Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033: Worth Buying?

Are you interested in building a home gym? Then you must be on the lookout for a workout beast that offers a multitude of exercise options at your disposal. Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033 might just be the answer to all your heavy questions (pun intended)! SM-4033 combines the awesomeness of a Smith Machine and a … Read more

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Genie 6170: Worth Buying?

Genie has been making excellent garage door openers for homeowners since 1954 with an emphasis on strength, convenience, and safety in all their models. Today, I will review the Genie wall mount garage door opener model 6170. This model is from Genie’s Wall Mount Pro Series. I am going to tell you about its features, … Read more

Belt vs Chain Garage Door Opener: Difference?

Whether you are buying, selling, renovating, or relocating; knowing the difference between chain drive and belt drive garage door openers could mean everything to your future living situation and those around you. Is it better to choose a chain drive or a belt drive garage door opener? When looking for garage door openers, finding the … Read more

Chamberlain c2202: worth buying?

Have you been looking for a garage door opener for your home? Today, I will tell you about the Chamberlain c2202 chain drive garage door opener and why it might be a good one to consider buying. I will provide enough information so that you can weigh and compare it to the other options you … Read more

Get to know with the Chamberlain c205: worth buying it?

I’m going to tell you about the Chamberlain c205 garage door opener in this review. I will cover its strengths, specifications, and all other necessary information about it so that you can decide if it is the garage door opener for you. Strengths of Chamberlain c205 garage door opener Chamberlain 1/2 hp heavy-duty drive garage … Read more