Genie 4042: is this garage door opener good?

Genie is one of the leading makers of garage door openers, with a large variety of models that have different features, designs, and accessories. There is a model for every single type of garage, homeowner, and their various tastes and preferences.

Genie 4042
Genie 4042

Today, I will review the Genie model 4042 garage door opener. I will cover its features, pros and cons, warranty offers, and much more.

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Features of Genie model 4042

Genie SilentMax 1200 model 4042 comes with some amazing features that I think you will like as a homeowner. All the standard Genie garage door opener features like Auto Seek Dual Frequency Technology are available, plus some awesome additional ones like SmartSet programming, and Safe-T-Beam Non-contact Reversing System Technology, that certainly add to the safety, security, and convenience experience you will enjoy with this Genie model 4042. Here are some of them:

  • Intellicode Security. With this feature, the access code required to gain entry into the garage is changed every single time the garage door is operated. This prevents the possibility of hacking or unauthorized persons from entering your garage. It does this by using rolling code technology which selects a new code generated from several code variations. This system offers more safety than the conventional fixed codes which can be hacked.
  • Automatic Two-bulb lighting system. Genie 4042 has a lighting feature that comes on whenever you operate the garage door and goes off by itself after 4 minutes of inactivity. It can also be manually turned on or off using the wall console. This two-bulb system adds to the safety of your garage.
  • Manual emergency release pull handle and cord. This feature comes in handy during a power outage or an emergency by enabling you to operate (open and close) your Genie model 4042 manually. It is important to note that you should never pull the garage door using the emergency release.
  • HomeLink & Car2U compatible. These two technologies eliminate the need for a remote control in your vehicle by enabling you to operate your garage door with just a single button in your vehicle from wherever you are. All Genie garage door opener models created since 1993 are compatible with both HomeLink and Car2U technology and as a plus, Genie models do not need compatibility bridges to be able to use these systems which makes the Genie model 4042 even more convenient.
  • Contact reversing system. This feature helps to prevent any accidents that could happen to people or property while operating the garage door by stopping the garage door from closing and reversing it back to an open position if any contact is made with an object in the way of the garage.
  • GenieSense Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology. In case of any notable changes with your Genie 4042 garage door opener, this technology automatically notifies you and pauses the operation. The surveillance that this feature offers reduces the amount of wear and tear and even noise that can occur on the garage door and also provides extra safety when using your garage door opener.
  • Genie Integrated Aladdin Wi-Fi Connect. This technology allows you to operate the garage door using your smartphone from an app. You can do this from any location. Genie’s Aladdin connect technology is built into its garage door openers which eliminates the need to obtain additional hardware in order to use it. You are able to keep informed when your garage door is used, even when it is done manually, you can also give other people accounts through virtual keys that can be set to expire whenever you see fit and even schedule when you want your garage door to automatically close.
  • Wall console. With the Genie model 4042 wall console, you can operate the garage door from inside the garage with just one button. It also comes with manual light control and Sure-Lock security for your added security and safety.


Below are some of the specifications you need to know about the Genie 4042 garage door opener:

  • 3/4 HPc 140 V Power Plus DC Motor
  • Belt drive
  • Motion detection lighting
  • Opening Speed of up to 9.0 in/sec
  • Pre-programmed remote controls
  • Genie battery backup

Design of Genie 4042

Genie SilentMax 1200 model 4042 comes with a thin body design which means more headroom is available in your garage. The model is also ultra-quiet which means less noise during the operation of the garage door. Both these design features are great because they offer a better experience in terms of space and convenience.

Accessories for Genie garage door opener 4042

Genie has a great range of accessories that you can get for your Genie 4042 garage door opener. For this model, an LED Light bulb, a surge protector, and an extension kit are great and truly add value to your experience.

The Genie Universal Series LED light bulb lasts up to 25,000 hours and provides 800 lumens of light. It can work efficiently in damp conditions and temperatures below -30C (-22F) without any decline in its performance. It can also take on up to 5G of shaking force and is made of shatter-resistant materials that add to its strength. It has a warranty of 3 years which is an additional perk of this accessory.

The Genie Surge protector provides extra protection to the garage door opener in case of any destructive power surge that could cause harm to your Genie 4042 and the Belt Drive Extension kit for 8′ High Garage doors enables the Genie garage door opener 4042 to open garage doors up to 8 feet tall.


Genie model 4042 comes with a great warranty package. It includes a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the motor as long as the original purchaser owns the home in which the product is originally installed, a warranty of 15 years for the belt drive, and 5 years for the core unit parts consisting of the wired wall control, the powerhead, the rail, Safe-T-Beam system, and J-Arm.

Genie 4042 parts and components that are not core units also come with a warranty of 1-year and its accessories come with a 1 year warranty as well. It is important to make sure to properly follow all instructions for installation, operation, and maintenance as given in the Genie 4042 manual to make sure you qualify for this warranty.

Pros & Cons of Genie SilentMax 1200 model 4042

-Genie 4042 has a lot of safety features that improve garage safety, for example, its Intellicode security feature.
-Convenience. Features like the Aladdin connect and HomeLink technology make it easier than ever to control your garage door and monitor its operation.
-Warranty. Genie model 4042 comes with a great warranty offer for its motor and drive which makes it a really great garage door opener to consider.
-Maintenance. This garage door opener requires monthly and annual maintenance.

Conclusion. Should you get Genie 4042?

From its amazing design to its built-in smart technology, Genie SilentMax 1200 garage door opener model 4042 is a choice for your garage. It comes with so many useful safety and security features and makes so many operation functions easy and quick to do, not to mention an awesome warranty and ultra-quiet operation. I absolutely recommend this garage door opener for your home.