Compare Xiaomi Mi vs Redmi

Mi and Redmi are two separate series of Xiaomi phones. Today, Xiaomi is one of the most known brands in the world, offering a variety of models and the two most known sub-brands are Mi and Redmi. Therefore, I’m going to explain the difference between Mi and Redmi. Also, in this post, I’ll make a short comparison between Mi vs Redmi.

Xiaomi Mi vs Redmi compare and review
Xiaomi Mi vs Redmi

Comparison chart Redmi vs Mi

Xiaomi MiRedmi
OwnerOwned by XiaomiSub-brand of Xiaomi
ProcessorDesigned for heavy users featuring high-end CPUsDesigned for casual users – equipped with the entry-level specs
Build qualityBetter build quality and nice touch finishCompared to Mi phones, build quality lacks in overall feeling and finish
CameraFeatures high-end camera, optical image stabilization, and moreMid-range camera with basic features, and average image quality
DesignIn-trend with the latest designs, made of premium-class materialsDesigned well. However, overall quality lacks if compared to the Xiaomi Mi series
Software updatesRegular software updates expectedLess frequent software updates compared to the Mi series
DurabilityIn conclusion, overall durability goes in Xiaomi Mi’s favorLess durable than Mi smartphones, still a great buying option
PriceXiaomi Mi phones are a premium range of phones with a higher price. However, compared to competition you still have a space to save a few bucksXiaomi Redmi phones are available within entry-level price tags
Compare Xiaomi Mi vs Redmi

Mi vs Redmi

So, what you’ve learned by now? Basically, both MI & Redmi are sub-brands of Xiaomi. Smartphones of MI sub-brands tag are more expensive than Redmi smartphones. Furthermore, Xiaomi Mi smartphones have better design, they bring new features and have overall better hardware. If you know the Xiaomi brand, I’m sure you’re familiar with the Mi Mix series, which delivers only the best and new features you can find. In addition, the Mi brand competes with flagship rivalry models, at a more reasonable price. That’s why so many people love the Xiaomi Mi brand.

Unlike the Mi brand, Xiaomi Redmi phones are available at a lower price. There are models at the entry-level, all the way up to mid-range smartphone devices. Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 8, etc… are significantly cheaper than Mi 7, Mi 8, or Mi Note series for example.

In general, Xiaomi Mi smartphones receive OS updates more often than Xiaomi Redmi does. For instance, Mi smartphone devices are first on the list for either new Android version or new MIUI. Xiaomi Redmi smartphone devices won’t get updates in that order.

Most comparableable Xiaomi sub-brand models

In short, till now you learned that both Mi & Redmi are Xiaomi sub-brand with different hardware, quality, and price tag smartphone devices. Generally speaking, when you compare 2 similar models from different sub-brand, the Mi smartphone is more expensive and it delivers more than Xiaomi Redmi does.

For example; if you compare Mi 8 Lite vs Redmi Note 7, it is easy to notice that the price goes to Redmi Note 7 in favor. However, both smartphones have similar specs. In conclusion, Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite have overall better quality and finish design. The same goes with Mi 9 Lite vs Redmi Note 7 Pro comparison. Although both smartphones have similar specs, Mi 9 Lite is more expensive, with overall better quality, design, and updated MIUI. Comparing Mi a2 Lite vs Redmi Note 8 gives you an idea of how different these two models are. At a first sight, they look quite similar, sharing specs. However, Redmi Note 8 comes at a significantly lower price. The same applies if comparing Mi a2 vs Redmi Note 5 Pro, or Mi a2 vs Redmi Note 8.

Current Xiaomi Mi model

The current model we all looking at is the Mi 11 Ultra. Although it has a global version, Mi 11 Ultra is hard to reach.

Current Xiaomi Redmi model

Unlike the Mi 11 Ultra, the Xiaomi Redmi 11 Pro 5G can be found worldwide. It has a reasonable price, and I find it worth buying.

Conclusion and final thouts

These differences are well known for years now. Both sub-brands have great smartphones, and it is up to you to choose the phone you like. I’m using Mi Note 10 Lite right now, and I like the Mi series. When the time comes, I hope I’m going to buy Mi 11 Ultra. I like all about that model, and I’m waiting for the price to go down a bit.