Best Jura coffee machine

If you are an espresso fanatic, I assume you wonder what is the best Jura coffee machine? I’ve done the research and made my own top picks from the Jura product range. I hope this list will help you to choose the best Jura coffee maker that fits your home. In addition, I’ll compare these models as well. Keep reading this post, and compare the Jura products yourself.

the best Jura products - coffee machine and Jura care
Jura coffee machine

Before I begin, here is a quick summary: The best Jura espresso machine

For those who want the best coffee aroma and overall taste, the JURA brand is inevitable. This company produces the finest high-pressure-brewed coffee machines in the world. Furthermore, JURA produces espresso, cappuccino, flat white, latte macchiato, and cup by cup coffee machines.

NOTE: Jura brand is known worldwide. They’re making household products, professional products, and care products for better maintenance. Therefore, I’m going to compare and review the best Jura products from each category.

The best Jura care products

For all the Jura machine owners, and those wannabes, Jura care products are something to think about. For the best Jura machine maintenance, I suggest only the best there is. Jura makes whole care line products you’ll need. Therefore, consider buying these products: Jura cleaning tablets (either 2-phase cleaning tablets or 3-phase cleaning tablets), and Jura milk container (Glass milk container or Cool control milk container).

The best Jura household coffee machine

I have written before about Jura coffee machines and compared a few. Here I’ll give a quick summary of the three Jura machines I like the most.

No.1. Jura Impressa A9

Jura Impressa A9 goes on top for multiple reasons. I find it reasonably priced, and still a feature-rich coffee maker. many people will disagree, however, I think this coffee machine delivers all that you’ve paid for. Above all, I just like its compact design. In detailed Jura Impressa A9 review can be read following this link.

No.2. Jura GIGA 6

It is easy to say that Jura GIGA 6 is an excellent coffee machine. However, I can’t tell if it should be categorized as a Professional coffee maker. Considering the price and overall features, Jura GIGA 6 easily can be considered as a professional coffee machine as well. I can’t find the reason why it shouldn’t be installed either inside the home office or small offices. Read more; Jura Giga 6 review.

No.3. Jura E6

No matter it is only third place, I like its look and overall design. Jura E6 looks like a professional coffee maker, and it delivers 11 different specialties.

Jura e6 coffee machine review
Jura E6 Coffee Machine

Like I said before, Jura E6 has 11 coffee specialties. Above all, E6 comes with intelligent preheating, Pulse Extraction Process, and a professional aroma grinder. It is easy to operate, navigating through the 2.8″ color display options. It has intelligent rinsing, cleaning, and descaling program, therefore maintaining this machine is easy and intuitive.

The best Jura professional coffee machine

Unlike the household coffee machines, for professional use, we expect a lot more. Jura has a whole professional product line for either home-office or office use. For instance, we want more beverages, coffee specialties, and high-quality & durable coffee machines.

If you’re looking for an answer, is Jura the best automatic coffee machine? I could say it is one of the best in the world. Jura has an original design and overall rich product line that updates regularly. Above all, Jura has offered a complete coffee business idea. To enjoy your favorite coffee aroma, Jura has it all.

Jura WE6 for professionals

Jura WE6 comes as a new model, which is why I’ll write a short review. I like this coffee machine mostly because it reminds me of Jura E6. They look the same, however, Jura WE6 has a lot more features and it is a coffee machine for offices in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, if you like it, and you own a kitchen big enough for this model – go for it.

Jura WE6 piano black review
Jura WE6

Personally, I like piano-black the most. WE6 fits the countertop perfectly, especially if the countertop is marble-made.

Jura WE6 automatic coffee machine review
Jura WE6 Piano black

Recently released, Jura WE6 is hard to find. If you find one, I suggest don’t hesitate. WE6 is a professional coffee machine designed to last, and it is enriched with many features.

WE6 recommended maximum daily output is 30 beverages. 2x coffee served in a minute. 2x espressos served in 45 seconds. Furthermore, Jura WE6 has Pulse Extraction Process, a variable brewing unit, and a professional aroma grinder.

Jura WE8 professional coffee machine

Jura coffee machine designed for workspace. If you’re looking for coffee specialties for the workplace, this could be the one. Jura WE8 is designed either for a modern kitchen or workspace. It has a clear, linear design, similar to WE6, even Jura E6. Maybe not the best Jura automatic coffee machine, WE8 is one of the best you can find in the market.

This particular model has many features and durable construction. With a 2.8″ color display Jura WE8 is easy to operate.

Jura WE8 professional coffee machine review
Jura WE8 Dark INOX

With a replaceable milk spout and a filter cartridge CLARIS the hygiene is on a high level. In addition, WE8 has a nozzleG2 foam frother that makes your beverages more enjoyable. With a Cool control milk container, you’ll get the most of it.

Comparing WE8 vs GIGA 6 should be an option. Don’t really know how, but I see Jura GIGA 6 as a feature-rich coffee machine, with many advantages over the Jura WE8. Daily coffee produced capacity could be the reason, although there aren’t specs showing Jura GIGA 6 daily beverages produced limit. On the contrary, Jura WE8 has recommended maximum daily output of 30 beverages. Another thing in favor of Jura WE8 is that the most expensive Jura coffee machine in this review is GIGA 6. Think well and make the right choice on your next coffee machine.


In conclusion, I can say these two models (Jura WE6 and WE8) are great from Jura’s professional product line. Hope you’ll find the coffee maker that lasts and gives you enjoyment every time you’re using it.

For a household coffee machine, the best in my opinion is Jura Impressa A9, although for my own preferences I choose Jura E6.

For many reviewers out there the best Jura coffee machine in 2022 is actually Jura WE8. I could agree with that, without going deep into the topic.

For those looking for the best Jura coffee machine for the office, I suggest either Jura E6 or Jura A9.