Jura Impressa A9 Coffee Maker Review

Getting out of bed in the morning you usually need a cup of coffee to get your day started. With an automatic espresso machine like Jura a9, the amount of effort required to prepare a good cup of coffee is greatly reduced to a single touch of a button or simple touch of a screen in the case of the Jura Impressa A9 coffee machine. Let’s take a look at the features of the Jura Impressa a9 coffee maker, the pros and cons, and how much value you are getting from this machine.

Jura Impressa A9 coffee machine
Jura Impressa A9


The Jura A9 coffee maker is a top-of-the-line machine with a slew of high-tech capabilities while remaining focused on the ultimate aim of brewing a delicious cup of coffee. Below are some of the features that distinguish the Jura a9 from its competitors.

  • One-Touch with automatic milk and a new touchscreen with slide interface is intuitive and easy to use
  • Compact design that delivers all of your favorite coffee beverages in a small footprint
  • Illuminated and adjustable cup spouts that will allow for cups up to 5.5 inches tall
  • Professional grade grinder gently grinds beans before brewing
  • The machine automatically switches to energy-saving mode after five minutes and turns off after two hours
Jura a9 coffee maker review
Jura A9

Automatic Burr Grinder

The Jura Impressa a9 makes use of an automatic burr grinder that grinds beans for each fresh cup of coffee. The ‘Aroma Plus Grinder,’ as the firm describes it, grinds beans at a specific angle to extract maximum smells in half the time it takes regular grinders.

With a perfect cutting angle inside the grinding cone, the JURA engineers have managed to increase efficiency significantly. As a result, the user enjoys the perfect aroma that can now be achieved. All this happens in half the usual grinding time. Now coffee lovers can enjoy pure and perfect coffee indulgence with less preparation time and less noise. This Jura Impresa A9 Review is getting better. Keep reading. The powder chute for ground coffee can be used for additional coffee varieties such as a decaffeinated blend.

Pre-Ground Coffee Chute

This feature is excellent as it gives you access to a lot of choices especially when it’s going to be used by more than one person. The top of the machine has a ground coffee bypass chute that allows users to brew a different type of coffee without having to remove their regular beans. If you enjoy decaf coffee on occasion, the Jura A9 will provide you with a soothing cup. You won’t have to give up a favorite blend because it’s only available in ground form.

Double Cup Feature

This functionality allows for the shoot-out of both milk and coffee from 2 different spouts. Also has an advantage when using one cup of coffee in that the machine making use of both spouts allows you to fill the mugs even faster.

With its height-adjustable dual spout and with fine foam technology you’ll enjoy an enriched coffee aroma. The dual spout mechanism goes between 2 inches and 5.5 inches on a continuous scale. The integrated cup illumination presents beverages in style.

Adjustable Sprouts

With the Jura Impressa a9 having two sprouts, the sprouts are adjustable in that they can be moved up and down to allow for different cup sizes and different types of drinks.

Touch Screen Functionality

Jura A9 Touch display
Jura A9 Touch

Jura A9 Touch

  • It is a state of the art intuitive and easy to operate self-explanatory touchscreen display
  • The color screen with touch technology is the fastest way to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee. The compact IMPRESSA A9 One Touch offers outstanding convenience and unique specialty coffees.

The Jura Impressa A9 one-touch coffee machine also offers a touch screen display feature. Most espresso machines have their display screens mounted on the front panel, but the Jura a9 coffee maker has the display at the top. This gives users a lot of advantages which include better convenience, customization of your drinks, I’m that you are allowed to pin four drinks on the home screen instead of swiping through several pages of options and also the provision of maintenance notifications for better upkeep of the machine.

Variety Of Drink Options

The Jura impressa a9 model has access to a variety of specialized coffee that many coffee firms have figured out how to make. This model can make espresso, ristretto, filter coffee, latte macchiatos, cappuccinos, flat whites, proton of steamed milk, ground coffee, Hot water for tea, or a top-up on your coffee, and doppio versions of some of the aforementioned drinks.


As you become more familiar with the Jura impressa A9 coffee maker you will be able to modify the beverages you create, resulting in a cup of beverage that is tailored to your preferences. The volume and strength of each beverage can be customized by the user. Keep reading the Jura A9 coffee maker review.

Let’s pretend you don’t like cappuccinos with too much milk in them. You may tell the machine to use less milk in the cappuccinos it creates by using the touch screen. You may either use the setting once or have the machine remember it and produce your favorite beverage every time. To acquire the proper strength, do the same thing with the amount of espresso in straight shots or milk-based coffee drinks.

Maintenance Features

The Jura impressa a9 is relatively easy to maintain. Jura is known for producing equipment with excellent automatic cleaning and maintenance cycles. The Jura Impressa A9 performs an excellent job of looking after itself, conducting rinse cycles, and prompting cleaning cycles.

To keep track of when the filter in the water tank has to be replaced, on top of the Jura A9 is a manual plastic calendar that is responsible for this functionality.

However, to get the most out of the Jura A9, you should hand-clean its internal components after each usage to remove any milk residue. Take a look for the Jura milk system cleaner also.


  • Touch screen with access to useful functions
  • Adjustable sprouts for different cups and drinks
  • Access to a variety of drinks
  • Improved simplicity and convenience


  • Less customization than others like the Jura E8
  • No way to adjust the brewing temperature of your coffee
  • Small size water tank which often needs refilling
  • Plastic build as opposed to metal
  • There is only a little amount of control over the quantity and quality of milk froth


Jura’s high-quality equipment, the Jura impressa A9 in particular, is beginning to challenge the notion that only a professional barista can brew superb coffee.

The Jura Impressa A9 is a good espresso machine with a few flaws. It’s compact, versatile, and capable of making a variety of drinks. It has the grinder and brewing equipment of a considerably larger unit packed into its compact form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Use A Jura Impressa A9?

Pour coffee beans into the grinder or poor a pre-ground coffee or decaf into the bypass dosser
Adjust the grinder to the bean type and predominant beverage being made which can include a fine adjustment for espresso and coarse for longer coffees
After the selection of a coffee specialty, adjust the coffee strength. Note that this strength setting is saved for future use
During preparation, you can then adjust the volume of coffee brewed to your cup size using the touch screen. For this particular setting to be saved for that beverage, you need to long-press the screen and press save.
Place your cup under the sprouts and press the screen and the coffee is served.

What Is Jura A9 Variable Brewing Chamber?

The variable brewing chamber can accommodate anywhere from 5 to 16 grams of ground coffee, allowing you to brew anything from a single 1-ounce ristretto to two 8-ounce cups of coffee at once.

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