All about the LiftMaster 8160wb: should you buy it? 

If you are here I am assuming you are lost in the long, stretching aisles of options for what kind of garage door opener suits your house, even the neighbourhood. Fret not, little one, for my LiftMaster 8160WB Garage Door Opener review will confirm your answer – or totally boggle it up, which is rather unlikely because this LiftMaster series is incredible

liftmaster 8160wb

A Little Get-To-Know 

Before we begin, your budget needs a little reassurance prior to its exhaustion. The Liftmaster 8160WB cost is exceptionally reasonable, considering it has top-notch features and has not had a single bad review since its release.

I mean, you will see people boasting on and on about this dope new installed device in their garage door they had, and may – maybe – a handful complaining about either the LiftMaster 8160WB manual or only wants to add something (anything) bad to the LiftMaster 8160WB review.

The LiftMaster 8160WB price as a contractor series starts from $261.64, so there you go. I did not count the additional charges for the instalments but those go up to a hundred and eighty bucks. 

The LiftMaster 8160WB chain driven garage door opener is part of LiftMaster’s contractor line and includes built-in Wi-Fi (surprise, surprise). This domestic overhead door opener is built to last (hopefully forever) and compiles with all UL35 safety requirements, like many other LiftMaster models out there.

It has a powerful eight hundred Newtons, 12 V DC motor which is about ¾ horsepower even though most LiftMaster products are almost about ½ the horsepower (and even that is enough for a miniature device like this). 

Anyways, the motor drives a massive sprocket assembly that provides smooth and ultra-quiet operation, so that you and your family can sleep in peace at night. All in all, the spectacular LiftMaster garage opener has a built-in HomeLink wireless technology that, when paired with the Security+ 2.0 system, allows you to safely control your garage door. 

Like its recent series, the 8160WB Liftmaster, too, consumes seventy-five per cent less power in standby mode, making it an energy-efficient garage door opener The motor and components of the 8160WB are covered by, like many other series of LiftMaster, a manufacturer’s guarantee and you can bask in the fact, as it’s refreshing to see company’s confident about their product so much so that they vouch for it. 

Moreover, due to the designed Wi-Fi and MyQ capabilities, you can use the MyQ Garage and Access Operate app to get alerts (in the form of pop-up notifications) and regulate, monitor and manage your garage door via your smart and mobile gadgets. 

Got To Keep The Family Safe

Hacking is prevented with Security+2.0®, the greatest standard of encryption, and wirelessly programming makes installation simple. Roll-in entry with “no waiting” is possible because of the extreme 1,500-foot range. For an all-in-one solution, rigorous quality testing assures that it can run gate openers and MyQ Light Accessories in complement to garage door openers. The key-ring connector, 3V coin-cell battery CR2032 battery, and instruction booklet are all included in the box.

Security+ 2.0 dynamic code technology includes LiftMaster 8160WB garage door opener. Every moment the control system is used, the system delivers one of 100 billion valid credentials. The function stops code snatchers from obtaining access to the code for your garage door opener, a fool=proof way to keep your house secured as most thieves try to jimmy the locks of the garages the day to begin their little burglary adventures (we see you.)

The 8160WB also has LiftMaster’s proprietary PosiLock mechanism, which keeps your garage door locked even while it’s closed. The Alert-2-Close alert system on this home aerial garage door opener gives you an audio warning first before the garage door shuts remotely using a smart device. This 8160WB garage door device also has a Protector system and safety mechanism.

If something is in its path of the garage door, the device emits an unseen beam of light across the entrance and instantly reverses the door. The 8160WB LiftMaster has two independent systems that allow you to operate the garage door in the event of a power outage: the first is internal manual release, which allows you to disconnect the garage opening and convert it to manual mode. The second option is a battery charging system, which can keep your gadget operational for approximately twenty full “up and down” cycles.

Key Things To Go Through

If you are especially busy or have to recheck the facts, here is a long, long list of features you can go through to solidify your decision, whether with the LiftMaster 8160WB model or not. 

LiftMaster 8160wb
LiftMaster 8160wb

A Standard:

  1. Smooth functioning and industrial-strength power.
  2. There’s even a built-in battery backup so you can get into your garage even if the power goes out.
  3. Compliant with California Senate Bill 969.

Security First:

  1. Secure your home with Security+ 2.0TM—every time you click, a code is transmitted to such Garage Door Device, ensuring that the door only opens for you.
  2. PosiLock® is an electrical lock that prevents forcible entry.
  3. The Motion Sensor engages the Garage Door Opener’s lighting as soon as it hits the garage, and Alert-2-Close indicates when a door is closed by myQ.
  4. If there is a blockage, the Protector System®’s infrared light beam reverses the door.
  5. Automatic Door Lock – a padlock secures the garage door, thereby making it impregnable. (Maximum of two, purchased individually as 841LM.)


  1. The 8160WB developed Wi-Fi for the most convenient connection to the garage.
  2. Users may shut the garage from everywhere, get in anybody, and receive notifications using the myQ® Mobile App.


  1. The silent functioning of the Reliable DC Motor is intentional.
  2. For consistent performance and industrial robustness, use a chain drive system.
  3. For seamless functioning, use Soft Start/Stop.
  4. 4-year power warranty, 1-year battery warranty, and accessories are included.

Included accessories:

  1. 485LM Integral Battery Backup 882
  2. LMW Multi-Function Control System® 893LM 3-Button Remote Control

There you have it. Honestly, as I have been there at your place and tried the garage door opener LiftMaster 8160WB, I think it is a spectacular piece of innovation. It gets easier after getting it, so I hope you do!