Genie 2128 Garage Door Opener: worth buying?

Genie 2128 garage door opener is one of the models from Genie’s Connected Pro series. It comes with all the amazing standard features that most Genie garage door openers are known for plus some awesome additional ones.

genie 2128 garage door opener

In this review, I will go through some of these features, specifications, recommended accessories, warranty package and so much more that you should know about this garage door opener in order to help you make an informed decision about whether it’s the one for you.

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Features of Genie model 2128

  • Safe-T-Beam non-contact reversing system. This feature improves the safety of your garage door opener operation by searching for any objects in the pathway of the garage door when it is closing and automatically reversing the door back to the open position if anything is detected. It does this by use of an infrared beam that moves across the door-way during the closing motion thereby protecting people and property from being accidentally harmed.
  • Aladdin connect. This technology that comes with the Genie 2128 adds convenience to the use of your garage door opener by enabling you to be in command of it without even having to be on the premises. You are able to close and open, receive notifications, and even schedule its operation from any location in or away from your residence all from an app. As a bonus, you can also create accounts for others that you would like to have the ability to control your garage door for as long or as short a time as you want them to have this account.

  • Auto-seek dual-frequency. Close-by interference that affects the smooth operation of your garage door is no longer an issue thanks to this feature. This system looks for the perfect frequency between 315 MHz and 390 MHz that will ensure the most optimal performance for your Genie 2128 garage door opener.
  • Intellicode security. This security system ensures that unauthorized access through your garage door is averted. This is possible because each time the garage door is operated using the remote control, a completely new access code is produced which makes it very hard for hackers to crack it because it is never the same, thus greatly eliminating the possibility of them gaining entry into your garage
  • Homelink & Car2U compatible. Genie model 2128 can be operated from your vehicle without the need for a remote due to this feature. No repeater kit or even compatibility kit is required and this all adds to the convenience that you experience when using this garage door opener.
  • GenieSense monitoring & diagnostic technology. This feature promotes the safety and smooth operation of the Genie 2128 by tracking its functioning. In case any problems are detected, it prevents further damage by sounding an alert and stopping the garage door opener from working.


Here are some important specifications that you should know about the Genie 2128 garage door opener:

  • 24V DC Motor
  • Belt or Chain drive
  • Quiet operation
  • 1 light bulb
  • C-Channel Rail
  • Soft start & stop
  • Pre-programmed remote

Accessories of Genie 2128 garage door opener

Among some of the recommended accessories for Genie model 2128 is a Genie LED light bulb which unlike the regular LED bulbs does not create a lot of interference between the remote control and the garage door opener, a three-button remote which can control up to 3 garage door openers and comes with auto seek dual frequency technology that helps to reduce unwanted frequencies.

Other accessories that can come in handy include a perfect stop that helps to determine the precise distance from the garage door in which to park your car so that there is space left in between and you are able to easily get the parking position right every time, a wireless Keypad which makes safe entry into your garage easy when you are outside without the remote control by just inputting your access code. The back of the keypad also lights up to make the digits visible especially at night. A wireless wall control and Illuminator Led Remote are also superb additions to consider.


The Genie model 2128 comes with a fair warranty which comprises a 10-year limited warranty for the Motor, 15 years for the Belt drive or 5 years for Chain drive, 1 year for the accessories,1 year for the core unit parts, and 1 year for the parts and components that are not part of the core unit.

Genie 2128 manual contains all the instructions you need for assembly, installation, operation, and maintenance of the garage door opener and must be followed meticulously to ensure that you are legible for the warranty if any defect is found during the appropriate warranty period.

Pros & Cons of Genie 2128 garage door opener

-The Genie 2128 price is affordable and matches the value that the garage door opener provides.
-The Belt or Chain drive option gives you the opportunity to choose the drive system that you prefer.
-The Genie model 2128 comes with features like Aladdin connect, HomeLink, and Car2U technology that make it possible to control the garage door from different locations which adds so much convenience to your user experience with this garage door opener.
-Some features greatly improve residential security, for example, Intellicode security which reduces the risk of unauthorized access into the garage through the garage door.
-The warranty offer for this garage door opener is quite fair which indicates that it is reliable and dependable.
-Consistent and regular maintenance must be done in order for the Genie 2128 garage door opener to continue working well.

Conclusion. Should you purchase Genie 2128?

The Genie model 2128 is an impressive garage door opener. From its awesome features to its suggested accessories and even the Genie model 2128 price, it is clear that convenience, security, safety, and dependability are guaranteed when using it for your residential garage door operation. Not only that, it comes with Genie’s great reputation for producing garage door openers that are strong and have great performance. I think the Genie 2128 garage door opener is an absolutely great choice for your home.