Chamberlain c2202: worth buying?

Have you been looking for a garage door opener for your home? Today, I will tell you about the Chamberlain c2202 chain drive garage door opener and why it might be a good one to consider buying.

Chamberlain C2202
Chamberlain C2202

I will provide enough information so that you can weigh and compare it to the other options you know and be able to make an informed decision.

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Features of Chamberlain c2202 garage door opener

Chamberlain half horsepower garage door opener c2202 comes with a number of features that make it amazing for your garage. It comes with a chain drive which is heavy duty and offers great efficiency and performance. The chain drive is also wonderful because it can work even in unfavorable atmospheric states and wet environments.

This ensures that you can be at peace knowing that your garage opener will be able to function well even in disadvantageous situations. In addition to the drive is the horsepower which enables faster and smoother operation, all adding to the exquisite performance of this product. Some more features which are significant to know are the following:

  • HomeLink. This wireless control system feature provides you with control over your garage door right from your car. Users are able to open and close the garage door with the use of just three buttons that are integrated into the vehicle. A compatibility bridge (which is not included) may be required for some automobiles.
  • MyQ smart technology. MyQ technology comes with an app and accessories which enable users to observe and manage the garage door from any location whether at home or not by just using the website or application. This greatly enhances safety of the Chamberlain c2202 because the notifications make it possible for you to always know what is going on with your garage door.
  • Works with Amazon Key In delivery. This means that you will be able to receive this garage door opener in a more secure and convenient way. Amazon will make sure to deliver it inside your home, car, and even garage. You are also able to watch your delivery happen live in case you are not around.
  • BILT Instructions: BILT is a mobile app that offers step-by-step instructions in 3D for assembling, installing, and even repairing and maintaining products. The instructions also come in voice and text. This technology makes your product easier to understand which is a wonderful advantage.
  • Protector system. The Protector System has two safety reversing sensors. One is an amber LED sending sensor and the other is a green LED receiving sensor. If any object obstructs the light beam being transmitted between them when the Chamberlain c2202 is closing, the door stops and goes back to the fully opened state.
  • Timer-to-Close (TTC) feature. With TTC, after a set amount of time, the garage door is able to automatically close on its own. The amount of time can be set by the user and an alert will be made before the door closes. This feature helps to prevent any safety risks that could arise from forgetting to close the garage door by doing it for you.
  • Security+ 2.0. This feature brings added safety by generating new codes each time the garage door remote is pressed. It also means that the only remotes that can open your garage door are those that you have programmed.
  • Keyless Entry. For effortless movement in and out of your home, this feature takes away the need for keys and gives you the convenience of using a keypad. This eliminates the struggle of having to constantly remember where your c2202 Chamberlain keys are and the inconvenience that is caused when they get lost. This makes movement easier for users.


  • Alternating Current (AC)/Direct Current (DC): AC
  • Lights: Bulb of 100 Watts which is sold separately
  • Chain Drive
  • Motor power: 1/2 Horse Power

It is important to note these details when making your decision to buy because they indicate the strength, level of performance, and even longevity of the product. From these specifications, we can tell that Chamberlain c2202 is a great product for your garage because the materials used are perfect for the kind of heavy, high-power work needed to lift residential garage doors.

Accessories available for c2202 Chamberlain

The Chamberlain c2202 garage door opener comes with some noteworthy accessories that enhance its use. These include a push-button door control which adds more comfort to garage door use, a 3 button visor garage door remote that enables users to individually command up to three garage door openers at the same time, and a safety sensor kit that monitors for any obstacles in the garage door opening to make sure people and property is always safe.

Warranty for this garage door opener

In case you are worried about a situation where your c2202 stops working or even completely fails to work from the get-go, Chamberlain provides a reasonable warranty to users to lessen these fears. There are three different warranties available and they go as follows:

  • Motor Warranty: 6 years
  • Accessory Warranty: 1 year
  • Parts Warranty: 1 year

Please note that to benefit from these warranties, you need to have followed all assembly, installation, operation, maintenance, and other instructions correctly and thoroughly as provided in the Chamberlain c2202 manual.

Pros & Cons of Chamberlain garage door opener c2202

Here are some of the pros & cons to consider as you are making your decision on whether to buy the Chamberlain c2202:

-The features of this garage door opener provide a lot of safety, ease, and convenience for users.
-Reasonable warranty of six years for the motor which gives users some peace of mind
-Great accessories included that enhance user experience.
-Requires different types of maintenance every month and every year which some users might find tedious having to do regularly.
-This product might expose you to some harmful chemicals like lead, which the State of California has known to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. If you would like more information, you can visit

Conclusion. Is Chamberlain c2202 worth your money?

From all the information I have objectively offered in this Chamberlain c2202 review, we can agree that this garage door opener was made with the user’s ease and convenience in mind, right from the affordable price, to the delivery stage where Amazon Key-In delivery is available to you, to the installation, operation and even maintenance stage where the 3D BILT instructions can be employed to make using this product smooth and effortless, not forgetting the fairly good warranty of 6 years for the motor. With all these perks, Chamberlain c2202 is definitely worth it for your home!