A review of the LiftMaster 8155W: worth buying it?

Scratching your head and confused about what door opener to buy for your garage? Here’s an in-depth review and amazing features all laid out to help you in this crucial decision of buying the one and only LiftMaster 8155W Garage Door Opener. 

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With innovative features that fit the demands of today’s busy households, the newest generation of LiftMaster garage openers is adding a whole new vibe to your garage space.

These are not the garages of your forefathers’ times – old and creaky and whining in wake of their use; their sleek contemporaries modify your garage into a noticeable and more functional extension of the smart house, complete with a modern lighting experience. This 8155W model of LiftMaster garage door openers is no less – so let’s get right into it! 

More about Liftmaster 8155w belt drive opener

The LiftMaster 8155W sports a 12 horsepower motor that delivers long-lasting results. It includes built-in Wi-Fi and can be operated with any smart device, much like the previous two generations. On your portable device – be it your mobile phone or tablet – you may open, close, and monitor the functionality of your garage door.

Easy-peasy, right? Saved a lot of hassle because a) you always keep your phone on you and b) the remote always has a way to get lost. With your mobile phone, iPad, or PC, you can easily view and manage your LiftMaster Garage Door Opener and house’s lights from anywhere. 

According to my review, I have concluded that LiftMaster 8155W is the best choice for dependable execution. Even after a year, the garage opener has a still-powerful ½ HP engine that provides smooth, unfaltering efficiency for an almost, to be clear, infinite period of time (because it is still going strong.) 

The price of the Liftmaster 8155w

This garage door opener is surely a good choice when looking at the features, but also looking at the 8155w price I can tell that it is not a waste of money at all.

The belt drive system of the 8155w model offers a secure and silent opening comparing it to his sibling Liftmaster 8165W chain driven garage door opener.

Shh, It’s Working

The machine incorporates a belt drive mechanism for quiet operation and maintenance-free performance. Another Wonderful advantage is that when in standby mode, it uses up to 75% less power. It is compatible with ordinary aluminium doors and is equipped with safety sensors and an automated system that I’ll get into later. 

The Marvellous MyQ® Technology

Some of the supplementary features of the LiftMaster 8155W is its MyQ Technology, which includes core features like remote control of your Smart garage door and a membership-based experience. With MyQ® Technology, you can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to security monitor, and manage your garage door opener and house lights. 

It keeps you informed about the state of your garage door (and house lights, too): you would be getting alerts through email or pop-up (push) notifications on your mobile device. Oh, and, don’t worry about that ‘extra chunk of money’ you will be spending on getting a whole new app just for tidbits features you never gave a second thought to, because MyQ is a free smartphone app that requires no activation nor premium membership expenses. 

LiftMaster 8155W Specifications

Before you buy this garage opener or any garage opener for that matter, you must first determine the dimensions of your garage, because, believe it or not, I speak from experience when I tell you what a major nuisance it is becoming in the end. The 8155W has a ten-foot installed length and a seven-and-a-half-foot maximum door-opening height. The minimum headroom clearance is two feet, and you may install up to ten rails!

Other Features To Skim Through

Security+ Radio Controls 2.0

  1. Coding System: Indicator Light and Smart Receiver Code buttons
  2. 891LM Remote Control with just one button
  3. Range of operation: 200 (approximately).
  4. 40°F to 150°F is the operating temperature range.
  5. 3-Volt Lithium battery (remote control).


  1. Remote Control: Tri-Band 310, 315, and 390 MHz.
  2. Frequency agile receiver on 310, 315, and 390 MHz
  3. Security+ Anti-Burglary Coding 2.0.

For your security: 

  1. PosiLock® is the installed system
  2. Alert-2-Close programme and detection system
  3. Emergency release in times of trouble
  4. Trolley reconnection is automatic
  5. Pet opening/ventilation 
  6. Safety reverse down function
  7. Up Safety stop-button available: the door would open, the beam obstructed, and the lights turned on.
  8. A Protector System®, like a watchdog.
  9. The Maintenance Alert System is a system that alerts you when something needs to be done.


  1. 120V AC, 60Hz is the power supply voltage.
  2. 6.0A is the current rating.
  3. Yes, there are UL listings.
  4. Line Cord Length: 4 (3-prong).

Efficiency in Energy:

  1. In standby mode, the power consumption is around 1 watt.
  2. Compatible with CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights).
  3. Standby Mode is set to the lowest setting, and the work lights are turned off.

Logic Type:

  1. Solid State Microcontroller with Built-in Surge Suppressor


  1. Count of Bulbs: 1
  2. 100 watts is the maximum power available.
  3. The duration of the light delay is 4 1/2 minutes.
  4. Solid-State Light Delay is a type of light delay.
  5. Max 26 Watts, upgraded CFL (Compact Fluorescent) compatibility.


  1. Half-horsepower motor
  2. 1,625 RPM is the number of revolutions per minute.
  3. Automatic thermal protection.
  4. Permanent lubrication.

Mechanism of Propulsion:

  1. The term “drive” refers to a fully reinforced drive belt.
  2. Door Linkage: Adjustable door arm. 


  1. Electronic/Internal Auto Force
  2. Internal electronic limitation

Travel Rate:

  1. Approximately 7.0 seconds per second.


  1. The belt comes with a ten-year warranty.
  2. The motor has a four-year warranty.
  3. Parts are covered for a year.

It is compatible with HOMELINK® of version 4.0 or above. Also, depending on the type and year of your car, you may need to use an external adaptor – so keep that in mind before you buy this garage opener. 

Pros and Cons

Smooth-working, data-storing and convenient, this version of LifeMaster hacks into the problems of a normal garage opener and rearranges them into solutions in the form of 8155W. Easy to use, easier to install (though it is suggested to get a company guy to help you with that), and cost-effective, in every way possible! 

The only thing that is a setback of buying the Liftmaster 8155W is that it does not come with a backup battery. In my opinion, actually, that is nothing, because the motor has a lifetime of guarantee on it. Who can say no to this?