A review of the 8164w LiftMaster garage door opener 

You’ve been tripping from store to store, looking for the ideal match for your large garage and the garage door operator it requires. Now, sit tight, because this review will lead you in the proper direction. You’d either take it or leave it after reading the LifeMaster 8164W review.

LiftMaster 8164w garage door opener
LiftMaster 8164w

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So, certainly, read through this LiftMaster 8164W review and evaluation for a few minutes. Before acquiring a new garage door device, make an educated selection (it is smarter). Following are the technical specifications for the 8146W LiftMaster model, along with a list of unique features (if you hate long lists, this is a forewarning).

Have’s, Do’s, and Don’ts of the 8164w

This 8164W Garage Door Device boasts a 12-horsepower motor (which, trust me, is enough for a gadget like this) that, when combined with a factory chain drive, offers smooth, steady operation year after year (and year after year – believe me, the motor can go on forever). To your knowledge, this product meets all UL325 requirements. This LiftMaster 8164W  device also has a price range that starts at $199.95. The LiftMaster 8164W price is upto $376.49 at another shop (before you buy, make sure this is the range or you are in for a long string of frauds.) The price varies depending on the version you choose. Choose from seven LiftMaster 8164W rails to meet your individual garage door needs.

A LiftMaster garage door opener 8154W Lighting System contains a lightbulb (of exactly 100 Watts) with configurable light time delays. It can also be used with tiny fluorescent lightbulbs, but I didn’t need to because the one bulb that came with it was quite bright enough for me (enter the Minions). However, if you do decide to use more lightbulbs, make absolutely sure they are no more than twenty-six Watts.

Wi-Fi, On The Go

The LiftMaster 8164W chain drive garage door opener includes built-in Wi-Fi, which allows it to connect to your smartphone and makes use of all of its smart features. You can simply monitor and enter the garage this way. 

MyQ Technology, which comprises essential functions like remote management of your Smart garage door and a membership-based experience, is one of the supplemental features of the LiftMaster 8164W. You may use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to secure monitor and manage your garage door opener and houselights using MyQ® Technology.

It sends you updates through email or pop-up alerts on your mobile device regarding the status of the garage door (and house lights, if applicable). Oh, and don’t worry about the “additional chunk of money”  you’ll be paying on a new app merely for morsels of functionality you’ve never considered since MyQ is free software that needs no activation or premium membership fees.

The Silent Soldier

A sturdy ½ horsepower AC motor is paired with a factory-level full-chain T-rail in the LiftMaster 8164W, as I have said before. This kind of hard-core mechanism operates quietly and well, with no unusual noises. You would not be getting up at three in the morning at someone wailing in the garage to find out it is your new LiftMaster 8164W baby, trust me. 

Pro-tip, though: It requires HomeLink version 4.0 or higher to function (telling you about the compatibility). Do not buy LiftMaster 8164W just to find out you never had the resources it needed (okay, okay–I’ll stop with the baby jokes). LiftMaster 8164W, like so many of its brethren, utilities 75% less energy while in standby mode. 

The LiftMaster 8164W installation manual says that the motor is covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee (and if that does not sell you, I don’t know what will). Up to twelve remote controllers, one wireless, keyless entry because we all know we are going to lose all those twelve keys, and sixteen MyQ smart devices can be programmed by the owner. 

Features and Pros To Consider of the LiftMaster 8164w

According to the LiftMaster 8164W manual, the garage door opener is compatible with HomeLink, as I told you before, and it consumes much less energy in standby mode, thereby lowering your utility bills. The motor and components of the 8164W are covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee. Because of its Protector System and safer features, this Liftmaster 8164W model complies with all UL325 standards and criteria. 


  1. AC ½ HP  LiftMaster 8164W motor has been intentionally designed and constructed to last.
  2. For consistent performance and industrial robustness, use a chain drive system.
  3. 4-Year Motor, 1-Year Equipment Warranty


  1. Wi-Fi is built-in for the most convenient connection to the garage.
  2. Users may get notifications and operate the opening from anywhere with the MyQ® Mobile App.


  1. With each remote click, Security+ 2.0® delivers a new code.
  2. PosiLock® is an electrical lock that prevents forcible entry.
  3. When MyQ closes a door, Alert-2-Close sounds an alarm.
  4.  2.0TM keeps the garage safe and secure by transmitting a new code with each click.
  5. When using myQ Technology, the Alert-2-Close warning system gives auditory and visual alerts when the garage door is ready to close.
  6. Safety sensors in the Protector System® shine a beam from across the garage doorway, mechanically reversing the opening if the beam is interrupted.
  7. If there is an impediment, its Protector System® invisible lighting beam that reverses the door.


  1. Users may get notifications and operate the opener from wherever using the myQ® smartphone app.


  1.  ½ HP Motor with an industrial-strength drive system delivers consistent performance and lifting force.
  2. In standby mode, energy-efficient functioning uses up approximately 75% less power.
  3. A four-year motor guarantee and a one-year components warranty are included.

Included Accessories:

  1. Button Remote Control is one of the included accessories (891LM) Allows you to control a single opener or myQ light attachment.
  2. The opener and the opener’s lights are controlled by the Door Control Button (883LMW).

Check out more on the official LiftMaster website.

To Sum Up

I have explained the pros, (there is a flexible con of no battery back-up needed but it is a weak one as the durability of the motor is efficient enough), the features all laid out — now it is up to you. Personally speaking though, I’d rather you buy LiftMaster garage door opener 8164W, but, again, a lot of things to consider, so do not be hesitant about that.