weight poses in the installation process.

Compatible Accessories for this garage door opener

  • 877 LM Wireless Keypad. Users can open or close the garage door instantly with a private 4-digit code.
  • 893LM 3-Button Remote Control. This remote makes it possible to control MyQ-enabled light accessories and up to 3 garage doors at the same time giving you powerful multi-door control. The remote also uses security 2.0 technology. This ensures that safety is still priority even when multiple garage doors are involved.

Pros & Cons of LiftMaster 8365w-267 garage door opener

I think that the price quality ratio is what makes this garage door opener a good choice. Comparing what you will get for a price lower than the competitors with similar qualities, the LiftMaster 8365w-267 price makes a big difference.

Let’s take a look on what I think are the pros and cons of the 8365w-267:

-The LiftMaster 8365w-267 offers a range of benefits at an affordable price. This sets it apart because of the amount of value it offers for a reasonable price.
-It has a chain drive system which ensures steady performance and industrial strength.
-This LiftMaster model is strong enough to easily lift doors between 7 and 10 feet because of its AC motor power of 1/2 HP.
-The built in Wi-fi enables users to control the garage door from their smartphone wherever and whenever.
-The MyQ app which is used with this garage door opener keeps the user updated on everything concerning the garage door with real-time insights and alerts in case of any issues.
-The safety beams protect people from getting injured and property from being damaged by the automatic garage door.
-The PosiLock increases safety by preventing any forced access through the garage door.
-Security +2.0 ensures further safety because access through the garage door cannot be gained by copying a code since a new code is generated every time the garage door remote button is pressed.
-Portability. The weight of this model makes installation easier and even transportation of the product to the customer less risky because it is easy to move.
-Warranty. The LiftMaster 8365w-267 offers a reasonable warranty to buyers which increases customer satisfaction through peace of mind.

-Noise. Like every chain drive garage door opener, the LiftMaster 8365w-267 can be a-bit noisy.
-Maintenance. The chain drive has to be maintained regularly for it to last a long time and continue functioning at its best.
-The LiftMaster 8365w-267 cannot lift garage doors heavier than those usually found in homes. The AC motor strength of 1/2 HP is enough to lift garage doors between 7 and 10 feet but not any further. This makes it suitable for home use and but not for commercial use.


I guess that you are asking yourself questions like: what if my LiftMaster 8365w-267 suddenly stop working, will I have a warranty? Well, I’m not happy with what LiftMaster has to offer, but here it is:

  • Motor Lifetime Warranty
  • 1 year warranty for parts
  • Accessory warranty: 1 year
  • Chain warranty: 1 Year

Conclusion. Should you choose the LiftMaster 8365w-267?

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The LiftMaster 8365w-267 offers a vast array of benefits and features that not only add to home safety but also ease of use. A lot of worries that come along with using many automatic door openers have been dealt with.

I like the many of the features that this model comes with the price like the built in Wi-Fi, MyQ diagnostics and the different accessories set it far above many of its rivals and truly demonstrate that it is one of the best comparing the price and quality with others garage door openers. LiftMaster 8365w-267 is definitely the garage door opener to buy if safety, ease and functionality is important to you.