Should you buy the LiftMaster 8165w?

Lost in a sea of choices but searching for the one, little fella? If you require a trustworthy chain driven garage door that is of the top quality, you may have LiftMaster 8165W as the best option for you (taken everything in the due notice).

LiftMaster 8165w garage door opener

Go over this rather compact review I’ve written so you can learn all there is to know about the device, including the big question: does it meet your needs or not?

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The LiftMaster 8165w Price

Keep in mind that LiftMaster garage door openers are only available through dealers and require professional LiftMaster 8165W installations. Chamberlain garage door openers are often less priced, are sold directly to customers, and maybe installed by oneself – um, you have to avoid this, though; chaos will break loose if you break your newly-bought item thirty seconds in. 

The stated price for the 8165W on Amazon is around two hundred and thirty dollars ($230.00), and installation costs vary by dealer: therefore, you have to anticipate paying an extra $100 or $150 — that leaves a total of almost four hundred dollars ($380-$400). 

This LiftMaster 8165W price is reasonable considering its smooth-criminal operative system and enhanced garage illumination but do not want to install a garage door opener yourself or hire an installer. Bear in mind, simply, that the feature-equivalent Chamberlain-branded unit will cost you less — even with third-party LiftMaster 8165W installation instructions — and that Chamberlain provides add-on Wi-Fi connectivity options for most garage door openers (a plus-side, indeed) made in the last twenty-five years. 

A Pretty Solid Job of Set-Up, Really

Hey, even if you decide that you can install (and mind you: the right way), good, then – you save those extra dollars for hotdogs and slushies. One thing that is to not go amiss, and be confident in, is of LiftMaster 8165W with rail and its simplicity of installation. Yes, it does take a lot less time than you would think (although that depends on how competent you are—sorry), making it, among others, the simplest of all of its previous versions. 

8165w control

As with any of such kind of device or garage-related activity and installations, consideration — make sure you take the appropriate safety precautions and, if you don’t feel comfortable or assured, engage a professional, call that dude you avoid, and get it over with. It is much more rational to wrap things up your way by letting the knowledgeable do their work, instead of botching it all and destroying the one thing you sacrificed your hotdogs and slushies for. 

The Internet Works Wonders, Old Man

For the LiftMaster 8165W garage door opener, you would get access to its top-notch system and its superb Wi-Fi connecting capability after it has been all set up and looking nice and cosy in your posh garage. 

Utilising the Wi-fi feature, you may carry out highly useful tasks using a range of gadgets (PC to mobile phone). By using LiftMaster 8165W, a competent device indeed as per the LiftMaster 8165W manual, the majority of customers get into cell phones. However, you may also work the job on a PC or iPad, as well as various else gadgets. You can get notifications of the activity of the garage door by using the very gadgets, one can, by themself, shut the door by taking advantage of the MyQ app (on your device) and shut the garage door with it. 

Like A Champ

Half a horsepower motor is in this one; it may not seem like much, but it is adequate. As for the motor, it would work seamlessly without boggling its own system or wiring. However, rather than merely this function which is pretty Flash-like, the motor of the 8165w allows your device to perform for a long time and not cause any difficulties. 

While most of these gadgets are competent in many ways, they lack to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency, and tenacity they are to have. Thanks to its excellent engine and an impeccable chain-drive mechanism, this garage door device, on the other side, gives that dependability and lifespan.

The actuator in the LiftMaster 8165w, as previously said, allows for faster and more effective auto door opening. The chain drive framework, on the other hand, is engineered to help each of these activities be successful by enabling the opening.

These systems are both well-designed, long-lasting, and cost-effective. For this marvellous offering, the 8165W LifeMaster manual says this garage door opener will last you a long time.

Feature of the LiftMaster 8165w

Basic Specifications:

  1. Chamberlain, the manufacturer
  2. Product Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 5.75 inch 
  3. Product Weight: 17.51 pounds
  4. Model number: 8165W 
  5. Size: 21x12x10 
  6. Product model number: 8165W
  7. AC mains power
  8. 120 Volts
  9. Does it come with batteries? Nope.
  10. Is it necessary to have backup batteries? Also no. 


  1. With a ½  HP AC motor, the LiftMaster 8165w can support typical aluminium doors day after day.
  2. In standby mode, you may save up to 75% on energy.
  3. With the long-lasting chain drive system, you can count on long-term dependability.


  1. 1-year warranty on accessories Control from afar
  2. The warranty on the motor is four years,
  3. The warranty on the parts is one year.
  4. 1-year warranty on the chain

In-Garage Delivery using Amazon Key:

  1. Safe & Secure Shipments allow Amazon Prime packages to be delivered safely in the garage.
  2. It supervises your delivery in real-time from your smartphone, giving you real-time updates.
  3. Do You Have Everything You Need for In-Garage Delivery? See if you’re eligible or discover how to get started.
  4. As an entitled Prime Member, all you have to do is register your profile to Amazon Key via the MyQ app.

Only with LiftMaster model 8165W, you can rest assured that each push sends a computer code to your garage door and that every step is taken to ensure your safety. One can keep their family and automobiles safe by using safety monitors in this system to prevent the door from closing on them. ‘Til then, good fortune!