Lenovo T430 replacement battery review

So, I have bought this replacement battery for my Lenovo T430 laptop and I want to write a review. I’m still using my laptop, actually, right now I’m writing on it. It is time to say something on that topic and to encourage you to buy a replacement battery if you need one.

It all begins when I choose to buy a used laptop for cheap. I bought Lenovo T430 for about $150 knowing that it has a broken battery.

I wanted a small 14-15″ laptop to carry around, and keep my 17″ Toshiba safe at home. That is why I choose to buy a used (refurbished) laptop. I like Lenovo a lot and the T430 model seems to be all I actually need for my daily tasks. It is hard to carry around a laptop with a faulty battery, but I have thoughts on buying a new (original or replacement) battery and go with it for cheap. Good plan, don’t you think?

Sometimes is better to buy a refurbished product than a new one. In my own opinion, if I’m buying gadgets for work I don’t want to have a brand new cool-looking product. I prefer to use something less eye-catching and with the features I actually use.

Lenovo T430 laptop and the original battery

This is the laptop I have bought and use for over 6 months now. It has a Core i5 vPro CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a high-quality frame which I like the most. This one is a real working machine and you don’t need to worry about scratches and other things while traveling.

Lenovo T430 laptop
Lenovo T430

It came with a faulty battery. Actually, the battery was completely dead and there wasn’t much I could do about it. The only way to make this laptop portable was by buying a new battery.

Lenovo battery N14608
Original 70+ Lenovo T430 battery

The picture above isn’t clear enough. The exact model for this Lenovo T430 is N14608 70+ battery with a 4900mAh nominal capacity. This is a 6-cell battery with 10.8V output and 57Wh. There are also 9-cell batteries available, and it is up to you on which one to buy.

Replacement battery review

If you look at the following picture you can see the original and replacement battery for T430. Physically they are the same. The only difference from the outside is the labels.

Green Cell replacement battery for Lenovo T430 review
Green Cell replacement battery for Lenovo T430

Both are 6-cell batteries with a slight nominal capacity difference. The replacement battery has declared 4400mAh/48Wh while the original Lenovo battery has 4900mAh/57Wh.

I use this battery for 6 months now and I’m quite satisfied with the quality and working conditions. Still, it fully charges and it keeps running my laptop for hours. For this review I have just disconnected my laptop from the power source, to see for how long I could stay working on my blog.

Replacement battery remaining time
Remaining time

As you can see, I have more than enough time to finish the work I’m on. Windows 10 pro with Google Chrome (3 tabs) can keep running for more than 3 hours. Let’s be a bit more pessimistic and say that in real-time the power juice lasts about 2 hours. That is something I’m comfortable with.


This is actually the first time I have bought a replacement battery or any kind of battery for a laptop. I’m quite happy and satisfied, especially because I was all pessimistic and worried about the performance I’ll get.

Now, after 6 months of using a replacement battery, I’m more than happy to say that it worth buying. This battery costs less than $50 which is great, considering that the original Lenovo battery is priced somewhere around $150 + VAT. Yes, I was calling to check for the original battery and got stunned.

Check for battery, for the laptop you use. Keep in mind to find an appropriate model, to fit properly, and to use without any error messages. This Lenovo T430 replacement battery review has been written on my own experience and I can say only good things about buying a replacement battery.

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