Liftmaster 8355 Garage Door Opener Review

The Liftmaster 8355 is arguably the best-rated garage door opener available in the US market. This particular garage door opener model is powerful enough that it can lift the door effortlessly making opening and closing smooth for you. Read this LiftMaster 8355 review.

LiftMaster 8355 review
LiftMaster 8355

Unlike other garage door openers, the Liftmaster 8355 doesn’t require you to give it a hand while lifting the heavy door.

LiftMaster 8355 Features

First of all, the motor is of AC type and has a power of 1/2 horsepower. It is strong enough for residential uses. If you are someone who has a small house or one with one garage then investing in Liftmaster 8355 is not a bad idea. Next, there is a belt drive system delivering smooth and quiet operation. You don’t have to worry about the extra loud noise that will wake you up or the entire neighborhood. Neither will you have to worry while returning back last as a belt drive will work smoothly without creating much noise. There’s also a vibration isolation system that stops the noise.

Another highlighted feature is that it has built-in connectivity with Wifi. This makes it a suitable and quite favorable option if you aim to make your house a smart house. You can also install the MyQ application which is adaptable and can operate the device from anywhere you like. Moreover, there are both security and safety sensors that are perfect to guard your house. A security sensor will not let any intruders enter. Whereas, safety sensors will detect any object or person in the way of the door which will not the door close. These features protect from different accidents. Lastly, there are also lights present which is a bonus during the dark time which will illuminate the garage. Having Posi-lock, lights, internet, 2.0+ security Liftmaster is your best bet to have a smart house.

Powerful and still silent opener

Keep living spaces virtually silent, and still with a strong garage door opener. This model comes with an extra-strong belt drive system. Support standard aluminum doors day after day with the 1/2 HP AC motor. It ensures smooth, quiet operation over time with the Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS).

Safety and Security

Confidently know that every click sends a secure code to the garage door opener. No fear of scanning codes to enter your garage. Safety sensors protect people and vehicles by automatically stopping the door from closing on obstructions.

Automatically Protect

Automatically protect against forced openings of the garage door.

Liftmaster 8355 Review

LiftMaster garage door opener review model 8355
LiftMaster 8355 review

Read this detailed LiftMaster 8355 review to know why this is the best-rated garage door opener in the US.

Many customers speak about the quality and easy installation of this garage door opener which makes it a great pick.

Designed in a smart way, this garage door opener has a powerful motor for smooth and quiet operation. It is oval-shaped with a wide body which also makes it quite easy to install. Along with it comes a belt drive that makes it different from the regular chain-driven garage door openers. The most prominent thing is it weighs around three pounds which makes it quite easier to handle.

The MyQ technology brings you built-in wifi which will only aid in the functioning of the whole device. More than that, it also has lights on two sides (100 watts each). There’s also a control panel that you can install. Further, it also has a remote control with three keys making it suitable for a house with one garage.

This garage door opener is an efficient device for your garage especially when you don’t want to deal with the chore of getting out of the car and pushing the door up yourself, Also get help from those who have already bought this device for the better good.

Overall, Liftmaster 8355 is one of the garage door openers that you can invest in without much thought. It is not only affordable but one of the best choices as it provides smooth and good functioning through a belt drive. This one is the best option if you are aiming to build a smart house.