CR2 Battery Rechargeable Secondary Batteries

So many people are looking for CR2 batteries, asking themself if they are rechargeable or not. Now I’m going to write on that topic. Let’s see if the CR2 battery is rechargeable or not?

What is a CR2 Battery?

First I’m going to explain what is CR2 battery, and where it has been used? The CR2 battery is a small cylindrical cell battery that has lithium chemistry.

These batteries have a wide variety of applications. They are mostly used in cameras that require a high-power lithium battery and many industrial applications. We find these in security devices, toys, and other small devices with high power consumption. This battery model is very popular and thus, sometimes hard to find in stock. These batteries are produced by a variety of large and small brands such as Panasonic, Duracell, Tenergy, and Energizer.

Tenergy CR2 non-rechargeable
CR2 Battery

Are CR2 Batteries Rechargeable?

If you wonder, are CR2 batteries rechargeable, the answer is NO, and YES. Most CR2 batteries are not rechargeable but some are. Take a closer look before purchasing, and find a label telling that battery is rechargeable or not.

Usually, the label of a CR2 battery indicates if that specific battery is rechargeable or not.

Rechargeable CR2 batteries are also known as “secondary batteries”.

Non-rechargeable, or single-use CR2 batteries, are also known as “primary batteries”.

NOTE: Never attempt to recharge a non-rechargeable battery. If you try to do so, you can cause a fire, explosion, or destruction of your charger/device.

Make sure to use the correct charger when charging a CR2 rechargeable battery. Using an incorrect or incompatible charger for your CR2 battery can cause the battery to malfunction or not work at all.

To answer the question: How long CR2 battery lasts? Well, it depends greatly on the manufacturing quality and the application of the battery. Assuming that the battery is fresh and purchased from a reliable source, there is still a large range of service life depending on the usage. If you’re using a battery for a frequent application that requires large amounts of energy, such as for a high lumen flashlight, a CR2 battery can’t last more than a month or two. If it is used in devices such as home security alarm panels, service life can be more than a year. Basically, how long your CR2 battery will last depends on what you need it to do.

Are CR2 Batteries The Same As CR123A?

In case you can’t find CR2 in stock, direct replacements and equivalents could be: DLCR2, KCR2, ECR2, 1CR2, and 5046LC.

CR2 replacement non-rechargeable model: These batteries, DLCR2, KCR2, ECR2, 1CR2, and 5046LC are all direct replacements for the CR2 battery and are all considered primary or non-rechargeable batteries.

CR2 replacement rechargeable model: Replacement for rechargeable or secondary versions of the CR2 battery are the 15270 and the 15266 battery.

NOTE: Rechargeable versions of the CR2 battery tend to have a slightly lower capacity (lower mAh) than the non-rechargeable versions. Physically they are the same, and they’ll fit in and power the same devices. You’ll see a longer single-use life with the non-rechargeable version but will save money, in the long run, using the rechargeable CR2 battery.

Keep in mind that the CR2 battery is not the same as the CR123A battery.

Are CR2 and CR123A interchangeable
CR2 vs CR123A

The CR2 battery is noticeably shorter than the CR123A battery. They are not interchangeable, and CR123A will not fit most applications requiring a CR2 battery and vice versa.

In addition, the CR123A battery will deliver on average about 50% more output than the CR2 battery, meaning that even if you did manage to seat a CR2 battery into a device that uses a CR123A, it would not be able to deliver the full power required and your device will either function poorly or not at all.

These batteries do share a few similarities. They are both made using lithium manganese dioxide and they both deliver 3-volt. Nominal capacity isn’t the same, and they are physically different. Don’t mix them in any circumstances.

If you need a replacement CR2 battery, make sure to purchase the right replacement. Also, think about purchasing a rechargeable replacement, or replacement for a single-use CR2 battery. Sometimes it just isn’t worth buying a rechargeable replacement model. It all depends on usage, and how long the battery can last.

Check for CR Coin Cell Batteries also.

Where We Are Using CR2 Batteries?

Using a CR2 battery at home mostly applies to small camera devices, alarms, and maybe some toys. Nonetheless, the CR2 battery has military, industrial, and medical applications.

In a military setting, the CR2 battery is used in weapons lights, optics, laser rangefinders, laser designators, and communications devices. Medical use of the CR2 battery includes alarm batteries and power for various instruments. Industrial and consumer uses can include lights, alarms, cameras, and memory backup applications.

Tenergy Propel CR2 3V Lithium Battery with PTC Protection

Check on these Tenergy Propel CR2 batteries with PTC protection. The protected Tenergy Propel CR2 batteries prevent excessive discharge that can damage lithium cells and may lead to catastrophic incidents.

These are NON-rechargeable battery cells and should NOT be recharged.

These are CR2 (size) Lithium batteries. They are NOT the same as CR123A (size) batteries and CANNOT be used interchangeably with CR123A batteries.

Tenergy’s Propel CR2 3V non-rechargeable lithium battery is one the most popular, widely used, and tested CR2 lithium batteries on the market.

The high capacity Tenergy Propel CR2 is designed to deliver long run times in every device it powers whether it is an LED flashlight, a camera, or a high-tech gadget. CR2 batteries can power many flashlights and optical devices from companies like Inova, Streamlight, Surefire, Fenix, and many more!

The high energy density CR2 battery last 3-5 times longer than ordinary alkaline batteries in high drain devices like digital cameras

Check For More CR2 Options

Find proper CR2 batteries and a CR2 3V rechargeable battery quick charger. Take a closer look at the battery label, and make sure to purchase the battery you actually need.