Ghd Gold vs Platinum: which one?

One of the most sought-after products on the internet are hair straighteners, it is an appliance that is increasingly fashionable and that allows you to do your own hairstyles.

Among the most famous brands on the market in this area stands Good Hair Day, better known as GHD.

GHD Gold vs Patinum
GHD Gold vs Patinum

Among the models of hair straighteners that it offers the most famous are “Gold” and “Platinum”.

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But what is the difference between them? Today we break down and compare these two GHD hair straighteners: Gold vs Platinum.

GHD professional straighteners: Gold vs Platinum models

Before introducing you to the two models of this internationally known brand, we want to tell you the story of the Good Hair Day brand. It was founded a few years ago, precisely in 2001 in England, by Martin Jenny, Gary Douglas and Robert Powls. In 2004, seeing that the business was growing rapidly, GHD expanded internationally; Spain is one of the countries that bet on this brand, both professional hairdressers and private customers buy their GHD hair straightener.

In addition to selling straighteners in various countries around the world, GHD has expanded its catalog by also producing hair dryers, brushes, shampoos, treatments, etc. Below we take a closer look at two of the best plates from GHD, Gold and Platinum.

GHD Gold – the professional hair straightener with dual-zone technology

GHD Gold
GHD Gold

The GHD styler launches around two or three limited edition models with Gold technology every year. This does not mean that a plate with extremely different characteristics from the previous models is produced from time to time, the new model differs in color, accessories or plate protector. In the year 2019-2020 the brand opted for a black and gold collection.

The temperature of the plates is 185º C and they are able to reach it in just 25 seconds. Consequently, she is always ready when you want to straighten your hair or style strong curls. It turns off automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity.

The main feature of this gold model is that it includes dual-zone technology which is used to add shine and softness to any hairstyles you make. You can also take your GHD coil to any country in the world as it has a universal voltage.

Another of the features that caught our attention when analyzing this model are its plates, they are in fact medium in size and the shaft is rounded, so you can work your hair well without having to pull or burn it.

GHD Platinum – The intelligent trowel with ultra-zone technology

GHD platinum
GHD platinum

The GHD Platinum model is having a lot of success, do you want to know why? Continue reading our article that compares the Gold vs Platinum models, to understand which plate is best suited to your needs.

The brand has classified this straightener as “a smart model”, but how can it be a smart hair straightener? The reason is that it has a new technology called “ultra-zone” which is able to meet the needs of your hair. This means that the straightener itself adapts its power to what your hair needs to ensure an optimal styling temperature. Like the previous model, the Platinum hair straightener reaches a temperature of 185º C. Its plates adapt perfectly with a homogeneous temperature throughout the hairstyle.

The plate temperature (185º) is monitored 250 times per second and evaluates hair quality such as thickness, size of the selected section and speed of use. It also incorporates the automatic shutdown function after 30 minutes of inactivity.

Finally, the plates of this GHD model are polished with a wax bath to make it even easier to slide on the hair without pulling, creating curls, waves and ensuring even easier straightening. This model also has a universal voltage that allows you to use it anywhere in the world.

Features of GHD professional hair straighteners: Gold vs Platinum analyzed

If you have read this far it is because you are really interested in buying the best straightener to take care of your hair. If you have thought about the GHD brand you are on the right track as this brand is committed to making quality products with a ceramic finished design and elegant and classic colors, among which silver, gold, black and white stand out.

Check out this review from Hayls World:

Specifically, the two models we analyze have more traditional colors. The Gold hair straightener is finished in black while the Platinum model is finished in white.

Both models can be used for all hair types, so you don’t have to worry about whether your hair is fine or thick. These professional straighteners not only straighten, but can also curl or wave your hair. The plates are about 5 cm wide and 8.5 cm long. All models are also equipped with an automatic shut-off system.

Where to buy a GHD Gold or Platinum hair straightener?

If you are thinking about where to find the hair straightener of your dreams you must know that you can go and buy it in the physical store of the brand, at hairdressers or in shopping centers. However, we recommend the Amazon website, the portal where you can buy products of all kinds and have them delivered comfortably to your home. On Amazon you will also find the two models of GHD Gold and Platinum hair straighteners that we have described in this article and you may get a discount!

As for the quality of the products in question, we can say that the materials and finishes are exceptional. We recommend Amazon as it is very fast, convenient and reliable. Plus, you won’t have to queue at malls or brick-and-mortar stores, as a delivery clerk will deliver your package with the hair straightener directly to your door. You can receive it the day after purchase without waiting in line or going to a store where the product may be out of stock.

Finally, if you are looking for more information because you have not yet decided which model to buy, do not hesitate to ask an expert or read the opinions that other buyers have left on Amazon. Here you will find a large number of reviews and comments that will probably solve all your doubts. We hope you found the information in this article useful in deciding which of the two Good Hair Day (GHD) hair straighteners to buy, the Gold or the Platinum model.


Which GHD is better platinum or gold?
Platinum+ is definitely for those with thick, coarse or naturally frizz-prone or curly locks, as it makes for faster styling that will last longer on your hair type.

Is GHD Gold better than original?
With the same great technology as the Classic but with significantly wider plates, the ghd V Gold Max Styler can tackle even the thickest and most unruly hair with ease. If you have long hair, then you’ll also love how quickly the wider plates will glide through your locks, cutting down on your styling time.

Is GHD Platinum better than original?
While the Original is cheaper and provides a seamless styling experience without any flashy features, the GHD Platinum is the better overall hair tool. Why? It uses predictive heat technology that means the plates adapt to the thickness and density of the individual section of hair that you’re working on.

What is the difference between GHD Platinum and Platinum Plus?
The Platinum+ Styler will exert more power to straighten it than if you’ve got thin hair or are passing the iron over a thinner section. GHD says to expect 70 percent less breakage, 20 percent more shine, and twice the color protection if you use their brand-new, $249 iron.

Which GHD straightener is best for thick hair?
For those with thick and frizzy hair, look no further than the GHD Max Hair Straightener. This styler features 70% larger plates than the original styler, with two new generation heat sensors for consistent heat distribution.

What is so special about GHD straighteners?
The quality is undoubtable when using a GHD hair straightener. Not only does using one result in long lasting straightened hair until the next wash, owners of GHD products get several years out of their product.

Are GHD platinum good for curling?
With rounded barrel and floating plates, the Platinum+ is perfect for curling hair. There are several different techniques for curling hair with a straightener.

Is a GHD worth the money?
With that said, I do think GHD’s Platinum+ Styler is well worth the price if you style your hair with heat tools every day or even multiple times a week—the predictive heating feature is a savior when trying to avoid heat damage and preserve your hair health.