Genie 6170: Worth Buying?

Genie has been making excellent garage door openers for homeowners since 1954 with an emphasis on strength, convenience, and safety in all their models. Today, I will review the Genie wall mount garage door opener model 6170. This model is from Genie’s Wall Mount Pro Series.

genie 6170 garage door opener
Genie 6170

I am going to tell you about its features, specifications, design, accessories and so much more so that you can decide if Genie 6170 is the garage door opener for you.

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Features of Genie 6170

Genie model 6170 comes with several features that I think you will find very beneficial for your garage and home safety. Here are some of them:

  • Integrated Aladdin connect. This gives you the ability to be in control of your garage door from wherever you are using your smart devices. You are also able to create time-based settings that automatically notify you and close the garage door after a set period of time. It also allows you to program the gate to notify and close at specific hours of the day. Along with all this, the feature gives you the option to create several independent user accounts so that virtual key access to your garage door can be availed to other family members, friends, and service provider representatives for as long as you want.
  • Compatible with HomeLink & Car2U. With this feature, you are able to manage your garage door from your vehicle and direct it to open or close from wherever you are. What makes 6170 Genie superior with this feature is the fact that it does not require an external repeater box or bridge which some other garage door openers do.
  • A battery backup add-on is available. This alleviates the fear of being locked out of your garage due to an unexpected power outage by switching to battery power in case the main source of power goes out.
  • Smart Lighting. The Genie model 6170 comes with a bright flexible placement LED light fixture that provides bright lighting and can be placed wherever desired in the garage and changed to another area if wanted.
  • Electric Door lock included. After the garage door closes, this feature automatically locks it further ensuring your safety. In addition to this, the lock prevents anyone from being able to open the garage door from outside if the release handle inside the garage is not pulled first.
  • Exclusive Safe-T-Pulse System. This is a patent-pending system that monitors door cables for internal tension during initial door travel with an electronic pulse. The system automatically stops unsafe operation if slack or unspooled are detected. Unlike external slack cable detection methods, bypassing or improper alignment cannot happen with internal slack cable detection.
  • Safe-T-Beam Non-contact Reversing System. This feature projects an invisible beam to detect any objects in the garage doorway when it is closing and automatically reverses the garage door back thereby ensuring that people and objects are always protected.
  • Intellicode Access Security System. Rolling codes which is a superior encryption technology generates a new code from billions of code integrations every time the remote is used to activate the garage door opener. This protects the radio signal that opens the garage door from being plagiarized.
  • Pre-Programmed Remote. The remote that comes with this garage door opener is ready to use immediately and changing the programming to your preferences can be done in an easy step-by-step process.
  • Auto-Seek Dual-frequency technology. Genie model 6170 can prevent nearby interference like military equipment by using either 315 or 390 MHz frequency. This feature further proves model 6170’s level of reliability and dependability.
  • GenieSense Monitoring & Diagnostic Technology. This feature constantly monitors how the garage door is operating and in case any significant changes are detected, it provides an alert to you and halts the operation. This technology helps to reduce wear and tear and even noise on the garage door and also increases safety.
  • Wireless wall console. This console is flexible and can be placed anywhere in the garage. it is also compatible with many Genie Intellicode garage door openers produced ever since the year 2013.

Design of this model

The wall mount design of the 6170 Genie garage door opener has a cleaner look. The rail and the powerhead from the ceiling are done away with which opens up the ceiling space and brings a clear and decluttered look to your garage. The design is also compact which means it can fit into small side room spaces in-between the wall and the track.

This garage opener has headroom which makes it perfect for garages with beam obstructions that make it difficult to install traditional openers. Its design also has a quiet & powerful performance and soft start and stop control.

A lot of people compare the genie 6170 with another opener I wrote a review for and it’s the Liftmaster 8500w.


Genie side mount garage door opener’s specifications show just how impressive it is. From its powerful DC motor that can operate heavy garage doors up to 850 lbs at a great speed of 7.5 inches per second to its capacity to hold up to 64 remotes, here are some of the specifications of Genie model 6170:

  • Wall mount
  • 24 Volt Direct Current motor
  • Standard 6 foot power code
  • Smart built-in technology
  • Up to 64 remotes
  • Direct shaft couple
  • Battery backup upgradeable
  • Professionally installed by a genie dealer

Accessories for Genie wall mount

Genie wall mount garage door opener comes with many great accessories that enhance your user experience. It comes with an easy-to-program wireless keypad that uses 315/390 MHz Auto-Seek Dual Frequency and provides access into your garage from outside by just inputting a code. This keypad also operates without the need for a remote control, lets you control up to three garage door openers, and is back-lit which ensures that the numbers on the pad are visible. 6170 Genie has a 1-Button remote that functions with auto-seek dual-frequency and is compatible with Genie garage door openers that are equipped with Intellicode technology.

It comes with a TorqueMaster Adapter kit which does away with the need to disassemble the spring system because the wall-mount opener can be fixed on TorqueMaster springs, an alternate mounting kit that enables the wall mount opener to be fixed above or below the door shaft in applications with impediments, and comes with a Power Extension Kit as well. Additional accessories include Universal transmitter part Number 40769R, Genie LED light bulb part number 39438R, 2-Btn Flashlight Remote part number 39654R and Keyless Entry pad number 37224R.


This warranty applies to the person who originally purchases the garage door opener and to the product that is installed in the residence or the non-commercial space. It is not transferrable to anyone else. Claims have to be made as soon as a discovery is made and must be made in the appropriate warranty time period.

Please make sure to follow all the instructions given in the Genie 6170 installation manual to make sure that it is assembled, installed, operated, and maintained as intended. The warranty may also differ depending on State. Here is a breakdown of the warranty offer:

  • Limited lifetime warranty for the motor which lasts for the length of time that the actual purchaser of the garage door opener is still the owner of the home where it is first installed.
  • Accessories have a warranty offer of 1 year.
  • Core Unit Parts which include the wireless wall console, powerhead, electric door lock, Safe-T-Beam, system, the light kit, and the coupler have a warranty of 5 years.
  • Other components and other parts that are not core unit parts have a 1-year warranty.

Pros & Cons of Genie 6170 garage door opener

Here are the pros and cons of model 6170 Genie that you need to know to help you make the decision for your home garage door opener:

-Dependability. Genie 6170 comes with features like battery backup which ensure that you can rest assured that your garage door opener will always work even in a power blackout.
-Convenience. Features like the ready-to-use remote control, and HomeLink provide so much more ease and convenience by reducing the work required to control the garage door.
-Price. 6170 Genie comes with a great price offer for the amount of value it provides to users.
-Enhanced Safety. This garage door opener provides extra safety with features such as its electric door lock and intellicode safety so that you can rest assured that access to your garage is protected.
-Genie 6170 manual is well explained and detailed which enables accurate installation and operation.
-Fair warranty offer of 5 years for core unit parts and a limited lifetime warranty for the motor
-This model requires regular maintenance in order for it to continue functioning at its optimum capability.

Conclusion. Is Genie 6170 garage door opener worth it?

Genie model 6170 takes convenience, safety, and ease to another level with its features, design, and accessories. To top it all off, it comes at an affordable price which is amazing especially when you compare it with the vast amount of value that it is providing. It also comes with a reasonably fair warranty for users which gives peace of mind. I think this is definitely a great and powerful garage door opener to get for your home.