RJO20 vs RJO70: Chamberlain wall mount garage door opener

Chamberlain Group is the company that owns Liftmaster, Merlin, Chamberlain, and Grifco. What are your options if you’re considering buying a Chamberlain brand wall mount garage door opener? We would recommend either the RJO20 or RJ070 models. But how can you choose between them? We’ll compare these two Chamberlain garage door openers. Keep reading this RJO20 vs RJO70 comparison and review.

Both models are direct drive models. This makes them quieter than belt-driven models. They’re generally reliable since there is only one moving part. They don’t need to be lubricated. Both are wall-mounted. That makes it an option when you don’t have enough vertical height for an overhead garage door system. That also gives you the ability to hang things from the ceiling for storage.

Chamberlain RJO20 vs RJO70 garage door opener
RJO20 vs RJO70

The RJO20 is a wall-mount model combined with the direct drive system. This has the added benefit of giving you plenty of space for your cars. You’ll use a minimum of tools to mount it beside the garage entryway. One point in favor of this garage door opener is its intelligence. It is designed to be controlled via the MyQ system. That would allow you to open or close the garage door via an app on your smartphone. It needs an internet gateway to work.

RJO20 vs RJO70 technical specifications

Both openers RJO20 and RJO70 are direct drive models, mounting on the wall. A wall-mount garage door opener has many benefits. HomeKit compatibility can be added via a hub or using App or home bridge.

RJO70 review and technical sheet

The RJO70 is a wall-mount with a direct drive system. It brings all the benefits that a wall-mount design has. This garage door opener frees up ceiling space. By using an RJO70 garage door opener, you’ll preserve all the ceiling space for extra storage, light fixtures, ceiling fans, tools, and much more. Chamberlain RJO70 is a smooth and quiet garage door opener. Wall-mount direct-drive RJO70 works quietly, producing zero noise level, without any vibrations. It delivers built-in Wi-Fi to pair it with a MyQ App. Automatic Garage Door Lock deadbolts garage door every time it closes. Chamberlain RJO70 comes with a battery backup. This garage door opener can operate even in case of a power outage.

By choosing RJO70 you’ll get

Battery Backup: Yes
Lights Turn On When Entering Garage: Yes
Security/Lock: Yes
Smartphone Control: Yes
Soft Start/Stop: Yes
Timer To Close: Yes
Max Door Height: 14 Feet

The RJO70 will open a standard sectional door up to 14 feet high and up to 18 ft. wide. This unit is very quiet, fairly fast, and with careful attention to the instructions, very safe and secure.

Chamberlain rjo70 review
RJO70 review

While writing this RJO70 review, I have to say that this unit is a revolutionary new wall mount garage opener. Chamberlain has put effort into this model, and it is actually a great product.

Chamberlain RJO70 mounts to the wall on either side of the garage door. That design is great for those who want to free up ceiling space and make extra storage. Besides extra storage, you can use the ceiling for light fixtures, ceiling fans, and more.

Comparing these two units, RJO70 vs RJO20, there is not much difference in design and body form. Both units are wall-mount with enough power for residential use.

Popular features that RJO70 has to offer:

  • It is a space-saving and quiet opener. RJO70 attaches directly to the wall on either side of the garage door. It saves space overhead and virtually eliminates noise and vibrations to rooms adjacent or above.
  • With MyQ smartphone control you’ll have status alerts wherever you are. You’ll get prompt status changes in your garage or in the house. Controlling this opener with a smartphone is easy and convinient. You can easily close or open the garage from anywhere.
  • An automatic garage door lock is a safety feature I think we all appreciate. With this feature, your garage door deadbolts every time it closes.
  • RJO70 comes with a battery backup system. This unit is fully equipped with a Battery Backup. This way you can open and close your garage door, even when the power is out. The RJO70 meets California SB-969 requirements.

RJO20 review and technical sheet

Just like a previously described model, if you choose RJO20 you can free up ceiling space. This is a wall-mount model with a direct drive system. Keep a garage space clean, mostly on a ceiling which you can use for a bike, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and more! Use it for tools you’re using or some other piece of hardware. Garage door opener RJO20 includes Internet Gateway for smartphone App control via MyQ. Security features and home safety comes in the first place, and Chamberlain RJO20 has those. With this model, you’ll get an Automatic Garage Door Lock. Your garage door will be secured every time it closes. Wall mount RJO20 works without producing any noise. These garage door openers are virtually whisper-silence, zero noise, and without vibrations.

RJO20 comes with

Battery Backup: No
Lights Turn On When Entering Garage: Yes
Security/Lock: Yes
Smartphone Control: Yes
Soft Start/Stop: Yes
Timer To Close: Yes
Code Type Compatibility Security+ 2.0 Tri-Band

The RJO20 connects to the torsion bar of the garage door. Then unit turns the torsion bar to open & close the garage door. If the cables of the garage door are unraveling I would highly recommend the garage door be serviced by a Garage Door Technician as this would be a safety hazard.

This unit doesn’t come with the battery backup, but it does have a 2-prong port to attach an external battery backup unit. If you buy RJO20 after July 1st in California, before installing this unit you must purchase the battery backup system.

Chamberlain rjo20 review
RJO20 review

Furthermore, this model (Chamberlain RJO20) has an automatic garage door lock. Every time it closes, it will be reinforced by the automatic garage door lock. And the unit does so without an obvious loud click.

The RJO20 is smaller and lighter than the RJO70. It weighs about 31 pounds, while the RJO70 weighs 37 pounds. This only matters when you’re installing it in most cases.

The RJO20 is wall-mounted. It is generally side-mounted, so you need enough space on at least one side of the garage door for it to be installed. RJO20 is smooth and quiet, and it beats even other direct drive garage doors in this regard. It uses Wifi to connect to the MyQ app. This can be a security flaw if you don’t have wifi in the garage or don’t secure the wifi hot spot required to use an app to control the garage door.

One point in favor of this model is the battery backup. You’ll be able to open the garage door even if the power to the house is out. It generally runs on AC power.

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While comparing these two units, RJO20 vs RJO70, I saw that there isn’t much difference in design and body form. RJO20 has a bit lower price, with some features missing compared to RJO70.

Still, RJO20 is a good unit and it is worth the money you’ll pay. Let me write a short feature RJO20 review.

  • Space-saving design comes from the installation point. It is a wall-mount garage door opener, which means you’ll save all the ceiling space.
  • All the safety and security are available. Keep your home protected, either by the safety sensors and against the forced opening. Safety sensors protect people and vehicles by stopping the door from closing on obstructions. RJO20 electronically protects the garage door against forced openings.
  • The secure code safety feature sends a secure code to your garage door opener each time door has been open or close.

RJO20 vs RJO70 warranty

One of the biggest differences between the two models is the warranty that comes with it. The RJO70 has a one-year warranty for accessories, a one-year manufacturer’s warranty for the drive, a one-year warranty for other parts, and a six-year warranty for the garage door motor. The RJO20 has a one-year warranty for accessories, a five-year warranty for other parts, and a lifetime warranty for the motor. This gives the RJO20 an edge if you’re considered repairs. Note that most such warranties require professional installation and registration for the warranty to be in effect.

Maybe it is a good idea to go with RJO70 after all

You won’t be wrong no matter what model you choose. However, in my own opinion, I think that the new model has some worthy advantages.

The RJO70 is newer, and this means that it has more accessories. For example, it comes with safety sensors to prevent the door from closing on something underneath the door as well as LED lights you can control via the MyQ app. But you pay more for the system. We’ll recommend the RJO70 if you want smart home functionality in the garage. The RJO20 is better if you’re on a budget since you still get some of the smart home functionality.

What is the difference between rjo20 and rjo70?

The main differences are the RJO70 uses Ultra Bright LED lighting, the RJO20 is a standard light. The RJO70 also comes with a backup battery and the RJO20 does not. Also, both the RJO20 & RJO70 have myQ connectivity but the RJO70 is Wi-Fi enabled and the RJO20 comes with a myQ device 828LM Internet Gateway which is a hardwired device the ethernet cord connects to. This would mainly be the differences between the two, the other functions and features are in both the RJO20 & RJO70, like the myQ system & power door lock. Chamberlain RJO20 weighs 31 pounds, and it works on AC/DC power input. It comes with a 5 Year warranty on parts, 1 Year accessory warranty, and a lifetime warranty on the motor and belts. Chamberlain RJO70 weighs 37.7 pounds, and it works on an AC power input of 120 volts. This model comes with a 1 Year manufacturer for accessories, 1 Year manufacturer for a drive, 1 Year manufacturer for parts, and 6 Year manufacturer for the motor.